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Think Straight - Company Profile

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Think Straight is a leading mobile app development and product engineering services company from India serving customers across the globe.

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Think Straight - Company Profile

  1. 1. Think StrAight Your Ideas, Our Execution http://think-straight.com
  2. 2. About Us Founded in 2015. Sound experience with most popular mobile application development platform. 90k hours combined development experience. Excellent support and customer service after project delivery. Well defined project execution and management process.
  3. 3. Software development
  4. 4. Mobile & Web development (Android & iOS)
  5. 5. People love mobile apps because of their convenience and simplicity. Therefore, the success of any app depends upon on its User Experience. Our Team also ensures that apps must also solve the customer journey rather than just look pretty. Technologies - we work with all the leading technologies. Native - Java (Android), Objective-C (iOS) Mobile Web - AngularJS, ReactJS, JQuery, Progressive APPs
  6. 6. Server side/Backend development
  7. 7. A business is only as efficient as the applications that power it. Failures in your applications lead directly to downtime, data leakage, security breaches and frustrated users. So while developing backend apps, we must take care ● Data Security ● Scalable Architecture ● Agile Development ● Source Code Management Technologies & Platforms - we work with all the leading technologies & platforms. ● PHP, NodeJs, MySql, MongoDB ● Symfony, CodeIgniter, Github/Gitlab
  8. 8. Value Added Services
  9. 9. USSD Chat/Dating/Messenger USSD Chat offers subscribers to find new friends and have chat with them using their basic phone without internet. Service is based on USSD and SMS technologies. Using USSD Subscriber can - ● Create & Edit profile ● Find Friends based on set search criteria. ● Start Chat with friends ● Create Friend list, Block and Unblock users.
  10. 10. BalanceCheck+ - A Marketing Tool BalanceCheck+ service allows inserting, targeted and interactive USSD advertising message in response to USSD balance check service. USSD advertising message could be - ● Static - Provide Info about service & how to subscriber ● Interactive - Static plus also allow subscriber to activate the service with in same USSD session.
  11. 11. Story Box Story Box is IVR based entertainment portal which allows its user to listen various genres stories (romantic stories, kids stories, inspiration stories, religious stories (bible & Islamic). Service Advantages - ● Service could be accessed using feature phone. ● User can create his own playlist for future use. ● Users can dedicate the stories to their friends.
  12. 12. We are present In ―Afghanistan ―Burundi ―Cameroon ―Ethiopia ―Kenya ―Nepal ―Somalia ―Saudi Arabia ―Tajikistan ―Tanzania
  13. 13. ThinkStraight Values Integrity We always do right things, not the easy things Accountability We keep promises and commitments made to others. Innovation We seek newer and best ways. Communication We encourage open and two way communication to achieve better results
  14. 14. Showcase
  15. 15. FlatMate A Mobile Platform to find shared room & roommates based on common liking. Platform - Android and iOS Backend - Symfony, PHP
  16. 16. PMS - It is a mobile app through which Employees will be able to create new tasks and submit it to Line Manager for approval.
  17. 17. SmartPrison is a secure way of calling for prisoners to pre-approved numbers from Jail premises and to have cashless transactions in Prison Canteen. Main Features • Strong and Secure Authentication (Thumb Impression, Smart Card) • Call Recording • Inbuilt Accounting i.e. Receipt Generation, Ledger management • Reports (Daily/Weekly/Monthly) or customized Reports Smart Prison Platform
  18. 18. More Projets • DoDispatch.com - Cloud based Trucking Management Solution. • Smartika App - Quiz to Win • Kwiz Mobile - Lowest & Unique Bid will win • Track Sale - Employee Tracking APP. • Sarbaxo.org - Freedom is not free
  19. 19. Contact US - sales@think-straight.com http://think-straight.com