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Stephanie Hay - Lean Startup Conference 2012

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Stephanie Hay - Lean Startup Conference 2012

  1. @steph_hay Lean ContentUsing words to acquire users 12.03.12
  2. @steph_hayUtilizing messages toorient & engage users,increase conversions,& promote retention
  3. @steph_hayhttp://bookofnorm.com/wtf.jpg
  4. @steph_hayUsing words thathelp people find you,understand you,and choose you
  5. @steph_hayPeople choose what they understand
  6. @steph_hay http://www.foodchannel.com/media/uploads/istock_000008906736xsmall.jpghttp://4.bp.blogspot.com/_S7mRAnge4a8/SOJqO8i8SqI/AAAAAAAAAXY/t109sHkKBi0/s400/100_0409.jpg
  7. @steph_hay Everything is “the best”Easy. Innovative. Most. Powerful. Beautiful. Fast.Affordable. Intuitive. Efficient. Effective. Secure. Award-winning. Cross-platform. Simple.
  8. @steph_hay Everything is not “the best” Disappointing. Buggy. Cancel. Refund. Cluttered.Overwhelming. Crap. Incompatible. Doesn’t work.Unusable. Impossible. Frustrating. Difficult. Spammy.
  9. @steph_hayhttp://media.photobucket.com/image/recent/woofboy111/Food/meersstore5-15-09giantburger.jpg
  10. @steph_hay http://mashable.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/06/mcdonalds-burger-600.jpeghttp://blogs-images.forbes.com/johnclarke/files/2012/07/ronald_mcdonald_jumping1-1.jpg
  11. @steph_hayBUSINESS GOAL: Be chosen
  12. @steph_hayLean content speaks to the first-time user (not to you)
  13. @steph_hay
  14. @steph_hay “Sounds weird,but it’s accurate.”
  15. @steph_hayHaving an understandable message makes you easier to choose
  16. @steph_hayMARKETING GOAL: Be understood
  17. @steph_hay3 things you can doto get your content understood
  18. @steph_hay1.Pitch everyone who’ll listen(a) Watch for “a-ha” body language(b) Write down their questions(c) Iterate to get to (a) faster
  19. @steph_hay http://goo.gl/1pnPZ
  20. @steph_hay TAKE MYMONEY $$ http://goo.gl/1pnPZ
  21. @steph_hay2.Apply “The Mom Test”
  22. @steph_hay2.Apply “The Mom Test”If you’d feel like a tool saying it yourmom, you likely sound like a toolPrioritize clarity, always
  23. @steph_hay
  24. @steph_hay3.Ask users these questions(a) Why did you [sign up]?(b) Why [do] you keep coming back?
  25. @steph_hay
  26. @steph_hayGROWTH GOAL: Get found
  27. @steph_hay3 things you can doto get your content found
  28. @steph_hay1.Test messages in AdWordsWrite user-oriented messagesto test for clicks (not conversions)
  29. @steph_haySpecific, real-person problem Generic, product marketing
  30. @steph_hay2.Embrace the unsexy wordsused in organic searchesBeing found isn’t about selling oreducating or being clever --it’s about being found
  31. @steph_hay
  32. @steph_hay
  33. @steph_hay3.Look at Entry Points andTop Content in GAWrite more of what visitors arelooking at ... attract more people
  34. @steph_hayDROP THE CRAP Be proud of what’s real
  35. @steph_hayLearn (and use) thereal-person wordsthat make you easierto find, understand,and choose
  36. stephaniehay.com http://www.titaneer.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/08/youre-awesome-359x198.jpg