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4 P's of Vodafone company

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4 P's of vodafone company. useful for management students as well as students of engineering.

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4 P's of Vodafone company

  2. 2. 2 ABOUT VODAFONE COMPANY  Vodafone India, formerly Vodafone Essar and Hutchison Essar, is the third largest mobile network operator in India after Airtel and Reliance Communication by subscriber base.  It is based in Mumbai; Maharashtra. It has approximately 147.48 million customers as of December 2012.  In July 2011, Vodafone Group agreed terms for the buy-out of its partner Essar from its Indian mobile phone business. The UK firm paid $5.46 billion to its Indian counterpart to take Essar out of its 33% stake in the Indian subsidiary. It will leave Vodafone owning 74% of the Indian business, while the other 26% will be owned by Indian investors, in compliance with Indian law.  On 11 February 2007, Vodafone agreed to acquire the controlling interest of 67% held by Li Ka Shing Holdings in Hutch-Essar for US$11.1 billion, pipping Reliance Communications, Hinduja Group, and Essar Group, which is the owner of the remaining 33%.  The whole company was valued at USD 18.8 billion. The transaction closed on 8 May 2007. It offers bothprepaid and postpaid GSM cellular phone coverage throughout India with good presence in the metros.  Vodafone India provides 2.75G services based on 900 MHz and 1800 MHz digital GSM technology. Vodafone India launched 3G services in the country in the January–March quarter of 2011 and plans to spend up to $500 million within two years on its 3G networks.
  3. 3. 3 MARKETING MIX: 4 P’S OF VODAFONE 1. PRODUCT  VAS services of Vodafone are the products in consideration. As mentioned earlier around 30 different services are provided by Vodafone.  Major productof Vodafone includes:-  Fixed line and mobile telephony  Internet services  Digital television  Vodafone branded handsets
  4. 4. 4 2. PRICE  Each of the VAS services are offered at a rate of Rs.30in general.  This price varied for different kinds of services.  Chota Recharge was available in various price ranges from Rs.10. Other monthly VAS services were charged accordingly. 3. PLACE  Most of the VAS services were promoted in urban areas and had urban audiences in mind while providing services. Since most of the services were luxury services, rural population could afford to spend extra money on them.  For customer satisfaction Vodafone stores, Mini stores, Customer cares office etc are provided by the company.
  5. 5. 5 4. PROMOTION  Promotion of Vodafone products to various target audiences is a vital part of the management function.  Vodafone uses following promotion ways...  Television  The print media  Posters  Internet  Hoardings  Sponsorsofvarious events  The VAS services of Vodafone were promoted using zoozoo ads and various other ads before zoozoo.  The website has downloadable ringtones, videos, wallpapers, screensavers etc. This allows for users to spread the message across and thus more marketing can be achieved. 5. CONCLUSION  The prospectivecustomers of Vodafone have changed from teenagers to adults-including every family member to celebrate any occasionwith
  6. 6. 6 Vodafone products.