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Final Report - Startup Pirates @ Porto 2012

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Final report of Startup Pirates @ Porto 2012.
September 1st to 8th, 2012
Here you can find some statistics, participants feedback and testimonials and some more information about the program.

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Final Report - Startup Pirates @ Porto 2012

  1. 1. September 1st to 8th,2012 – Event Report
  2. 2. This September, we decide to embark, once again, in this bigadventure called Startup Pirates @ Porto. After the success of the 1stedition, we couldnt wait to start organizing the 2nd and incorporate thelearnings and feedback from the previous edition and take the event toa whole new level.Now, that the event is over its time to reflect on what happened andsee, once again, how we can improve. There are things we want to dodifferent in the next editions and other things we definitely want tokeep. But overall, we are very happy with the results. The feedbackwe received from our participants, speakers and mentors was superpositive and we feel empowered and motivated to keep working andsharing the Pirate spirit.We feel so motivated that we are already planning the next edition.Well be back in February for the 3rd edition of Startup Pirates @Porto. We hope to see very enthusiastic and energetic Pirates in ourevent. Stay tuned!! We are cooking some great news!! Be brave, be crazy. be a Pirate!!
  3. 3. Lets look at the results...
  4. 4. Agenda
  5. 5. StatisticsPROGRAMWorkshop 8Entrepreneur talks 4Ask the Mentor 3 ATTENDANCETeam Building Activities 2 Participants 21Pitch Opportunities 3 Mentors 16Meet-up 1 Speakers 14Working Sessions 11 Staff 6IDEAS & TEAMS20 Ideas Pitched7 teams developing one idea each
  6. 6. Participants 21 participants from several backgrounds, since architecture to engineering or biotechnology, among others. The ages were between 19 and 43.
  7. 7. Participants Feedback…OVERALL PROGRAM Score (1-5)1. Overall how did you like the whole program? 4.82. How was the communication with you? 4.93. Generally how did you like the venues? 4.74. The food was adequate and enough? 4.75. The agenda was appropriate? 4.56. Would you recommend the program to a friend? 5
  8. 8. Participants Feedback…OVERALL PROGRAM7. Tips to improve… • “Perhaps more than one person to give feedback about the intermediate pitch.” • “Individual rooms for each team. The idea of openspace is good but a little privacy and having a room to suit each team would be helpful!” • “During the mentoring session, all the groups were discussing thing and the space become very noisy.”
  9. 9. Participants Feedback…TESTIMONIALS • “I must admit I was a bit ”dragged" so my expectations were low. But I was ecstatic, if you need anything from me for future events, count on me. Congratulations, you guys did an exceptional job, I am especially grateful to you” • “The work you did to provide us tools to define our own way, was amazing and I only regret not having known you sooner!” • “It was a fantastic experience, very intense and great value. I learned a lot and enjoyed all the activities.” • “Regarding my past experiences here and in the USA... Startup Pirates was Excellent!!”
  10. 10. Participants Feedback…Creativity session - Oupas! Design Score (1-5)1. Overall how did you like the session? 4.5Introduction to Clown – Clown Laboratori Porto Score (1-5)1. Overall how did you like the session? 4.6
  11. 11. Participants Feedback…Managing teams – getSkilled Score (1-5)1. Overall how did you like the workshop? 4.52. Did you acquire new knowledge? 4.6Product and Services Development – Cristina Fonseca Score (1-5)1. Overall how did you like the workshop? 4.72. Did you acquire new knowledge? 4.7
  12. 12. Participants Feedback…Future of Work – Ana Silva Score (1-5)1. Overall how did you like the Entrepreneur Talk? 4.2Business Model Canvas – Rafael Pires Score (1-5)1. Overall how did you like the workshop? 4.82. Did you acquire new knowledge? 4.6
  13. 13. Participants Feedback…Faillure – António Tomé Ribeiro Score (1-5)1. Overall how did you like the Entrepreneur Talk? 4.8Social Entrepreneurship – Tiago Ferreira Score (1-5)1. Overall how did you like the Entrepreneur Talk? 4.5
  14. 14. Participants Feedback…Pitching – Alexandre Mendes Score (1-5)1. Overall how did you like the workshop? 4.72. Did you acquire new knowledge? 4.6Intermediate Pitch – Gabriela Marques Score (1-5)1. Overall how did you like the session? 4.32. Overall how did you like Gabriela’s feedback? 4.4
  15. 15. Participants Feedback…Meetup with Porto Startup Coffee Score (1-5)1. Overall how did you like the meetup? 4.8Companies Law – Francisco Reis Lima Score (1-5)1. Overall how did you like the workshop? 4.02. Did you acquire new knowledge? 4.3
  16. 16. Participants Feedback…Finance & Investment – Ricardo Valente Score (1-5)1. Overall how did you like the workshop? 4.22. Did you acquire new knowledge? 4.4Marketing & Branding – Filipe Moreira Score (1-5)1. Overall how did you like the workshop? 4.62. Did you acquire new knowledge? 4.6
  17. 17. Speakers & Mentors
  18. 18. Speakers & Mentors Filipe Magalhães Júlio Martins Moreira Paulo Alves Sofia Farinha de Trigo Paulo Pereira Cidália Abreu Filipe Gonçalves Joana Croft Emília Simões Francisco Reis Lima Bernd Herbert Cristina Fonseca Tiago Sequeira Filipe Pereira Luis Santos Luís Simões Clara Vieira Alexandre Mendes André Magalhães Ricardo Valente Ana Silva Gabriela Marques Tiago Ferreira João Lopes Martins António Ribeiro Felipe Ávila da Costa Ana Rosas Tiago Pedras Carlos Brito Bruno Soares Miguel Trigo
  19. 19. Prizes
  20. 20. Winners Beaunity
  21. 21. Photos All the photos of the program are available on flickr.
  22. 22. Media Coverage: Porto Alive, Porto Canal, Julho 2012 Porto Alive, Porto Canal, 16 de Agosto 2012 Nesta Magazinehttp://nestamagazine.com/para-que-ser-marinheiro-quando-se-pode-ser- pirata/; http://issuu.com/nestamagazine/docs/nesta_verao/17 Sol Online – http://sol.sapo.pt/inicio/Sociedade/Interior.aspx?content_id=56899 Expresso online http://expresso.sapo.pt/empreendedorismo-projeto-startup-pirates- comemora-um-ano-a-mostrar-como-comecar-uma-empresa=f747019 Visão Online http://visao.sapo.pt/empreendedorismo-projeto-startup-pirates-comemora- um-ano-a-mostrar-como-comecar-uma-empresa=f681273 Boas Notícias http://boasnoticias.pt/noticias_uma-semana-para-desenvolver-uma-ideia-de- negocio_12294.html Sapo Notícias http://noticias.sapo.pt/tec_ciencia/artigo/aprender-a-ser-um-pirata-do-empr_4749.html http://noticias.sapo.pt/fotos/startup-pirates-no-porto-navegar-pelo- empreendedorismo_230535/ Dinheiro Vivo - http://www.dinheirovivo.pt/Faz/Artigo/CIECO057449.html
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  24. 24. Local Sponsors
  25. 25. Gold Bronz eSilver
  26. 26. Main Partners Partners
  27. 27. Global Sponsors
  28. 28. Thank you all!
  29. 29. Contact us, if you have any question!Send us an email to porto@startuppirates.org Lets talk… Be Brave, be Crazy, be a Pirate!