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Fuel Cell Vehicle

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Battery electric vehicle, plug-in hybrid electric vehicle, conventional vehicle and now fuel cell vehicles. With the advancement of technology new inventions have been made in auto industry in past few years. Do you know what fuel cell vehicle is? This presentation attributes the features of fuel cell vehicles and how it differs from battery electric, plug-in hybrid electric and conventional vehicles. Also have some light on its feasibility and merits & demerits.

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Fuel Cell Vehicle

  1. 1.      
  2. 2. Conventional hybrids
  3. 3. Benefit of Refueling of vehicle less than in 10mnts
  4. 4. Deliver an exact Mileage like gasoline vehicles 200-300 miles
  5. 5. Fuel Cell Vehicle
  6. 6. Idle Off Technology :
  7. 7. Let’s Know About The Feasibility
  8. 8. Readily Available :
  9. 9. No Harm Full Emission :-
  10. 10. Less Green House Gas emission
  11. 11. Hydrogen Procurement Domestic Sources Natural Gas and coal
  12. 12. Water Agricultural waste
  13. 13. Less affected to oil price change
  14. 14. Fuel Efficient
  15. 15. Just need fossil fuel that breaks the water and separate it from oxygen
  16. 16. The most Important Loopholes Of Fuel Cell Vehicle…
  17. 17. Most Expensive than conventional or Hybrid
  18. 18. Storage Of Hydrogen for further use is very much tough work and very expensive also
  19. 19. Very rare or no availability of vehicle Spare parts for replacement
  20. 20. Highly Flammable In itself …Risk of Accident is high
  21. 21. High Dependency On Fossil Fuel that will separate it from Oxygen
  22. 22. Website: http://www.stuttgartautoservice.com/ https://www.facebook.com/Stuttgart-Automobile- service-256490384389738/timeline/ https://plus.google.com/1164688515502701139 56/about?gl=us&hl=en