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Startup Pirates 2012 Annual Report

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2012 was an exciting year for us, seeing our work in action, especially the success of our programs and the companies and new jobs we helped to create. We are proud to work with teams from 12 different countries, on 4 continents and we are supporting hundreds of entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs-in-the-making.

Because we believe in the power of results, we decided to create the Startup Pirates 2012 Annual Report. In this report, we disclose with full transparency, what we did last year, our successes and failures, our financial statements and also some fun facts.

In 2013, Startup Pirates wants to reach 20 countries, organize 30 programs and help more than 1000 entrepreneurs-in-the-making. We are deeply committed to building out robust and impactful programs and support not only our Pirates, but also the startup communities where our programs take place. We’re awaiting an ambitious year, and we couldn't be more excited.

May the fair winds be with us all!

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Startup Pirates 2012 Annual Report

  1. 1. 2012ANNUAL REPORT
  2. 2. Why join the navy......if you can be a pirate? - Steve Jobs -
  3. 3. TABLE OF CONTENTS -5-01/ Mission Statement - 06 - 06/ STARTUP PIRATES PROGRAM - 18 - METHODOLOGY - 20 - 11/ DIGITAL ENGAGEMENT - 30 - 16/ OUR VISION FOR 2013 - 40 -02/ opening remarks - 08 - FOUNDING PRINCIPLES - 10 - 07/ EXPANSION - 22 - 12/ STARTUP PIRATES IN THE PRESS - 32 - 17/ With gratitude - 42 -03/ pirate code - 12 - 08/ CONFERENCES AND EVENTS - 24 - 13/ FINANCIALS - 34 -04/ timeline: startup pirates story - 14 - 09/ COMMUNITY & TESTIMONIALS - 26 - 14/ CULTURE - 36 -05/ 10/ 15/ PHOTOGRAPHY PEDRO SILVA (P. 1, 22) accomplishments SPONSORS OUR TEAM HENRIQUE MARQUES DA SILVA (P. 36, 42) - 16 - - 28 - - 38 - FRIDAYATSIX.COM (P. 24) PARTNERS DESIGN DUE, S.A. - 29 -
  4. 4. 01/ Mission Statement-6- -7- Startup Pirates wants to change the world one entrepreneur at a time!
  5. 5. 02/ opening remarks-8- -9- STARTUP PIRATES EXECUTIVE TEAM ADVISOR We still remember the day the name young aspiring entrepreneurs to inspire, “Despite the trendiness of innovation, jobs, life style, bettering “Startup Pirates” revealed itself. It was influence, learn from each other and entrepreneurship, there is a very real of old industries, revival of cities, new in a rainy night and for 3 hours we were work together to develop business ideas and tangible benefits that derives educational models and, above all, brainstorming about possible names. and to launch new startups. We honestly from it. Most people tend to stay on they push society forward. People like And then, someone thought about believe that young people have an the notion of big pay day, being your Startup Pirates, that care about their Startup Pirates and we immediately important role to play in our social and own boss or becoming famous. True homeland, that care about the future of realized this was the right name for economic renewal, and we are privileged entrepreneurs don’t pursue such goals. their country and push to give birth to INÊS SANTOS SILVA us. Almost 2 years have passed, since to be part of this change for good. ALEX BARRERA They’re irrelevant to them. Money, more and better entrepreneurs. Startup that crucial moment and lots of things fame and glory are byproducts of hard Pirates that sail the seven seas to share changed. But, one thing remains the In 2013, Startup Pirates wants to reach 20 work. There is no shortcut to life. their knowledge with different countries, same: Our passion is still the same and countries, organize 30 programs and True entrepreneurs, on the contrary entities and ecosystems. People like more than ever we believe our work can help more than 1000 entrepreneurs are stubborn motherf**kers that Startup Pirates that believe that true make a difference in people’s lives. in the making. We are deeply committed keep pushing society forward. They knowledge, innovation and potential on building out robust and impactful are those that go on and create crazy you need to tap into the interconnected 2012 was an exciting year for us, seeing programs and support not only our projects within their companies that world. People that believe that we’re not our work in action, especially the success Pirates, but also the startup communities end up turning the corporation upside alone, that we need each other and that DANIELA MONTEIRO of our programs and the companies and where we have our programs. down. They are those that invent new we can do things better. “ new jobs we helped to create. ways of doing old businesses, burning We are proud to work with teams from These are ambitious goals. These are century-old industries to the ground in Alex Barrera 12 different countries, in 4 continents goals that make us proud and make us the process. They are those that with and we are supporting hundreds of work hard day after day. a little innovation, they’re capable of entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs bettering the life of those around them, in the making. The future looks bright for Startup even without resources, even with all Pirates and we thank you for that. odds against them. Entrepreneurs bring We are delighted to bring together RAFAEL PIRES entrepreneurs, changemakers and Inês, Daniela and Rafael
  6. 6. FOUNDING PRINCIPLES- 10 - - 11 - 1 2 3 If we don’t love what we do, Alone we aren’t capable of achieving As a non-profit organization then we are doing something wrong. our full potential. Together we are we embrace full transparency. capable of changing the world. 4 5 6 We make sure to celebrate We ship fast and learn along the way. Boldness, Creativity and Humility every small win. are at our core. 7 8 9 We focus on getting sh*t done. The desire to create significant impact We are guided by a desire is baked into our DNA and serves to create long term value. as our “northern-star” for every decision made.
  7. 7. 03/ pirate code Startup Pirates wants to break some rules, but being a Pirate takes discipline and focus. So, as Pirates in the past had a Code of Conduct, Startup Pirates has its own Pirate Code:
  8. 8. 04/ TIMELINE:- 14 - - 15 - STARTUP PIRATES STORY This big adventure started as a hobby really well and the hobby got serious! We are really proud of our when the 5 founders got together with a accomplishments, but we can’t wait for similar vision and ambition. So far, everything went above our what is to come. expectations both nationally and We felt entrepreneurship was a real internationally. Just to mention some This is just the beginning! possibility that has the power to change achievements, it was the year of our DECEMBER 1 people’s lives and contribute to the first program organized by a local team, SP @ Braga growth of the economy. So, we decided the validation of our methodology, 1000 10th Startup to launch our first program that went people/organizations directly engaged... Pirates program. DECEMBER 5 Campus Pirate 2012 Program SEPTEMBER 16 Launch of 2011 AUGUST 2 SP @ Zaragoza the Students First Startup First program in ambassadorship getting investment. Spain. program. JULY 5 AUGUST 28 SEPTEMBER FEBRUARY 4 JULY 5 AUGUST 11 SEPTEMBER 22 OCTOBER 26 NOVEMBER 24 DECEMBER 10 Startup Pirates SP @ Porto Pitch the Parrot SP @ Lisboa Startup Pirates 1st SP @ Bratislava SP @ Poznan Pirates in SP @ Barcelona 7 Perk partners Launch Party. First program, came to Life. First program Anniversary Party. First internacional First program in Residence. First program closed. first feedback and Our mascot was organized by a program. Poland. on Social first improvement. born! local team. Entrepreneurship.
  9. 9. 05/ ACCOMPLISHMENTS- 16 - - 17 - 9 IMPACT ON Programs this year 200+ PARTICIPANTS Startups 8 different cities 1000 PEOPLE / ORGANIZATIONS DIRECTLY ENGAGED /Projects running 260 INVITED ENTREPRENEURS 7 PERK PARTNERS TO HELP STARTUPS GROW
  10. 10. 06/ STARTUP PIRATES- 18 - - 19 - 30 PROGRAM Participants 25+ guests Mentors, investors and entrepreneus What Startup Pirates offers Startup Pirates in numbers 8 days 8 Workshops 2 = Over the course of the 8 day community · Attend 8 high quality workshops on other activities One remarkable experience! driven accelerator, participants have the topics like business model, product chance to… development, pitch, etc; · Be mentored and get connected to more than 20 entrepreneurs and innovators who will join the program; · Access our network of perk partners; 1 60 event with the of working hours Work and “live” with 29 other amazing Pirates.; startup community · Be connected with investors, business angels, business leaders and VC’s; · Access valuable prizes to get your 2/3 2/3 entrepreneur talks startup running. sessions “ask the mentor“
  11. 11. METHODOLOGY- 20 - - 21 -
  12. 12. 07/ EXPANSION- 22 - - 23 - NETWORK & CONNECT IDENTIFY SUPPORT & MONITOR We make sure to be present in the most important We work with local organizations to identify when and We give 24/7 support to our local organizers and conferences and events around the world and connect where we are doing the Startup Pirates programs. The exhaustively monitor the progress of each program. with the organizations and people that share a similar engagement of the local community is essential to the vision to ours. success of the programs. FACILITATE FOLLOW-UP During the week of the program, we make sure to be After the program, we want to know what was the present, at least, in the first 3 days to set the culture and impact of the program and we always follow-up with local give some support. organizers and participants. We are madly committed to the maximization of impact.
  13. 13. 08/ CONFERENCES WHERE WE’VE BEEN- 24 - - 25 - AND EVENTS TOTAL FEATURING Global Entrepreneurship Congress European Pirate Summit 7 March 2012, UK September 2012, Germany Next Berlin April 2012, Germany Pioneers Festival AS PARTICIPANTS October 2012, Austria 23 Campus Party August 2012, Germany Startup Nations November 2012, Canada InfluencerConf SWITCH Conference 2012 October 2012, Brazil June 2012, Portugal MIT GSW TransEurope Express 2012 AS SPEAKERS March 2012, Turkey February 2012, Italy 12 European Entrepreneurship Foundation & Startup Pirates Invite to: Something Startup Pirates Meetup Maastricht September 2012, The Netherlands Ventured (Pioneers Festival’s side event) October 2012, Austria Startup Pirates Meetup Cologne September 2012, Germany SWITCH Startup Competition AS ORGANIZERS June 2012, Portugal
  14. 14. 09/ COMMUNITY & OUR COMMUNITY- 26 - - 27 - TESTIMONIALS + 250 partners / Sponsors sailing braveness adventure enlightening + 260 courage future passion thrilling crazy innovatiON new iDeas boldness invited entrepreneurs MIND wild spirit strength networking ignition fearless OPENING collaboration Audaciousness relationships Shows you the way and provides you the freedom to take leap when I think Pirates is a great chance for early stage entrepreneurs. They you are ready. have the opportunity to form a team and work intensively with them. — Beshara Morris Hinnawi Getting awards such as free office space gives a great incentive for them to continue working on the business. — Ben Grech I must admit I was a bit ”dragged” so my expectations were low. But I was ecstatic, if you need anything from me for future events, count on me. Congratulations, you guys did an exceptional job, I am The Startup Pirates events are truly suited to anyone and everyone especially grateful to you. who cares the least about building (or joining) a startup. They give — João Melo you all the tools you need to create something of your own that both inspires and prepares you to actually make it happen. You can learn a lot and be very productive in a fun and supportive environment. A connection to a whole new community, that was unknown to me — Daniel Loureiro 200 at the time. 45 — João Loff PARTICIPANTS 5 LOCAL ORGANIZERS 20 Nationalities FOUNDING TEAM
  15. 15. 10/ SPONSORS PARTNERS- 28 - - 29 - DUE was founded in 2009 to provide services in the DUE has a vast experience in delivering services to areas of Information Systems, Web Marketing and distributors, primarily in the technology segment, Communications. our core business being the development of exclusive websites. DUE works constantly in revenue share It is our ambition to play a leading position in the models, wishing to improve the performance of SMEs domestic market among a new generation of creative clients mainly, but not exclusively. companies that dominate the new digital world and know how to use the web to conquer international markets. RESUL was founded in 1982 and it is now a creative › Strong investment in the productive sector, by and imaginative company that researches, develops, acquiring equity of a factory and participating in its produces and proposes equipment solutions for management team (which became its major supplier); energy transport and distribution (gas and electricity), telecommunication networks, public lighting, water › Search for national or international prestigious networks, central heating systems and also solutions companies to invest in; for renewable energies (thermal and photovoltaic).The core business is based on growth and range expansion, › Placing its offer in the “global market”. from the adoption of 3 fundamental strategies:
  16. 16. 11/ DIGITAL ENGAGEMENT SOCIAL NETWORKS- 30 - - 31 - 945 Followers on the 31st December 2287 2012 9 Global Website Total number of tweets Facebook groups for Pirates 3255 Likes, till the 31st December 2012 2080 Total number +14 of re-tweets Facebook pages 1st post: 29th April 2011 for local events 15 “Hello Pirates” Tweeter accounts 1st post: 11th May 2011 for local events “Hello Pirates” Launched on July 5, 2011 Data from 2012 48.533 page views 7765 Visites from: 125 countries Views 8 local websites 12 151.500 page views Presentations
  17. 17. 12/ PIRATES IN THE PRESS blog.howtoweb.co- 32 - - 33 - The pirate spirit is catching on.With The European Pirate Summit only a few days away, we found another pack of Pirates going out to sea.The Startup Pirates have just organized their first event in Porto, last week. And that was only the beginning of what they, and we, hope will be a worldwide phenomenon. The Startup Pirates is a movement that wants to create one-week Startup Schools around the world, bringing together the latest discoveries in the technol- ogy field with the experience and talent of successful eu-startups.com entrepreneurs. It’s Saturday morning and Startup Pirates @ Porto (...) second edition is coming to an end. One week of business modeling, branding, pitching, mentorship and Monica Obogeanu teamwork is over and it’s time to let the team’s ideas eureka-startups.com SEPTEMBER 12, 2012 shine. El emprendimiento está a la orden del día. En estos thenextweb.com venturevillage.eu (...) tiempos revueltos, existe un consenso general en que You may remember last month our own Robin (...) fomentar el autoempleo y las nuevas iniciativas que Wauters was in Lisbon at the Switch conference and Recently, the city council of Lisbon launched the Reinaldo Ferreira // JS Catier generen innovación y puestos de trabajo es deseable. was shocked – shocked! to find out there are tech Startup Lisboa initiative, a network of startup smart SEPTEMBER 11, 2012 Pero ¿cómo fomentar una nueva cantera de emprend- startups in Portugal. incubation spaces that mix coworking spaces in the edores? vita.it historical center of the city with acceleration programs Learn by doing, in a creative and informal way, boost- Well, part of that story is an effort to support startups that is mostly provided in partnership with not-for- Startup Pirates pretende dar a esta pregunta una re- acceleratorgazette.com ing entrepreneurship and creativity. Startup Pirates is by the non-profit band of salty sea dogs known as profit organisations like Beta-i or Startup Pirates. spuesta poco común. Esta iniciativa sin ánimo de lucro Are you a wannabe entrepreneur hoping to find buried a one-week intensive programme aiming to empower Startup Pirates. nació en Lisboa en el 2011 de la mano de jóvenes treasure with your world-changing idea? Are you in wannabe entrepreneurs with the necessary tools to These organisations provide several accelerator universitarios interesados en potenciar la capacidad Poland? Here’s your chance -- Poland’s HugeThing create a startup. Not even a year old, the organisation has done some programs like Beta-start, with mentors, coaches, ending de las personas emprendedoras para llevar a cabo sus accelerator is one of the organizers of the Startup Pi- fast work setting up shop and helping others to do the with a demo day, getting entrepreneurs venture capital ideas. ¿Cómo? Dotándolas de herramientas y criterio rates @ Poznań. If you can’t make the event in Poland, After having visited many cities around Europe, the same. Along with the yo-ho-hos and a bottle of rum, exposure and organise events such as “Silicon Valley para que de forma autónoma puedan validarlas y there could be a similar event coming soon to a place programme will be in Barcelona from 24 November to it is pushing expansion through ten countries and help- comes to Lisbon” to foster access to an international estructurar el plan de negocio que les abra las puertas near you. Startup Pirates is a world-wide movement 1 December 2012, with a clear objective: foster social ing 1000 young entrepreneurs get their startups going. network. blog.unitedstartups.eu de la financiación. that aims to hold a series of one-week acceleration entrepreneurship. (...) (...) Startup Pirates Bratislava – Final jury live blogging (...) programs in cities all over the world. (...) (...) (...) Jamillah Knowles Andre Marquet #EurekaNews Cristina Barbetta July 16,2012 NOVEMBER 16, 2012 AUGUST 18, 2012 OCTOBER 12, 2012 2012 NOVEMBER 15, 2012
  18. 18. 13/ FINANCIALS STARTUP PIRATES 2012 FINANCIAL StatementS- 34 - - 35 - REVENUE Sponsorship 6 000 € Startup Pirates Programs 4 426 € Total 10 426 € EXPENSES* Transport 3 525 € Accommodation 878 € Merchandising 570 € Brand 569 € Rentings 391 € Web Apps 330 € Conferences 227 € Office Supplies 81 € Others 476 € Total 7 046 € RESULTS 3 380 € * In this first year, the team invested their own time and money to make Startup Pirates a reality. Salaries weren’t paid.
  19. 19. 14/ CULTURE- 36 - - 37 - Languages involved PHOTOS FAVORITE TOOLS FUNNY FACTS +2020 PICTURES ON FLICKR GOOGLE APPS 9 MEETINGS We had 9 consecutive meetings at the local McDonalds before launching Startup Pirates. English Portuguese Spanish Catalan Polish Slovak SKYPE travel skype calls VIDEO 1 PROPOSAL A wedding proposal at Startup Pirates @ Lisboa. 46 FLIGHTS +550 PER YEAR +300 MINUTES OF VIDEO PODIO 17 AIRPORTS ON VIMEO BUFFER 30 YEARS Two mentors met again at Startup Pirates @ Barcelona after 30 years of not seeing each other: they were friends at school and had lost contact! RAPPORTIVE
  20. 20. 15/ OUR TEAM- 38 - - 39 - FOUNDING TEAM OUR COMMUNITY LOCAL ORGANIZERS ADVISORS INSPIRATION Adriana Almeida Eduarda Ferreira Luís Nuno Barbosa Alex Barrera Unreasonable Institute Ana Claudia Silva Elena Rodríguez Blanco Mariana Cruz Seed Camp Ana Rita Oliveira Filipe Castro Matos Marta Figueiredo Pencils of Promise Ana Silveira Filipe R. Portela Michał Olszewski Startup Weekend ARIANA BRÁS DANIELA MONTEIRO INÊS SANTOS SILVA JOÃO OLIVEIRA RAFAEL PIRES Andrea Bajnoková Francisco Matos Miguel Ferreira Andreia Mota Frederico Reis Miguel Jerónimo Arek Hajduk Héctor Gardó Huerta Mišo Berezňák Beatriz Vergueiro Hugo Martins Monika Synoradzka Bianka Čajová Hugo Tavares Pedro Queirós Carla Costa Isa Sampaio Peťanka Jurenková Catarina Campos Isabel Marques Rui Gil Catarina Feijão João Remondes Tomás Leão Torres Clara Navarro Colomer Jorge Fonseca Tomasz Czapliński Cristina Cautela Katka Nagyová Vítor Costa Davis Gouveia Lara Braga Diogo Campos Lina Figueira Dominika Czechlewska Ľuboš Ľahký
  22. 22. 17/ WITH GRATITUDE - 43 - As you may notice on this report, 2012 was a year of growth and learning. All the results achieved lie on hard work and on our maybe naive belief that we can change the world, one entrepreneur at a time. But we wouldn’t be able to get here without the support of many people. To the all participants, local organisers, speakers, mentors, sponsors and partners, a big thank you for being part of this journey. We’re awaiting a challenging year, and we couldn’t be more excited. Hope we can keep counting on you! You sure can count on us. May the fair winds be with us all!
  23. 23. HEARTIEST- 44 - CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR WORK. — Dr. Burton Lee, PhD MBA – Lecturer, European Entrepreneurship & Innovation, Stanford University; Managing Director, Innovarium Ventures www.startuppirates.org hello@startuppirates.org facebook.com/startuppirates @HELLOPIRATES