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How to Make an Animated Video

Are you looking to create an animated video for your business or start-up?

Are you confused by the whole process of creating an animated video?

In this Slideshare I'll walk you through the entire process of creating your very own animated explainer.

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How to Make an Animated Video

  1. How to Create an Animated Video Photo credit: matthileo
  2. So you want an animated video? Photo credit: diebmx
  3. GOOD IDEA Photo credit: Cayusa
  4. The animated video on Crazy Egg drove an extra $21,000 a month in new income. Neil Patel, co-founder of Crazy Egg “
  5. But where to start? Photo credit: demibrooke
  6. 5 Simple Steps to Create an Animated Video
  7. 1 Pick an Animation Style
  8. Cartoon White Board Cut-Out Motion Graphics
  9. Tip Do your research and find a style you like before finding an animator.
  10. 2 Create a Script
  11. Do NOT outsource your script Photo credit: charliebarker
  12. But…I HATE writing scripts Photo credit: ЕленАндреа
  13.  Come Up  With 3-5  Bullet Points
  14. Your animator can help with the rest Photo credit: super_rats
  15. 3 Select a Voice-over
  16. You can use your own voice-over artist Photo credit: Ayton
  17. But won’t change final price much Photo credit: JD Hancock
  18. Otherwise animator will supply a handful of options Photo credit: Nam2@7676
  19. 4 Initial Character Design & Music
  20. Send your logo, color scheme and other design assets Photo credit: ansik
  21. Point out your ideal character design Photo credit: Mike | Creative Mints
  22. Music is your SECRET weapon, so choose wisely Photo credit: superUbO
  23. 5 Animation
  24. You get the first cut! Photo credit: DRs Kulturarvsprojekt
  25. Be thorough with your changes Photo credit: paperbits
  26. Future rounds of edits should be used for finishing touches Photo credit: Mike | Creative Mints
  27. All done! Let the sales roll in… Photo credit: anieto2k
  28. 1 Pick an Animation Style 2 Create a Script 3 Select a Voice-over 4 Initial Character Design & Music 5 Animation Created
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  31. Steve P. Young Director of Product Marketing Twitter: @stevepyoung Email: steve.young@smartshoot.com Website: www.smartshoot.com Thank you…