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role of travel agency

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role of travel agency

  1. 1. ROLE of TRAVEL AGENCY • • A travel agency is a private retailer or public service that provides tourism related services to the public on behalf of suppliers such as airlines, car rentals, cruise lines, hotels, railways, and package tours A travel agency's main function is to act as an agent, selling travel products and services on behalf of a supplier. Consequently, unlike other retail businesses, they do not keep a stock in hand
  2. 2. Thomas Cook, who invented the package tour
  3. 3. INTRODUCTION • Thomas Cook started organising leisure trips in 1841 • Mr. Cook arranged a succession of trips, to the midland towns of Leicester, Nottingham, Derby and Birmingham • Four years later, he organised his first trip abroad from Leicester to Calais • Today Thomas Cook is the second largest European travel group
  4. 4. • Thomas Cook was nationalised shortly after World War Two And was privatised in the 1970’s • Midland Bank became its sole owner in 1977. • It was then sold by Midland in 1992 to a German bank and charter airline. • In June 2007, Thomas Cook acquired fellow MyTravel Group for around $5.5 billion
  5. 5. HISTORY • In 1808 -Thomas Cook was born in Melbourne, Derbyshire • At seventeen Thomas joined the local Temperance Society • 1841 -Cook arranged an elevenmile rail excursion from Leicester to a Temperance Society meeting in Loughborough • 1846 -took 500 people from Leicester on a tour of Scotland • Greatest achievements -to arrange 165,000 people to attend the Great Exhibition in Hyde Park. THOMAS COOK 1808-1892
  6. 6. • 1865 -Cook moved his business to London where he arranged tours to Egypt • His son John managed the London office of the company that was now known as Thomas Cook & Son • 1872 -Thomas Cook & Son was able to offer a 212 day Round the World Tour for 200 guineas. • Cook retired in 1879 leaving John and his three sons to run the company. • Thomas Cook died in 1892.
  7. 7. Thomas cook and age(former) • Parent company of Thomas Cook, Condor Airlines until 12 February 2007 • Thomas Cook Group plc was created on 19 June 2007 by the merger of Thomas Cook AG and MyTravel Group plc • It was originally incorporated on November 1, 1997 as "C&N Touristic AG“ • Lufthansa and Karstadt jointly owned the group • Thomas Cook Group operates a portfolio of market-leading travel brands in 21 markets
  8. 8. WORLDWIDE • Thomas Cook Worldwide had 5 wholly owned subsidiaries 1. Thomas Cook UK 2. Thomas Cook Netherlands 3. Thomas Cook France 4. Thomas Cook Belgium 5. Thomas Cook Destinations
  9. 9. COMPANIES • The companies in Thomas Cook AG include  Thomas Cook Holidays Division.  Thomas Cook Retail  Thomas Cook Airlines  Thomas Cook Airlines (Belgium)  Condor Airlines  Thomas Cook TV
  10. 10. MISSION STATEMENT "To be the best travel company in the world to travel with, work for, and invest in.”
  11. 11. MARKETING STRATERGY • “To improve performance in mainstream tour operating, make significant advances in independent travel, travel-related financial services and emerging markets, and grow overall revenue and profit.”
  12. 12. RESEARCH • We visit the international Thomas cook travel agency for live project • Then we was met the manger of company. • And get the relevant information regarding the project. • And we was got the answers of our questionnaires. And attach to project file.
  13. 13. CONCLUSION • • • THOMAS COOK TRAVEL AGENCY Acknowledgement I would like to thank several persons for the help and support they gave me in producing this project about the ROLE OF TRAVEL AGENCY. They are: Thomas cook Company Manager, Mr. Gurpreet Singh. Thomas cook travel agency is facing, detailing a plan for change based on observations of challenges that the HR department is facing. Using metrics to explain change and how they can assist senior management. Thomas cook provided whole information regarding project easily without any query.