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2 Select the right participants From co-creation to collaboration

2 Select the right participants ……………………………………………………………………… There are two types of customer collaboration possible: an open online platform where everyone can participate and a closed online community where you select the people to join in. In the large open communities you have little direct control over who joins in and who doesn’t. The members come together in a very spontaneous way to discuss particular subjects that are of their interest. Your role with regards to these people is simply to listen. This will allow you to discover a series of unfulfilled market needs, which may eventually lead to new products and services. Of course, you are also free to ask them questions, but you must always remember that these are open communities – anyone else might be listening to their answers! Companies that want to involve the customer in more strategic decisions and who have a need for in-depth feedback, tend to work with a closed online community with a limited number of relevant customers. If you want to solve a specific management problem, it is better to discuss possible solutions with a smaller, closed group of between 50 and 150 of people with a keen interest into your category. It could also be a group of your most ardent fans, fans who you have carefully vetted and selected yourself. The major advantage of this approach is that you have everything in your own hands – and this is advisable when you don’t want the whole world to know what decisions are being taken.conversationmanagement.biz I @steven_insites I @tomderuyck

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