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Resume 2

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Resume 2

  1. 1. Steven Lakes (859) 866-4465 2916 Park Street Burlington, KY 41005 stelakes@yahoo.com OBJECTIVE: TO PROCUREA POSITIONWITH STABILITYAND UPWARD MOBILITYWHERE I CAN UTILIZE MYPAST WORK EXPERIENCE AND EDUCATIONTO MAKE THE COMPANYMORE SUCCESSFUL. EDUCATION Master ofArts: English Eastern Kentucky University, Richmond KY Bachelor ofArts: English Eastern Kentucky University, Richmond, KY PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE Sears Credit Specialist- Citi, Florence, Ky Operational Highlights  Inbound call representative  Responsible for reviewing credit applications and determining if credit could be allowed based on information provided  Spoke directly with customers to correct information provided on applications  Dealt with adverse customer calls  Provided accurate information to customers regarding the status of their accounts  Toggled back and forth between multiple screens to synchronize the workflow process and get the most accurate information  Ensured a positive customer experience  Trained to provide customers with credit line increases for upon request  Worked within a fast paced team environment to ensure that service level agreements were met Adjunct Professor: Beckfield College, Florence, KY 04/2004 – 06/2015 Operational Highlights  Instructor for various general education programs, specifically English 111 & 112  Schedule and post office hours to provide academic support to students, tutor if necessary, and provide other assistance as needed  Start classes on time, conduct classes for the full time period, and enforce campus administrative policies  Responsible for preparing course material, including syllabus, and other instructional materials to enhance the students’ needs  Utilize a variety of teaching styles and methods to accommodate diverse learning styles of students  Complete and directed all end of term responsibilities, including submission of final grades, copies of exams, attendance records, and all other designed materials to the Academic Office  Ensure all educational activities were conducted in a legal and ethical manner  Delivers learning-centered instruction by establishing a classroom environment conducive to learning and student involvement as well as effectively planning and preparing for classes and student success
  2. 2. STEVEN LAKES Page 2  Contribute to a learning culture by participating on curriculum and system task forces, supporting local campus events such as orientation and graduation, and participating in various workshops and meetings  Enables the achievement of pre-describe exit competencies for student achievement and evaluation of learning by providing instruction with fosters competencies and establish student performance criteria and evaluation Dean of Academic Affairs: Beckfield College, Florence, KY 04/2011-03/2015 Operational Highlights  Working closely with the Campus Director, contribute to and implement the Institutional Vision of the College, and insure that the Educational Philosophy is executed  Developed courses to teach online including English Composition I & II, Critical Thinking and subsequently taught the courses  Instructor for various general education programs, specifically English 111 & 112  Lead the institutional Effectiveness Planning  Guide the Student Success Committee for overall improvement of persistence  Discuss new developments and trends and to obtain feedback on curriculum effects  Partnership with the President, assist with general compliance of the institutes educational practices with national, state and regional regulations  Coordinate with the Director of Admissions to set and maintain Admission standards and the process  Supervise, develop, and evaluate all Deans, Faculty, and Librarian  Guide the Educational Managers in hiring and developing faculty and staff members  Continually improve the faculty and educational staff orientation, training, and development activities to promote a culture of learning  Establish priorities and plans for program development, faculty recruitment and development  Work with Deans to evaluate faculty, assess classroom effectiveness, and correct observed deficiencies through training, counseling, or disciplinary action Customer Service Specialist: Fidelity Investments,Taylor Mill, KY 03/1998-04/2011 Operational Highlights  Responsible for managing volume for one of the OSG processing teams  Evaluate daily assignments and send correspondences to management  Identified resources on the floor to help ensure that items were processed in a timely manner  Trained new associates when there was a need  Interact with management staff daily to devise strategies and help manage income volume for our team  Responsible for facilitating new classes  Developed classroom curriculum and instructed on new account set up, money line, trading authority and other OSG line items  Coordinated meetings with trainers from the L&C group  Promoted to Senior Customer Service Associate  Training Liaison  Verified the work of peers,and implemented a new process to aid in better quality for shareowners  Navigated back and forth between difference screens to ensure that data was accurate and complete
  3. 3. STEVEN LAKES Page 3 Adjunct Instructor:Northern Kentucky University 08/1997-12/1997  Instructed two English 101 courses and a developmental English course  Developed curriculum to help students improve writing proficiency  Facilitated student comprehension of English grammar usage  Instructed students in research techniques and source documentation for essays  Tutor students as needed to enhance their life skills  Assist in delivery and maintenance of English coursework, including the development and preparation of course and assessment materials REFERENCES AVAILABLE UPON REQUEST