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Printer Ink/Laser Toner Cartridge Page YieldsThe typical is coverage on a page is 5%. You do up a letter with no lines, no...
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Printer Ink/Laser Toner Cartridge Page Yields

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Printer Ink/Laser Toner Cartridge Page Yields

  1. 1. Printer Ink/Laser Toner Cartridge Page YieldsThe typical is coverage on a page is 5%. You do up a letter with no lines, no bold font, noletter head, just a basic Discover more , it can use about 5% ink /toner when printed. Printingcopies of this letter till you run out of ink / toner, you can get the page yield the cartridge israted for. So should you be printing ink as well as your cartridge is rated for 300 page yield,you should have 300 copies with the letter. Now for those who decide to have a garage saleflyers and you would like to possess a great deal of flyers to distribute about. These flyers areworking with massive bold print with GARAGE SALE because the Title is bigger than the restof the font. This can take 10% of web page coverage. One example is, lets do the math. 5%is a single web page of yield, 10% is two pages of yield. Ttherefore employing the samevariety of ink cartridge thats rated for 300 pages yield, you would get about 150 copies only.If you are surfing the world wide web and see a web web page you desire to print off a netpage, the coverage would run 60 - 80%. In line with Lexmark you use 12 - 18 pages of inkprinting a net web page, that implies ink cartridge rated 300 page yields could only print 25copies or less in the web page plus the cartridge could be out of ink.The above paragraph is definitely an example to show a point what exactly is printed on adaily basis varies from organization printers to dwelling printers. I referenced Ink Cartridgeabove paragraph, as for Laser printers toner cartridge 5% web page coverage may be thesame, with 2,000 rated toner cartridge Covering 10% in the page cuts the yield down 1,000or printing a internet web page 60% coverage suggests you can only print 166 pages andalso the presentation coach would not print no far more.Environmental conditions including temperature and humidity will affect the page yield too. Alleven though Im sure that environment conditions have a slight effect only.Lexmark wrote a paper on cartridge yields and compared Printer cartridges web page yieldand to Automotive gas mileage. This states according to printer model web page yields likeautos gas mileage will vary.All suppliers of Printer Cartridges will provide you with what the approximate web page Toget more information, click here , remember that it is determined by 5% of page coverage.There are actually pdf articles offered on-line from the OEM providers. Their articles showphotos and the coverages around the page, "this picture use 5% , 10% up 80%". Use theirinformation to help you get improved efficiency from your cartridges.