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Pdigest presentation final

  1. LENSCULINARIS LLC 2014 CONFIDENTIAL ALLRIGHTS RESERVED Rehabilitating and Maintaining Digestive Health
  2. The emerging clinical evidence on health-promoting effects of probiotics  Rehabilitates digestive health  A metabolic booster  Enhance sports performance  Anti-inflammatory agent  Promote antimicrobial activity  Reduce gastrointestinal infections  Improve lactose metabolism  Exhibit anti-mutagenic and anti-carcinogenic properties  Enhance heart health  Have antidiarrheal properties  Stimulate the immune system  Alleviate inflammatory bowel disease and  Suppress Helicobacterpylori infection*  *Ref: Shah, 2007; Hekmat et al., 2009; Playne et al., 2003 LENSCULINARIS LLC 2014 CONFIDENTIAL ALLRIGHTS RESERVED
  3. Health Benefits of Pulses/Legumes… a natural prebiotic Rehabilitates digestive health Rich source of PREBIOTIC essential to feeding PROBIOTIC High in protein High in Folic acid needed for cognitive health High in iron needed for healthy blood cells Rich source of fiber Promote satiety Improve blood sugar levels Enhance heart health Have a low glycemic index Stimulate the immune system LENSCULINARIS LLC 2014 CONFIDENTIAL ALLRIGHTS RESERVED
  4. These health properties have fueled significant interest in the consumption of products containing probiotics and prebiotics, especially products combining both. LENSCULINARIS LLC 2014 CONFIDENTIAL ALLRIGHTS RESERVED
  5. According to a new market report from Transparency Market Research  Foods and beverages containing prebiotics and probiotics represent a dominant segment in the global market  are expected to grow at a CAGR of 6.8% from 2013 to 2018  The demand for foods and beverages containing prebiotics and probiotic is estimated to reach USD 37.9 billion in 2018. LENSCULINARIS LLC 2014 CONFIDENTIAL ALLRIGHTS RESERVED
  6.  ProDigest is a unique combination of probiotics and prebiotic-rich lentils in a ready-to-eat flake format  ProDigest delivers consumers a complete serving of prebiotics and probiotics in a single dose  ProDigest is created using the LensCulinaris proprietary Power Pulse formulation and is combined with the patented probiotic strain BC30 manufactured by Ganeden Biotech  ProDigest is minimally-processed containing over 1 billion CFU of Lactobacillus Coagulans, 1.5g of organic chicory-based inulin, 12 grams of protein, at least 124% of total Daily Value of fiber, and 5-6 g of prebiotic fiber naturally found in lentils  ProDigest – can be consumed directly out of the bag as a healthy snack, for breakfast as a cereal, or blended into a side dish of rice, quinoa, stir fry etc. Introducing ProDigest Daily… LENSCULINARIS LLC 2014 CONFIDENTIAL ALLRIGHTS RESERVED
  7.  ProDigest is produced with the patent-pending ready-to-eat Power Pulse legume  Power Pulse is a multi-variant functional food made with a base of nutrient-and-mineral-rich organic, non-GMO lentils  Power Pulse utilizes a patented manufacturing process that minimizes nutrient loss during the cooking and dehydrating of lentils  The Power Pulse dehydrated lentil is then coated with chicory- root-based inulin and anti-inflammatory turmeric compound What Powers ProDigest Daily… LENSCULINARIS LLC 2014 CONFIDENTIAL ALLRIGHTS RESERVED
  8.  Contains prebiotic fiber  1 billion CFU probiotic cultures to promote healthy intestinal flora  Is good a source of antioxidant -  Per 45gr serving 12grs of protein 13grs of total fiber (124%DV) Is good source of iron (20%DV) Is a great source of folate (67%DV) – women in pregnancy stage ProDigest Daily supports detoxification, cleansing and… LENSCULINARIS LLC 2014 CONFIDENTIAL ALLRIGHTS RESERVED
  9.  100% organic and non-GMO  Plant based  Vegan  Gluten and allergen free  No nuts, soy or dairy  No salt, sugar or preservatives  No isolates  Ingredients  Power Pulse proprietary blend of Organic, non-GMO Lentils, Organic Inulin, Organic Turmeric and BC30 Probiotic  BC30 Probiotic ProDigest Daily Integrity LENSCULINARIS LLC 2014 CONFIDENTIAL ALLRIGHTS RESERVED
  10. Use ProDigest Daily freely… adds protein, fiber, natural energy and more to your diet in a single dose… Mix it – eat for breakfast as a cold cereal, mix your favorite beverage, fruits and nuts Top it – salad, fruits, dessert Toss it – stir fry, couscous, rice, quinoa Blend it – give your shake a natural power boost How to use ProDigest Daily LENSCULINARIS LLC 2014 CONFIDENTIAL ALLRIGHTS RESERVED
  11. After significant research, we found a large void in the supplement and diet section of all chains.. currently we find the following;  Protein Shakes – muscle building, sports enhancers etc.  Quick Energy Bars – on the run, sports enhancers etc.  Diet Products, includes shakes, bars and beverages – mainly targeting women  The Opportunity - Digestive Health Section  Probiotic Products - consumers buying more product than ever (Activia Yogurt made probiotics main stream)  Metamucil – classic laxative  Colon cleanses – used 2 twice a year – harsh on the system and not natural  Ready to Eat Meal Enhancers - ProDigest Daily fills this void Where can we anticipate finding ProDigest Daily in retail outlets? LENSCULINARIS LLC 2014 CONFIDENTIAL ALLRIGHTS RESERVED
  12. LENSCULINARIS LLC 2014 CONFIDENTIAL ALLRIGHTS RESERVED The Perfect Combination for a Minimally Processed Ready-to-Eat Functional Food
  13. Source of both soluble and non soluble fiber both contribute to reduce cholesterol and blood pressure Helps regulate the regularity and thus promotes nutrient absorption, assimilation and utilization 80% of immune system is in the gut. Helps restore the gut health ,provides antioxidants, helps detox and strengthens the immune system Helps restore gut micro-flora that positively affects mood and energy levels. Source of folic acid for brain health Slow releasing carbohydrates and high prebiotic fiber content leading to sustained energy Allergen free source of fiber, prebiotic and probiotic and protein to satisfy a growing consumer base Low glycemic index hence promotes good blood glucose levels Early satiety , feeling of fullness leading to weight loss Daily Consumption Benefits
  14. Contact Info Deepa Deshmukh MPH,RD,LD,CDE,BC-ADM President Founder – LensCulinaris LLC Tel – 630 699 2417 Email – Phillip Nanni SVP Business Development - LensCulinaris LLC Tel – 514 797 7151 Email - Stephan Nanni SVP Sales & Marketing - LensCulinaris LLC Tel – 514 647 9844 Email - LENSCULINARIS LLC 2014 CONFIDENTIAL ALLRIGHTS RESERVED