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Startup Istanbul 2016 / Ozan Sönmez - Managing Director T-Jump

Presentation of Ozan Sönmez at Startup Istanbul 2016,
6-10 October, Istanbul, Turkey

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Startup Istanbul 2016 / Ozan Sönmez - Managing Director T-Jump

  1. 1. TO ANYONE (including INVESTORS) ef·fec·tive·ly PRESENTING T I P S F O R Ozan Sonmez @mrozansonmez Managing Director T-Jump San Francisco 9/10ths Accelerator Manager in KAUST
  2. 2. a video and DONT’s «write» the whole story. Forget Spell Check Over AnimateUse Excessive Bullet Points
  3. 3. a video and DONT’s «write» the whole story. Forget Spell Check Over AnimateUse Excessive Bullet Points
  4. 4. Types of Learning Why Types of Learning is important ? What’s your-their Type? Message or Delivery MUST have or NICE to have
  5. 5. Way Before the REAL thing ! Search Who (exactly) WIIFM ? What do they Care / Common Go Ask & Read/Watch History
  6. 6. it’s always your fault if there’s no wifi or 3G fails electricity goes off - battery dies the traffic is terrible you can’t find the place/meeting room you are not able to connect your device the fonts are not yours - no sound system the previous meeting is overdue They are late and you only have 20 minutes
  7. 7. Be Prepared at all cost ASK & CHECK Print-out Write the Phone Numbers Appliances (Mac Connectors & Sound Jokes (Walking Stairs and the Blonde) Ppt to Pdf – (no animation) Inform even if you’ll be only 5 minutes late Be Swiss-Japanese-German about TIME Brace for impact
  8. 8. Start to Finish START : Fresh - Smile - Shake REPEAT : 2 Ears – 1 Mouth ALWAYS be Consistent FINISH : Strong
  9. 9. They had a terrible pitch but They have a great team What do you think will follow ? They had a terrible pitch but They have a great team
  10. 10. 10 20 30
  12. 12. Story of the Problem What is it that you are doing? Any validation, traction, customer, user, revenue or metrics ? Why did your users, customers even need you? Pain Killer vs Vitamin So WHAT ? How big can you go? How? How is it done now? Competitors & why are you better Who Are You? WHY do you need, what you need ? Storyboard of 3 Minute Pitch
  13. 13. Title Organization Name; your name and title; and contact information The audience can read the slide – this is where you explain what your organization does. (We sell software. We sell hardware. We are a school. We are a app.) Cut the chase! A simple catch phrase helps.
  14. 14. Problem Customer Story Describe the pain that you're alleviating. The gal is the everyone nodding and “buying in”. Avoid looking like a solution searching for a problem. Minimize or eliminate citations of consulting studies about the future size of your market.
  15. 15. Solution Explain how you alleviate this pain and the meaning that you make. Ensure that the audience clearly understands what you sell and your value proposition. This is not the place for an in-depth technical explanation. Provide just the gist of how you fix the pain – for example, “we are a discount travel website. We have written software that searches all other travel websites and collates their price quotes into one report.”
  16. 16. Business Model Content: Explain how you make money: who pays you, your channels of distribution, and your gross margin. Comments: Generally, a unique, untested business model is a scary proposition. If you truly have a revolutionary business model, explain it in terms of familiar ones. This is your opportunity to drop the names of the organizations that are already using your product or service.
  17. 17. Underlying Magic Describe the technology, secret sauce, or magic behind your product of service. The less text and the more diagrams, schematics, and flowcharts on the slide, the better. White papers and objective proofs of concept are helpful here.
  18. 18. Marketing & Sales Explain how you are going to reach your customers and your marketing leverage points. Convince the audience that you have an effective go-to-marketing strategy that won't break the bank. . If you have the website up and running that is simple but effective and won’t take too many people to run (just a suggestion).
  19. 19. C O M P E T I T I O n Provide a complete view of the competitive landscape. Too much is better than too little. Never dismiss your competition. Everyone – customers, investors, employees – wants to hear why you're good, not why the competition is bad.
  20. 20. Management Team Describe the key players of your management team, board of directors, and board of advisors, as well as your major investors. Don't be a afraid to show up with less than a perfect team.All start-ups have holes in the team – what's truly important is whether you understand there are holes and are willing to fix them.
  21. 21. Projections &Metrics Provide a 36 month forecast containing dollars & key metrics, #customers and conversion rate. Do a bottom up forecast. Making people understand the underlying assumptions of your forecast is as important as the numbers you've fabricated. You need to do at least a Cash Flow & Use of Funds for the first 18 months of your company
  22. 22. Status & Timeline Content: Explain the current status of your product or service, what the near future looks like, and how you’ll use the money that you’re trying to raise. Comments: Share the details of your positive momentum and traction.Then use this slide to close with a bias toward action!!
  23. 23. Investor Deck & Pitch Presentation from The Art of the Start by Guy Kawasaki Ozan Sonmez @mrozansonmez