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Myths and Illusions of Cross Device Testing - Elite Camp June 2015

A compendium of the most common mistakes and problems people encounter when trying to optimise or split test cross device experiences (mobile, tablet, desktop, app, tv etc.)

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Myths and Illusions of Cross Device Testing - Elite Camp June 2015

  1. 1. The Myths, Lies and Illusions of Cross Device Testing Craig Sullivan, Optimiser of Everything, @OptimiseOrDie
  2. 2. @OptimiseOrDi e • Split Testing, Analytics, UX, Agile, Lean, Growth • 50M+ visitors tested, 19 languages, over 200 sites • 70+ mistakes I’ve made personally during testing • Like riding a bike, really really badly… • Optimise or Kickstart your programme? • Get in touch!
  3. 3. #fail @OptimiseOrDie
  4. 4. 23.5M @OptimiseOrDie
  5. 5. 24.2M @OptimiseOrDie
  6. 6. Oppan Gangnam Style! 6.9M @OptimiseOrDie
  7. 7. You naughty boy… @OptimiseOrDie
  8. 8. Cross Device Testing Myths 1. Responsive solves everything 2. All our customers are on iPhones, right? 3. The customer journey is in your head 4. You don’t integrate with analytics 5. You think you’re tracking people 6. You only imagine the context 7. We think we have a hypothesis thingy 8. You think best practice is other tests 9. You just start testing, right? 10. What you see is what you get 11. 95% confidence is enough for me! 12. You always get the promised lift 13. Segmentation is too hard 14. Who cares if it’s a phone? 15. Testing makes you a data scientist @OptimiseOrDie
  9. 9. 1: Responsive solves everything @OptimiseOrDie
  10. 10. @OptimiseOrDie
  11. 11. Vs. @OptimiseOrDie
  12. 12. @OptimiseOrDie
  13. 13. @OptimiseOrDie
  14. 14. @OptimiseOrDie
  15. 15. 1. Motorola Hardware Menu Button 2. MS Word Bullet Button 3. Android Holo Composition Icon 4. Android Context Action Bar Overflow (top right on Android devices) @OptimiseOrDie
  17. 17. Increase in revenue of > $200,000 per annum! bit.ly/hamburgertest @OptimiseOrDie
  18. 18. 2: All our Customers use iPhones, right? • Most common answer is “iPhones and iPads” • Do you really know your mix? • Most people undercount Android • Use Google Analytics to find out • Replace guesswork with truth! • 2-3 hours work only • Get your top testing mix right on: Desktop, Tablet, Mobile • I’m writing an article – why? @OptimiseOrDie
  19. 19. 2: Browser reports @OptimiseOrDie
  20. 20. 2: Browser reports @OptimiseOrDie
  21. 21. 2: Browser reports @OptimiseOrDie IE11 is our top desktop browser? Chrome is DOUBLE this user volume
  22. 22. 2: Browser reports @OptimiseOrDie • Be very careful when doing numbers on desktop browsers, tablet or mobile devices • Chrome and Safari are on auto upgrades • All browser ‘upgrade’ at different speeds • Chrome and Firefox are fragmented as a reason • Same for mobile – there are thousands of Android handsets makers but the models are similar • When looking at apple, you need to split by model (you can use the resolution to figure this out). • iPads you can’t distinguish in GA* • Is the analysis you did really true? • Cluster your devices or browsers where needed! • Article is coming!
  23. 23. 3: The Customer Journey is in your Head @OptimiseOrDie
  24. 24. 3: The Customer Journey is in your Head 85%!
  25. 25. 3: The Customer Journey is in your Head 40% loss!
  26. 26. 3: The Customer Journey is in your Head • The routes people take are not what we expect. • Analytics data and Usability research are big pointers! • Most common problem is the team not owning, experiencing and being immersed in the problems with your key journeys • One charity wasted nearly 0.5M on a poor pathway • Can you imagine someone from Mcdonalds never visiting their stores? “So that’s how it looks on mobile!” @OptimiseOrDie
  27. 27. 3: Customer Journey - Solutions "Great user experiences happen beyond the screen and in the gaps.“ Paul Boag • Test ALL key campaigns • Use Real Devices • Get your own emails • Order your own products • Call the phone numbers • Send an email • Send stuff back • Be difficult • Break things • Experience the end-end • Team are ALL mystery shoppers • Wear the magical slippers of the actual customer experience! • Be careful about dogfood though! @OptimiseOrDie
  28. 28. • Investigating problems with tests • Tests that fail, flip or move around • Tests that don’t make sense • Broken test setups • Segmenting by Mobile, Tablet, Desktop • Other customer segments • What drives the averages you see? 4: Our AB testing tool tells us all we need…
  29. 29. 5: You think you’re tracking people Basket Shipping Details Pay Product Basket Shipping Details Pay Mobile Desktop @OptimiseOrDie
  30. 30. 5: You think you’re tracking people • Keep people logged in • Use Social Logins • Identify unique customers • Feed this data to Universal Analytics • Follow users, not just device experiences • It’s an attribution problem! @OptimiseOrDie
  31. 31. 5: Get a User ID View with Google Analytics @OptimiseOrDie
  32. 32. 5: Get a User ID View with Google Analytics @OptimiseOrDie
  33. 33. 6: You only imagine the context • Tasks • Goals • Device • Location • Data rate • Viewport • Urgency • Motivation • Data costs • Call costs • Weather! @OptimiseOrDie
  34. 34. 6: You only imagine the context - solutions bit.ly/multichannels @OptimiseOrDie
  35. 35. 7: Other people’s tests are Best Practice “STOP copying your competitors They may not know what the f*** they are doing either” Peep Laja, ConversionXL @OptimiseOrDie
  36. 36. Best Practice Testing? • Your customers are not the same • Your site is not the same • Your advertising and traffic is not the same • Your UX is not the same • Your X-Device Mix is not the same • Use them to inform or suggest approaches • They’re like the picture on meal packets • Serving Suggestion Only • There are obvious BEST PRACTICES but these are usually in the category of ‘bugs’ or ‘UX problems’ Just fix that now! We have no clue @OptimiseOrDie
  37. 37. Best Practice Testing? “The Endless Suck of Best Practice and Optimisation Experts” bit.ly/socalledexperts @OptimiseOrDie
  38. 38. Insight - Inputs #FAIL Competitor copying Guessing Dice rolling An article the CEO read Competitor change Panic Ego Opinion Cherished notions Marketing whims Cosmic rays Not ‘on brand’ enough IT inflexibility Internal company needs Some dumbass consultant Shiny feature blindness Knee jerk reactons 8: You think you have a Hypothesis! @OptimiseOrDie
  39. 39. Insight - Inputs Insight Segmentation Surveys Sales and Call Centre Session Replay Social analytics Customer contact Eye tracking Usability testing Forms analytics Search analytics Voice of Customer Market research A/B and MVT testing Big & unstructured data Web analytics Competitor evalsCustomer services 8: These are inputs you need… @OptimiseOrDie
  40. 40. Because we observed data [A] and feedback [B], We believe that doing [C] for People [D] will make outcome [E] happen. We’ll know this when we observe data [F] and obtain feedback [G]. (Reverse this) @OptimiseOrDie
  41. 41. Because our CEO had an idea, that nobody else agreed with: We believe that putting Orange Buttons on our Homepage will make people feel ‘Funkier’ We’ll know this when… @OptimiseOrDie
  42. 42. Baseline Checks Analytics health check Developer onboarding Goals & Metrics Tool Setup Analytics & Modelling Discover ideas Prioritise Test cycles 9: You just start testing, right? @OptimiseOrDie
  43. 43. DISCOVERY CYCLE Discover Ideas Prioritise Build Test or Live Measure Data Learn @OptimiseOrDie
  44. 44. TEST CYCLE Hypothesis Design Sketch Wire Frame Mockup / Prototyp e Signoff Process Build QA Soft and Hard Launch Analyse & Publish Learn @OptimiseOrDie
  45. 45. Desktop www.crossbrowsertesting.com www.browserstack.com www.spoon.net www.saucelabs.com www.multibrowserviewer.com Mobile & Tablet www.appthwack.com www.deviceanywhere.com www.opendevicelab.com Read this article bit.ly/devicetesting 10: What you see is what you get… @OptimiseOrDie
  46. 46. 10: What you see is what you get… @OptimiseOrDie
  47. 47. 11: You just stop at 95% confidence, right? @OptimiseOrDie
  48. 48. The 95% Stopping Problem • Many people use 95, 99% ‘confidence’ to stop • This value is unreliable and moves around • Nearly all my tests reach significance before they are actually ready • You can hit 95% early in a test (18 minutes!) • If you stop, it could be a false result • Read this Nature article : bit.ly/1dwk0if • Optimizely have changed their stats engine • This 95% thingy – is the cherry on the cake! • Let me explain @OptimiseOrDie
  49. 49. The 95% Stopping Problem Scenario 1 Scenario 2 Scenario 3 Scenario 4 After 200 observations Insignificant Insignificant Significant! Significant! After 500 observations Insignificant Significant! Insignificant Significant! End of experiment Insignificant Significant! Insignificant Significant! “You should know that stopping a test once it’s significant is deadly sin number 1 in A/B testing land. 77% of A/A tests (testing the same thing as A and B) will reach significance at a certain point.” Ton Wesseling, Online Dialogue @OptimiseOrDie
  50. 50. The 95% Stopping Problem “Statistical Significance does not equal Validity” http://bit.ly/1wMfmY2 “Why every Internet Marketer should be a Statistician” http://bit.ly/1wMfs1G “Understanding the Cycles in your site” http://mklnd.com/1pGSOUP @OptimiseOrDie
  51. 51. Business & Purchase Cycles • Customers change • Your traffic mix changes • Markets, competitors • Be aware of all the waves • Always test whole cycles • Don’t exclude slower buyers • When you stop, let test subjects still complete! Start Test Finish Avg Cycle @OptimiseOrDie
  52. 52. • TWO BUSINESS CYCLES minimum (week/mo) • 1 PURCHASE CYCLE minimum • 250 CONVERSIONS minimum per creative • 350 & MORE! it depends on response • FULL WEEKS/CYCLES never part of one • KNOW what marketing, competitors and cycles are doing • RUN a test length calculator - bit.ly/XqCxuu • SET your test run time , RUN IT, STOP IT, ANALYSE IT • ONLY RUN LONGER if you need more data • DON’T RUN LONGER just because the test isn’t giving the result you want! How Long to Run My Test and When to Stop @OptimiseOrDie
  53. 53. 12: The test result gives the promised lift @OptimiseOrDie
  54. 54. The result is a range • Version A is 3% conversion • Version B is 4% conversion • Yay! That’s a 25% lift • Let’s tell everyone • When it goes live, you do NOT get 25% • That’s because it was A RANGE • 3% +/- 0.5 (could be 2.5-3.5) • 4% +/- 0.4 ( could be 3.6-4.4) • Actual result was 3.5% for A • Actual result was 3.7% for B @OptimiseOrDie
  55. 55. 13: Segmentation will solve everything! @OptimiseOrDie
  56. 56. Always Segment Experiences • If you segment by devices, the sample gets smaller. • A = 350 conversions • B = 300 conversions • Desktop A 200, Tablet A 100, Mobile A 50 • Desktop B 180, Tablet B 80, Mobile B 40 • It’s vital to segment by device class • You may also segment by breakpoint, viewport or model • Make sure you know the proportion of devices! • If you want to analyse, plan ahead! @OptimiseOrDie
  57. 57. 13: Wow – the browser is a phone too! • Add call tracking • Buy a solution or • Make your own! • Measure calls • ROI on phone mix • Vital for PPC • Explain the costs or • Make it free
  58. 58. • Responsive solves everything No, it’s just an attribute • All our customers are on iPhones, right? Make sure you know what they use! • The customer journey is in your head Customer Insight, Research, Data • You don’t integrate with analytics Use analytics, not the AB test data • You think you’re tracking people Have an authentication strategy • You only imagine the context Customer Insight, Diary Studies • We think we have a hypothesis thingy Challenge all work with my outline • You think best practice is other tests Leverage your customers, not theirs 14: SUMMARY @OptimiseOrDie
  59. 59. • You just start testing, right? Preparation, Methodology, Prioritisation • What you see is what you get QA testing with your Customer Shizzle • 95% confidence is enough for me! Don’t stop tests when they hit 95% • You always get the promised lift Quote ranges, not predictions • Segmentation is too hard Segmentation – watch sample sizes • Who cares if it’s a phone? Add call tracking or add ‘Tap 2 Call’ • Testing makes you a data scientist No, it doesn’t – it makes you humble 14: SUMMARY @OptimiseOrDie
  60. 60. Testing makes you all Data Scientists @OptimiseOrDi e @OptimiseOrDie
  61. 61. We’re all winging it!
  62. 62. Guessaholics Anonymous
  63. 63. 2004 Headspace What I thought I knew in 2004 Reality
  64. 64. What I KNOW I know Me, on a good day 2015 Headspace
  65. 65. Rumsfeldian Space • What if we changed our prices? • What if we gave away less for free? • What if we took this away? • What about 3 packages, not 5? • What are these potential futures I can take? • How can I know before I spend money? • UPS left hand turning -10 Million Gallons saved • http://compass.ups.com/UPS-driver-avoid-left-turns/ • McDonalds Hipster Test Store • bit.ly/1TiURi7
  66. 66. #1 Culture & Team #2 Toolkit & Analytics investment #3 UX, CX, Service Design, Insight #4 Persuasive Copywriting #5 Experimentation (testing) tools The 5 Legged Optimisation Barstool
  67. 67. Marketing ? Variation Heritability of good ideas Selection based on death
  68. 68. Thank You! Mail : sullivac@gmail.com Deck : dddddd Linkedin : linkd.in/pvrg14