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Lego® Serious Play® in a Nutshell - by StrategicPlay®

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What is so unique about Lego® Serious Play®?
Find here a step by step introduction what stands behind the hard fun of thinking ahead.

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Lego® Serious Play® in a Nutshell - by StrategicPlay®

  1. © 2015 LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® in a Nutshell. ©K.Elster,StrategicPlay®2015
  2. What people sometimes think LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® is about: Adults playing with LEGO®. ©K.Elster,StrategicPlay®2015
  3. What LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® is really about: LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® is a process to envision, prototype & explore new solutions. ©K.Elster,StrategicPlay®2015
  4. © 2015 LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® is a „Swiss Knife“ Strategy Process which we use" with our clients for a variety of use cases... ©K.Elster,StrategicPlay®2015
  5. © 2015 Innovation Team Optimisation Project Kick Off Branding Service Design Leadership Development Business" Re-/Design And so much more... © K. Elster, StrategicPlay® 2015
  6. © 2015 What is so special about LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY®?
  7. © 2015 In LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® we think with our hands and prototype our thinking. © K. Elster, StrategicPlay® 2015
  8. © 2015 We create models to represent our ideas or visions, using special LEGO®, metaphors and storytelling. ©K.Elster,StrategicPlay® 2015
  9. © 2015 Everybody builds, everybody tells a story. The LEGO® model is as important as the story being told with it. ©K.Elster,StrategicPlay®2015
  10. © 2015 The LEGO® Model is the STORYLINE. Empathy Shared Understanding Ownership Imagination U P © K. Elster, StrategicPlay® 2015
  11. © 2015 The LEGO® models help us to" make sense of complex information. ©K.Elster,StrategicPlay®2015
  12. For a succesful LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® workshop the participants need a safe space to address meaningful questions. ©K.Elster,StrategicPlay®2015
  13. © 2015 How to envision" and co-create STRATEGIES with LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® © K. Elster, StrategicPlay® 2015
  14. © 2015 Skillsbuilding Scenarios Identity Emergences Landscape Simple Guiding Principles The LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY®" Strategy Process has certain steps.
  15. © 2015 Step 1: SKILLSBUILDING ©K.Elster,StrategicPlay®2015
  16. © 2015 Skillsbuilding §  The Warm Up for head and hands §  The participants learn to prototype and share their thinking, using LEGO® §  Short challenges for quick learnings §  Slowly diving deeper into the topic of the workshop Step 1: SKILLSBUILDING
  17. © 2015 Step 2: IDENTITY ©K.Elster,StrategicPlay®2015
  18. © 2015 Identity §  Given meaningful and challenging questions, the participants model and share their thinking §  The quality of this step defines the success of the workshop Step 2: IDENTITY
  19. © 2015 Step 3: LANDSCAPE ©K.Elster,StrategicPlay®2015
  20. © 2015 Landscape §  CoCreating the ecosystem around the topic §  The participants‘ different perspectives lead to a unique shared understanding and new insights Step 3: LANDSCAPE
  21. © 2015 Step 4: SCENARIOS ©K.Elster,StrategicPlay®2015
  22. © 2015 Scenarios Step 4: SCENARIOS §  Exploring future developments §  Playing with the future by defining more and less probable future scenarios
  23. © 2015 Step 5: EMERGENCES ©K.Elster,StrategicPlay®2015
  24. © 2015 Emergences §  Playing hands-on with the future, using scenarios and the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® model §  Adding the real time aspect by learning from what might emerge in the system, and how to prepare for that, starting today Step 5: EMERGENCES
  25. © 2015 Step 6: SIMPLE GUIDING PRINCIPLES ©K.Elster,StrategicPlay®2015
  26. © 2015 Simple Guiding Principles §  Converging the insights and discoveries §  Creating principles to guide actions and decision-making in order to achieve the new strategy Step 6: SIMPLE GUIDING PRINCIPLES
  27. © 2015 LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® is hard fun and great to... © K. Elster, StrategicPlay® 2015
  28. © 2015 http://www.strategicplay.de/ email service@strategicplay.de tweet @strategicplay facebook.com/strategicplay Thank you for your time! If you want to use or learn LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY®," let us know! ©K.Elster,StrategicPlay®2015