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10. ACS880 Fault tracing basics.pptx

  1. © ABB Group March 25, 2023 | Slide 1 ABB industrial drives ACS880-01 wall-mounted drive Fault tracing
  2. Objectives  Fault tracing preparations  Hardware measurements  Product diagnostics  Drive composer features  Reporting and support
  3. Preparations: Safety Precautions WARNING! Only qualified electricians are allowed to service the drive. Read the Safety instructions on the first pages of the Hardware manual before working on the drive.
  4. Replacement of a faulty unit Repairs are done mainly by replacing  Fan  Control board  Control panel  Memory unit  Internal or external option
  5. Hardware measurements  Voltage, current and status measurements in ACS880-01:  DC-voltage  Motor current  Input voltage
  6. Required tools Required tools *  Personal safety equipment  Laptop with Drive composer  True RMS multimeter  Toolbox with standard tools Recommended tools *  Insulation resistance meter  Digital oscilloscope  Current clamp  High-voltage probes  Network power monitoring instrument  Portable high voltage DC power supply (min. 500V DC)  External 24 V DC power supply * Partial list
  7. Using the control panel When a fault is active  The status led turns red  A message is shown  Use the context-sensitive help
  8. Using Drive composer  5 primary faults, 20 secondary faults and warnings  Time stamp, name, code and auxiliary code  Operation data such as motor speed and current
  9. Firmware manual ACS880-01 single drive manuals in ABB Library
  10. ABB Service Network can contact SupportLine  End-customers and OEMs can contact the Local ABB Service unit  Required information:  Problem description  Type code and serial number  Parameter listing  Solution program  Actions made so far and their outcome Support tools