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If you really want to progress to co-creation of new products or services with your community, you need to add the following two dimensions to your selection criteria, resulting in two complementary groups of co-creators8 • People with innovative vision and social independence: These people formulate their vision about innovation in an independent manner. They base this vision exclusively on their own experience and opinions, without taking account of what might be ‘popular’. This results in very pure ideas. They like trying out new things and generally have more extreme views than the ‘average’ customer. As a result, they can sometimes come up with revolutionary ideas. • Social influencers: This group discusses innovations whilst taking account of what their social environment thinks. Influencers are regarded by this environment as creative specialists, who are quick to see the advantages of new innovations. Consequently, their opinions about such innovations are frequently asked – and followed. They like to be occupied creatively with new products and think that it is important that others also approve of the products they like to use. They converse with others proactively on these matters. It is therefore clear that this is a very relevant group for collaborative purposes. It is also a group with significant conversation potential. This means that they not only help with the initiation and development of new ideas, but that they also start conversations during the implementation of these ideas. They have a sixth sense for the innovations that will catch on and those that will not. In this respect, they filter the ideas of the first group. 82010, Schillewaert, De Ruyck, InSites Consultingconversationmanagement.biz I @steven_insites I @tomderuyck

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