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Pitch mg

  1. 1. WE ARE CAR PROBLEM SOLVERSThere are thousands of us and we are growing fast
  2. 2. Who, What, Why, Where, When
  3. 3. We are knitting a social graph of drivers
  4. 4. Opinions, problems, buying dilemmas… …and everything is related to a precise car model
  5. 5. Who we are? CEO&Founder Dejan Restak was the director Vibe CTO Ivan Aksentijević for 8 years has led of B92.net for 9 years. During that period GroundLink tech department with more then B92 Website firmly held onto the top spot in 40 programmers and engineers. Ground Link Serbia and was the most popular web is an established aggregator and solutions locations in South East Europe with more provider to the ground travel industry. than 50% of online advertising market share. (www.GroundLink.com) (800K EUR 2008.) Ivan had opportunity to be exposed to the Dejan also led business development team most dynamic and competitive international in Wireless Media (2009-2011) which environment that makes U.S. the world’s created web and mobile portals for clients premier center for innovation and online like Telekom Srbija, Qtel (Dubai), Nawras startup success. By doing so he introduced (Oman) etc many cutting edge methodologies in product innovation and development. Recently became special adviser of Ministry of Finance and EconomyVojislav Lekic is third Vibe founder. For four years he lived in Rome where he graduated from the AmericanUniversity John Cabot. He majored in Business Administration and he also has minor in Computer Science.Currently he is Marketing Director in Vitro Group (official representative of Citroen in Serbia.He is also a successful rally driver.His understanding of car market and understanding of “car lovers” mentality helped us a lot during productconceptualization and design.
  6. 6. Join us in our global adventure ! Contact person: Dejan Restak CEO&Founder m: +381(64)824-6870e: dejan.restak@vibe.rs