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The Startup Curve

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This is, in short, the bumpy road all startups will eventually take before reaching success. Every story is different but all will agree that their path followed this curve in some way.

The Startup Curve

  2. Welcome to the Start-Up Curve. Every entrepreneur should be familiar with the ups and downs of this roller coaster ride. If you’re ready and strapped in, let’s take a look at what’s in store at each turn of a new Start-Up.
  3. BEFORE START-UP Get into the Start-Up Mindset. Challenge the conventional by thinking what if and why. Look beyond your comfort zone, and disregard the status quo. Conquer your fears of failure, don’t be intimidated by the wolves already lurking in the industry. IDEA EXPERIMENTATION SUCCESS EXPANSION FEAR OF FAILURE
  4. PEAK OF NAIVE ENTHUSIASM BEFORE START-UP REALITY CRASH IDEA Grab your idea by the horns. This is the point where enthusiasm peaks without the necessary skill to manage it. Valuable, but always doomed for the dreaded reality crash. Don’t be discouraged, this happens to every Start-Up.
  5. TRENCHES OF FALSE HOPE EXPERIMENTATION BEFORE START-UP IDEA Manifest your ideas into a product, then experiment by continuously applying user feedback, pivot, and try again. Figure out what works and what doesn’t, and act on it immediately. Don’t slack in experimentation, adapt, survive, and then you can thrive.
  6. SLOW SLOPE OF SUCCESS SUCCESS BEFORE START-UP IDEA EXPERIMENTATION You made it. One caveat: Don’t get complacent. It’s easy at this stage to plateau. Advancements are going to slow down, but the results of hard work are starting to show as well. Keep doing what works and continue innovations for future expansion. Try not to burn yourself out.
  7. THE PROMISED LAND EXPANSION BEFORE START-UP IDEA EXPERIMENTATION SUCCESS Cue the sun beams, doves, and choir. You’ve made it to the promised land without going extinct. Dig your heels in and expand. The same caveat exists, complacency is the enemy, but hey, since you’ve made it, maybe it’s time to take a look at another venture and let the cash roll in.
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