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Stan & Stacy Marketing Automation Training in 1 day

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Stan & Stacy Marketing Automation Training in 1 day

  1. 1. 2015
  2. 2. 02 Marketing Automation Training Generate Valuable Leads, Convert Them To Revenue, Prove Marketing ROI “Mastering the Buyer Journey” v1.2
  3. 3. 032015 Marketing Automation Training Aldo Wink is a Digital Marketing strategist who supports companies with demand generation and marketing automation implementations. Meet the trainer
  4. 4. 04 Training Modules Marketing Automation Buyer Persona’s Lead Management Introduction Campaign Management Marketing Automation in Action (Demo) Implementation Best Practices Campaign (Marketing Automation) Team Business Case 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.
  5. 5. 052015 By Stan & Stacy Marketing Automation Agency from Amsterdam Buyer Persona development Inbound Marketing for demand generation Content for lead nurturing Campaign development Marketing Automation implementation Marketing ROI (Reporting & Optimization) Support and Training Generate leads Drive sales Optimize Campaign
  6. 6. 06 But first: why use Marketing Automation? ‘Buy’ becomes more important than ‘sell’ Information overflow Customers don’t think in channels Marketing ROI is very important
  7. 7. 072015 Marketing has changed fundamentally Find customers Demographic Mass advertising Point in time blasts Few / isolated channels Intuitive decision making Be found Then Now Behavioral Segmentation 1:1 Communication Continuous Relationships Exploding / integrated channels Data-driven automation The 6 new rules of marketing
  8. 8. 08 Marketing has changed fundamentally In 2010 a prospect checks Google on average 5x when purchesing, in 2014 this increased already to 12x 75% of the Buyers Journey is completed before contacting a supplier MarketingSherpa survey: within an average size company already 7 people are involved in the Buying proces.
  9. 9. 092015 Marketing Automation Buyers have touched your website, read your social media updates and checked you online before you know it
  10. 10. 10 Marketing Automation 80% of all B2B-customers say: ‘I found my supplier by myself’ (and not the other way around)
  11. 11. 112015 Marketing Automation ‘Today it is not about reaching out more and more’ ‘It’s about standing out by being meaningful and relevant’
  12. 12. 12 Marketing Automation Marketing Automation is about increasing the Customer Lifetime Value… for both sides.
  13. 13. 132015 Changing Buyer Landscape Pre-sale engagement has changed dramatically: Buyers used to have very limited information. Now they have more than they can even use. If you don’t want your marketing message to get ignored, it needs to be more targeted and personal than ever before. Nurturing leads with relevant content is now a requirement ‘The average sales cycle has increased 22% over the past 5 years due to more decision makers being involved in the buying process’ - SiriusDecisions
  14. 14. 14 Marketing Automation ‘By 2020 about 85% of all communications between customers and companies takes place without human contact’
  15. 15. 152015 Marketing Automation
  16. 16. 16 Most important objectives for Marketing Automation % of marketing, sales and business professionals from around the world Improve performance measurement Improve marketing productivity Increase sales revenue Increase lead generation Improve lead nurturing Improve lead quality Improve marketing-sales alignment Reduce sales cycle 23% 16% 26% 36% 41% 42% 44% 45% July 2014 Source: Ascend2 / Research Partners
  17. 17. 172015 Marketing Automation Results 400% 30% 50% 10% Increase of 400% of Marketing Qualified Leads (MQL) Increase of 30% of Qualified leads for Sales (SQL) More than 50% higher conversion from lead to customer Increase of revenue of 10% after 6-9 months
  19. 19. 192015 Marketing Automation Vendors
  20. 20. 20 Module 1 Marketing Automation Basics Buyer Profile Webanalytics Lead Capturing Lead Scoring List Management Lead Nurturing CRM Integration Online Marketing
  21. 21. 212015 Marketing Automation Marketing automation is a strategy and a platform to automate multi-channel marketing tasks to support buyers in their journey which is about questions and answers Marketing Automation is about helping and educating buyers in their journey, so they are tempted to become new customers
  22. 22. 22 Marketing Automation Marketing Automation refers to the proces of using a single platform (1st) tracking leads, (2nd) automating personal marketing activities, and (3rd) being able to produce full closed-loop reports
  23. 23. 232015 Marketing Automation is the foundation for Premium content assets like: Blogs Newsletter Video Infographics Whitepapers Research reports Surveys ROI calculators How to guides Buyers guides e-Books
  24. 24. 24 Benefits and results of Marketing Automation Marketers that have adopted MA say the main benefits of Marketing Automation are: Taking repetitive tasks out of marketers hands, allowing focus on new/more exciting projects (36%) Better targeting of customers and prospects (30%) Improving the customer experience (10%) Better email Marketing (9%) Reduction of human error in campaigns (8%), Lead Management(4%) and Multichannel marketing (3%) * Redeye and TFM&A Insights “The Marketing Automation Report 2014
  25. 25. 252015 Your Marketing Challenges Not enough leads to feed the sales funnel No easy way to qualify leads No way to effectively nurture leads Big gaps in follow-up from the sales team Can’t see where the leaks in the pipeline are Don’t know which tactics are driving revenue ‘Only 27% of leads sent directly to sales are qualified.’ - MarketingSherpa Roadblocks
  26. 26. 26 The Marketing Solution Sail through these roadblocks: Fill your sales funnel by capturing leads with great content Identify highly interested and sales -ready leads with lead scoring Develop leads that aren’t sales-ready by automatically putting them on nurturing campaigns Instantly notify salespeople about leads that are ready to buy See exactly when leads fall out of your pipeline and take action Know which tactics are driving revenue with end-to-end ROI Generate leads Drive sales Optimize Campaign
  27. 27. 272015 Automated Marketing Process NURTURING BUYER’S JOURNEY CONTENT ASSETS Closed-loop Feedback meten, tunen Answer Questions Introduce Your Firm’s Positioning Address Common Sales Questions Provide Product & Service Information Address Objections Lead is Ready For Sales Establish Trust & Thought LeadershipAwareness Stage Information qualified leads Consideration Stage Marketing qualified leads Decision Stage Sales qualified leads Blogging Premium Content (Top of Funnel) Automated Emails with Supporting Content Brand Filter Offer (Middle of Funnel) Automated Emails With Selling Content Sales Offer (Bottom of Funnel) New Lead Generated
  28. 28. 28 Marketing Automation Process Buyer Profile Webanalytics Lead Capturing Lead Scoring List Management Lead Nurturing CRM Integration Online Marketing
  29. 29. 292015 A preview of Marketing Automation Generate more leads by identifying anonymous web visitors and capturing them with forms, so your sales funnel stays full Increase number of qualified leads by nurturing all leads with personalized content Drive more sales by identifying sales-ready leads for the sales team, and helping them follow up as fast as possible Improve up-selling and cross-selling by developing and retaining existing customers See comprehensive ROI for every marketing tactic by tracking the entire sales process from end-to-end Marketing Automation is a set of tools that lets companies:
  30. 30. 30 Marketing Automation goals Supporting Today’s Challenges 451 3% MORE REVENUE THE BEST COMMUNICATION TOOLS ANALYTICS FOR OPTIMIZATION GENERATE LEADS DRIVE SALES MEASURE ROI Marketing automation drives a 451% increase in qualified leads for business Get ahead of the competition. Only 3% of B2B companies are currently using marketing automation Identify Anonymous Visitors With Visitors ID Capture Information With Dynamic Forms Campaign Optimalization Social Media Integration Lead Scoring To Alert Hot Leads Email Automation For Nurtering Behavior Tracking For Lead Insights Sales Notfications Comprehensive Campaign Analytics Google Adwords Integration Eliminate Waste Content ROI Tracking
  31. 31. 312015 Marketing Automation platform website behavior purchase behavior 3rd party data email behaviour contact data web COLLECT DATA collect real-time data from every customer interaction with your brand UNIFY PROFILE view of the customer, based on behavioral patterns GAIN INSIGHTS transform your data into knowledge with state-of-the-art, smart technologies REACH PEOPLE reach your customers wherever they are, to maximize engagement AUTOMATE CAMPAIGNS orchestrate multistep, omnichannel, trigger- based programs across the lifecycle social mobile email PERFORMANCE INSIGHTS PREDICTIVE ANALYTICS REALTIME REVENUE RECOVERY WEBSITE PERSONALIZATION CONTENT RECOMMENDATION LIFECYCLE SEGMENTATION automation centre
  32. 32. 32 Everything a Modern Marketer needs VisitorID Triple your leads by identifying anonymous tra c Sales Analytics Enable your sales team with key insights about each lead Behavior Tracking Understand your leads to create one- on-one communication Lead Scoring Prioritize your pipeline and reach out to sales-ready leads Dynamic Forms Capture more leads with forms designed to convert CRM Integration Immediately plug your leads into your sales teamÕs system Sales Noti cations Email or text sales team when a lead indicates they are ready to buy Email Automation Send emails with triggers and build personal relationships with leads. Campaign Optimization Eliminate waste and identify opportunities
  33. 33. 332015 Marketing Automation should be easy to use It should be intuitive and compatible as possible. Integrates seamlessly with third party CRM and CMS solutions so you can keep using what you’re using Streamlined interface that’s easy to learn and easy to use Email creation tools that don’t need any HTML knowledge Simple to set up tasks and workflows Automatically generate detailed reports with a click
  34. 34. 34 Module 2 Question: Do you know how your buyer purchases things? Persona’s are your reference for automating tasks Buyer Persona’s and their journey
  35. 35. 352015 Buyer Persona’s Marketers who use persona’s and map content to the buyer’s journey enjoy 73% higher conversions (20% vs. 12%) (Aberdeen Research)
  36. 36. 36 Buyer Persona’s and their journey Help to solve customers problems and challenges A Persona tells Human stories about behaviors, thinking and interactions on the path to accomplishing goals Why? To learn Buyers from insights and achieve customer centricity It’s about Buyer Behavior How do customers make purchase decisions? What goals are they trying to achieve? What influences their choices? Achieving Human Centered Marketing is about Hearing, Understanding and Modeling (H.U.M.) Archetypal and Research based understanding of the context, situations and problems Achieving a common view of the Customer to develop new customer centric strategies and solutions Persona’s are at the Core of your Marketing Automation strategy
  37. 37. 372015 Buyer Persona’s and Marketing Automation Why do you need a Persona for Marketing Automation? Marketing Automation platform collects data from various channels Marketing Automation platforms registers all interactions, therefore provides reliable data Offers possibility of segmenting recipients of your survey, so you can prepare it in a couple of versions Persona are your most importante reference for optimized conversations Because it’s the most advanced tool for behavioral monitoring and analytics, building a complex picture of users’ Digital Body Language.
  38. 38. 38 Buyer Persona’s and their journey Interview Buyers: ‘what are their goal directed buying behaviors’ What issue are you trying to solve? What do you hope to accomplish? What are the big things you work on daily? What have you done to address? Who gets involved with you? What information helps with deciding? What frustrated you about that situation? What are some concerns you have? What goes through your mind? Thinking GOALS Behaviors Issues
  39. 39. 392015 Buyer Persona’s and their journey Seek patterns in 7 areas Who Goals Context Behaviors Interactions Mental Models Future
  40. 40. 40 Buyer Persona’s and their journey Scenario’s are about how a persona attempts to accomplish a goal The narrative about the behavior and the sequence of events the persona uses to accomplish the goal GOAL: Assure safety for the crew at all times Persona Scenario Goal
  41. 41. 412015 Buyer Persona’s example start NL Blog USA Blog Search Search Follow Twitter Follow Twitter Blog emark. Reinout 35 Senior Business Analist Voetballen Ja Universitair / bedrijfskunde Beinvloeder / beslisser Ambitieus, scoren, succes, snelle carriere paden, risico. Thought leader, Branding roadmap (Emark.Open) Naam Leeftijd Rol / functie Hobby Getrouwd / gezin Opleiding Rol in sales proces Achtergrond In welke context gebruikt hij het product? Reinout Buyer Journey Data integratie 8 LandingsPage Whitepaper generiek specialistisch geen veel geen veel geen veel niet accuut accuut geen veel CAMPAGNE Informatie behoefte Informatie behoefte Tijdsdruk op het werk Gebruik internet tijdens werk Digitale vaardigheden Social media PIJN, ANGST, FRUSTRATIES & BELEMMERINGEN DOELEN / BEHOEFTEN / VERLANGENS / WINSTEN Carriere Outside of the box Ambitie Thought Leadership Uitdaging Scoren Roadmap Vastzitten in ambities Niet vrij kunnen denken Beperkt worden LAAT ZICH LEIDEN DOOR: HOORT, ZIET, DENKT, VOELT Volgt laatste trends Op de hoogte laatste nieuws Keynotes, Seminars (ONLINE) MEDIAGEDRAG & COMMUNICATIE Blogs Twitter Linkedin Management literatuur KEYWORDS Big Data Data import Slimme selecties Ecommerce data Marketing automation Lead nurturing Event driven marketing Life cycle marketing Personaliseren ga naar pagina 15
  42. 42. Buyer Persona’s and their journey Good persona’s tell a human story A Persona is a not a job or role description Good Persona’s tell a Human Story and show Meaningful Patterns about their Goals, Frustrations, Attitudes, Choices and Decisions It’s about Buyer Behavior How do customers make purchase decisions? What goals are they trying to achieve? What influences their choices? Common Goals, Scenario’s and Interactions define the number of Persona’s you should create Develop realistic Persona’s and bring them to life with Stories Align your Content with your Persona’s Goals based on Scenario’s Translate Scenario’s into Experiences managed with your Marketing Automation platform 42
  43. 43. 432015 Naam Leeftijd Rol / functie Hobby Getrouwd / gezin? Opleiding Rol in sales process Achtergrond informatie Beschrijf hier verhalend de belevingswereld van de persona. Denk aan bijvoorbeeld het soort bedrijf. Hoe groot is dit bedrijf? Wat is de sfeer? Wat zijn zijn / haar ambities? Wat is zijn / haar belangrijkste drijfveer? Welke waarden zijn belangrijk? Etc. Beschrijf er minimaal drie en maximaal 5. Heb je er meer? Stem dan samen, bijvoorbeeld door te stipstemmen. Beschrijf er minimaal drie en maximaal 8. Heb je er meer? Stem dan samen, bijvoorbeeld door te stipstemmen. Beschrijf er minimaal drie en maximaal 8. Heb je er meer? Stem dan samen, bijvoorbeeld door te stipstemmen. Beschrijf de belangrijkste mediakanalen en manieren van communiceren. Wat voor bladen kijkt hij / zij? Heeft hij / zij een smartphone? Zit hij / zij op sociale media? Zo ja, welke bij voorkeur? Welke radiostations luistert hij / zij graag? Welke series kijkt hij / zij graag? Voorkeurzenders? Etc. Beschrijf hier verhalend hoe, wanneer en hoe vaak het product gebruikt kan worden en bij welke taken. In welke context gebruikt hij / zij het product? Initiator, beïnvloeder of beslisser? Informatiebehoefte Informatiebehoefte Tijdsdruk op het werk Gebruik internet tijdens werk Digitale vaardigheden generiek niet accuut geen geen geen specialistisch accuut veel veel veel foto / tekening ALGEMEEN ACHTERGRONDINFORMATIE PERSOONLIJKHEID / OVERIGE DOELEN / BEHOEFTEN / VERLANGENS / WINSTEN PIJN, ANGST, FRUSTRATIES & BELEMMERINGEN LAAT ZICH LEIDEN DOOR: HOORT, ZIET, DENKT, VOELT (ONLINE) MEDIAGEDRAG & COMMUNICATIE
  44. 44. 44 Buyer persona’s The best way to get a clear insight on your customers needs is to ask them
  45. 45. 452015 Module 3 Lead Management ‘The process of generating contacts which may lead to a sale’ Strategy Tactics Capturing Nurturing Scoring Sales Alignment
  46. 46. 46 Lead Management strategy Multiple touch points within the journey PR Radio TV Print Word of mouth Online Ads Email PPC Social Ads Reviews Blog Media Email Ecommerce Store Website Community Forum FAQ Knowledge Base Promotions Blog Social Networks Newsletter awareness interest consideration purchase retention advocacy
  47. 47. 472015 Lead Management tactics Blogging (SEO) Premium content Webinars Adwords Retargetting Branded content 1. Atracting leadsd (ToFu) Linkedin Twitter Facebook Webforms Landingpages Call 3 Actions Lead Scoring Workflows CRM Integration 2. Converting leads (MoFu) 3. Closing leads (BoFu) Content Marketing Advertising Social Media
  49. 49. 492015 Lead qualifications (Funnel) The value of contacts for you Suspect (anonymous visitor) Known visitor (i.p. number) Prospect (captured unqualified lead) Lead (shows interest) MQL (Budget Authority Need Time ) SAL (qualified and accepted by sales)
  50. 50. 50 Lead Management But first: sales alignment is crucial What is a good lead for sales to follow up? What intel + behaviors? What explicit and implicit characteristics? Closing the Marketing Loop Use B.A.N.T. as a reference (Budget, Authority, Need & Time)
  51. 51. 512015 Lead Nurturing Maintain permission to stay in contact with the prospect Establish key ideas, thoughts, or comparison points through education Watch for signs of progress through the buying cycle ‘Building effective relationships with potential customers throughout the buying journey’ ‘Educating qualified sales leads who are not yet ready to buy’
  52. 52. 52 Lead Nurturing is not… Sending out newsletters every month Blast your entire database a new case study Send all early stage leads the same series of emails Call leads every four weeks to see if they are ready Promoting your products and services without considering the prospects interests or stage in the buying cycle
  53. 53. 532015 Lead Nurturing is about... Sharing relevant and valuable content, even if the prospect never buys from you Answering questions Being relevant to the buyers problem A follow up on previous conversations and content they have engaged with Personalized 1 on 1 communication
  54. 54. 54 Lead Nurturing Challenges Managing Data Quality Getting better Engagement Right timing / cadens Creating enough quality content Creating an emotional connection Measure & proving lead nurturing
  55. 55. 552015 Lead Nurturing vs Drip marketing ‘ A drip marketing program sends (drips) communications (email, direct mail, etc.) at a specific cadence set by the marketer. But it does not take into account their activity and behavior because it is static and non-adaptive Motivating leads into the funnel with relevant and timely content based on (predictive) behavior is called Lead Nurturing
  57. 57. 572015 Lead Scoring ‘Translate digital body language into the next action’ Lead scoring can’t begin until marketing and sales agree on the definition of lead qualification Must include A Fit and B Engagement Go for B.A.N.T. as a reference (Budget, Authority, Need & Time) Apply progressive profiling tacticsSQL (ready to buy)
  58. 58. Lead Scoring assets Implicit data Explicit data Scoring Authority Time Nurturing Scoring Sales Alignment Nurturing Scoring Sales Alignment Implicit data Explicit data 58
  59. 59. 592015 Lead Scoring matrix hot50+ Implicit score Explicit score A B C 24-50 0-25 0 50+ 1 2 3 4 24-50 0-25 0 hot hot hot hot hot warm warm warm warm cold cold warm warm warm warm
  60. 60. 60 Lead Scoring
  61. 61. 612015 Lead Nurturing + Scoring Benefits 23% revenue improvement (Sirius Decisions) 30% deal close ratio (Marketo) 192% average lead qualification rate (Aberdeen) Increase number of sales ready leads Follow up the right leads Educate and build trust Stop missing legitimate opportunities Fever deals > Dive deeper B2B organisations that nurture see 50% more sales-ready leads at a 33% reduced cost! (Sirious) Companies that do Nurture see 451% increase in number of leads (Aberdeen) 10% or more revenue increase can be seen after 6-9 months after starting (Gartner)
  62. 62. 62 Module 4 Campaign Management ‘a series of messages that share a single idea and theme’
  63. 63. 632015 Plan & Execute campaigns Delivering a personalized customer experience Engage the right audience at the right time in their buyers journey Across all channels including email, website, display search, video advertising, and mobile Track how prospects and customers respond Manage Marketing ROI Orchestrate how the system should automate responses based on audience engagement Create a compelling StorySQL (ready to buy)
  64. 64. Campaign main process 64
  65. 65. 2015 all right reserved LEAD BLOG / ARTICLE CASE STUDY AWARENESSMARKETING FUNNEL EMAIL CAMPAIGNINTEREST CONSIDERATION CLOSED DEMO DISCUSSION E-BOOK EVENT GUIDE HOLIDAY GREETING INFOGRAPHI NEWS PICTURES PRICING SELL SHEET PROMO REPORT REVIEWS SEASONAL REMINDER TESTIMONIAL VIDEO WEBINAR WHITE PAPER PROSPECT OPPORTUNITY CUSTOMER LEADS (awareness stage) Anyone in your market. At this stage, your goal is to get your brand on their radar, bumping them into the prospect stage. PROSPECTS (interest stage) Those who know of your brand and have a pain- point you can solve. Your goal is to provide value and educate them on how the types of products and services you deliver can alleviate their challenges. OPPORTUNITIES (consideration stage) Those who are actively evaluating your business against other solutions. Your goal here is to provide all of the resources opportunities needed to make a buying decision. CUSTOMERS (closed stage) Opportunities are now customers. Your goal is to keep them engaged so they will be repeating customers. Thought Leadership How - To Trending Topic Trending Topic Networking Trending Topic Trending Topic General Greeting General Greeting Company Culture Company Culture Company Culture Company Culture Fun Informative How - To Educational Customer Story Live Walkthrough Positive Buzz Needs Customer Input Industry Conference User Conference Thanks for Being a Customer Educational or How - To Regional or Industry Related Educational or informative Pricing and Discounts Features and Benefits Sweeten the Deal Tied to Offer Product or Service Updates Cross - Sell or Up - Sell General Industry Related Trending Topic Analyst Recommendation Trending Topic How To How To Trending Topic Viral Trending Topic Stats and Data Customer Recommendation Customer Story How - To Reviews on Third Party Sites General Greeting Cross - Sell or Up - Sell
  66. 66. 66 Campaign tactics Events Renewal Training Re-engament Educational Promotional Sharing relevant and valuable content, even if the prospect never buys from you Answering questions Being relevant to the buyers problem A follow up on previous conversations and content they have engaged with Personalized 1 on 1 communication Drip Campaign Nurturing Campaigns
  67. 67. 672015 Capturing and list building The irresistible (opt-in) offer An offer (premium content) Call 2 Action Landing page Web form Progressive profiling tactics A/B testing
  68. 68. 68
  69. 69. 2015 692015 All rights reserved. Form fields
  70. 70. 70 Progressive profiling First Name Last name Email Company GET OFFER First Name Last name Email Company Job title Phone GET OFFER Tim Smith tim.smith@company.com Company BASIC LEAD FORM RETURNING LEADS - PRE POPULATE - GATHER MORE 1. 3. GET OFFER Welcome back Tim Smith. Please complete the form to receive the offer... First Name Last name Email Company GET OFFER Tim Smith tim.smith@company.com Company Email Industry What is your budget When do you need this solution GET OFFER tim.smith@company.com Please Choose... Please Choose... Please Choose... RETURNING LEADS - PRE POPULATE RETURNING LEADS - PERSONALIZE - PRE POPULATE - PROGRESSIVELY GATHER MORE 2. 4.
  71. 71. 712015 A new contact is born
  72. 72. 72 Build profiles step by step
  73. 73. 732015 List segmentation Identify the digital body language On Off Campaigns Targeted Sales Support Targeted Buyer Personas Basic Reporting Drip Nurturing Keeping up with Lead Stages Estimating Lead Flow Marketing Campaign execution Segmenting for Personal Touches Segmenting for Reporting Static Lists Dynamic Lists
  74. 74. Advanced list segmentation For ‘if this then’ statements: IF <condition> is true ’then do’ <action> Basic Segmentations looks for match on a single point Segmentations are Automations across multiple points Basic Statement: If <condition> is true then do < action> Conditional Statement: Two or more Basic Statements are nested (example: VP Sales in Amsterdam then > Revenue greater then…. Important: minimize risk of failure (human error) Test and check! Advanced segmentation in a set of parameters 74
  75. 75. 2015 752015 All rights reserved. Campaign report management
  76. 76. 76 Campaign insights DIFFICULTY What happened? HINDSIGHT INSIGHT FORESIGHT OPTIMIZATION INFORMATION ® VALUE Descriptive Analytics Prescriptive Analytics Predictive Analytics Diagnostic Analytics Why did it happen? What will happen? How can we make it happen?
  77. 77. 2015 772015 All rights reserved. Campaigns & reports A campaign is a series of messages that share a single idea and theme, grouped by media type. Campaigns show marketing results, like number of visitors and leads, grouped by media. Campaigns show costs and revenue per lead and media. Which media has the best ROI? To have a complete overview, you can group campaigns.
  78. 78. 78 Campaigns & reports Most useful metrics Open rate Conversion rate Leads generated Cost per lead Revenue generated Click-through rate Pipeline value Unsubscribe rate 11% 0% 28% 39% 39% 41% 48% 70%
  79. 79. 792015 Campaign report example
  80. 80. 80 Campaign benchmarks Lead nurturing emails get 4-10 times the response rate compared to standalone email blasts Lead nurturing emails generate an 8% CTR compared to general email sends, which generate just a 3% CTR Personalized emails improve click-through rates by 14%, and conversion rates by 10% 22% of B2B organizations touch leads with lead nurturing on a weekly basis Lead nurturing emails have a slightly higher unsubscribe rate (1%) than individual email sends (0.5%), indicating their effectiveness in removing unqualified leads from the sales funnel Nurtured leads produce, on average, a 20% increase in sales opportunities versus non- nurtured leads
  81. 81. 812015 Marketing Automation in action ‘Show me’ Short demo of how Stan & Stacy MA system works
  82. 82. 82 Module 5 Implementing Marketing Automation ‘Taking it Step by Step’
  83. 83. 832015 God is in the details Don’t fool yourself, Marketing Automation does not make life easier, it is hard work! So prepare well.
  84. 84. 84 Implementing Marketing Automation Strategy first Tactics before Features Cost per Lead and Revenue per Lead Team skills requirements Tool selection
  85. 85. 852015 Implementing Marketing Automation Apply the four D’s: Discover, Define, Deliver & Drive
  86. 86. 86 Implementing Marketing Automation Discover Do you nurture today? Do you work with Persona’s? Who are the audiences you like to target? What is the state of your content assets? Prioritize: New leads, Lost deals, On boarding, Up-sell What are your current cost per lead vs revenue per lead? Review Marketing Automation best practices
  87. 87. 872015 Implementing Marketing Automation Define How will Marketing Automation play a key role in your business? What will the impact be on your organization and how are you facilitating this change? Maturity roadmap: where are you now and where do you want to go? Business requirements need to be translated into functional and technical requirements What Nurturing programs you want to establish What goals you want to achieve in terms of cost and expected revenue per lead What skills you need to be trained for
  88. 88. 88 Implementing Marketing Automation Deliver Work from a Program and Campaign Framework and include: Web strategy Lead scoring Segmentation Pilot programs Data Management Reporting
  89. 89. 892015 Implementing Marketing Automation Drive Create a Deployment Kit that includes: Campaign templates Training materials Lead scoring models Best Practices Benchmark data CRM integration explenation
  90. 90. 90 Marketing Automation team Develop multi talents for multi tasks Roles Tasks Skills
  91. 91. 912015 Marketing Automation roles Setting the stage for quality content Focus on early, mid and late stage content Create content for multiple channels Message across Social, Inbound and Paid media Editing skills (less is more!) Writing skills Listening skills Willingness to experiment Define segments and nurture flows Determine data fields Systems check: are campaigns running smoothly Implement and monitor procedures Attention to detail Technical skills Troubleshooter Nurture Content Nurture Operations manager
  92. 92. 92 Marketing Automation roles
  93. 93. 932015 Key skills and tasks Researching and modeling Persona’s Listening, understanding, interviewing Buyer Persona Expert Conversion rates See where the leaks in the pipeline are Marketing Analytics Premium content creation Storytelling writing skills Content Manager Big gaps in follow-up from the sales team Can’t see where the leaks in the pipeline are Sales Manager Experience design HTML, CSS, design + coding Design expert (external) Create a compelling story Orchestrate audience engagement Campaign Manager
  94. 94. 94 Selecting Marketing Automation vendors
  95. 95. 952015 Selecting the right solution for you Buyer Journey diversity Lead Scoring complexity Data set / Segmentation Integration (API / CRM) User Interface Analytics & Reporting Requirements Skill / Training requirements Technology landscape Local Partner ecosystem Cultural Fit Business Case Organisational
  96. 96. 96 But before you buy... Work from a Program and Campaign Framework and include: you have GOALS? Do you have CONTENT? Do you have MORE CONTENT? Do you have PROCESSES? Do you have TIME (and TEAM)? first answer these questions: Buy it, but don’t buy it “right now” unless you can really answer all of these questions and you are ready for commitment.
  97. 97. 972015 But before you buy... Define your business goals, specify your system requirements, select against requirements and calculate your expected ROI in a business case. understand HOW to buy Marketing Automation Don’t make cost your #1 concern Don’t let yourself be dazzled by features and functions Don’t use a “me too” strategy Don’t ignore your existing environment Create a scoring matrix
  98. 98. 98 Segmentation and targeting - dynamic segmentation or just list pulling - company size - geography - other segmentation capabilities - title - industry Do you offer multi-channel reporting Can you track website activity to anyone in the database or just those who click a link in an email or fill out a form How is reporting done, natively or through an API Can reports be customized Are reports available in real time Progressive profiling forms Dynamic email capabilities (i.e. inserting personalization field data into forms dynamically Easy to schedule and execute trigger and drip campaigns Easy to use interface Questions / Does your MA tool have: Details - PPC and SEO tracking - other tracking capabilities - heat maps - email activity - PPC and SEO tracking - email activity - website tracking - landing pages - are these automatic or manual Yes / No - social media
  99. 99. 2015 992015 All rights reserved. PPC - scoring based on activity Multi-dimensional lead scoring capabilities - scoring based on demographics Questions / Does your MA tool have: Details - what analytics are available to which platforms - can we post directly to social platforms from MA? - can you retro track past activity to someone who fills out a form today? - is it in real time or an daily upload - is it native or an API CRM integration - do you have a blogging tool - complexity of system implementation - speed to use - how long to get up and running - first campaign set-up support - support during start up - speed of implementation Implementation Scheduling and Task Management - are these automatic or manual Yes / No - do you track to keyword only or can you track to a specific PPC campaign? is it integrated and tracked? Social - is data synced in both directions so that data in CRM and MA is always current and accurate
  100. 100. 100 - do you offer a free trial - do we apy for active contacts or everyone in the MA database Third-party application integration ROI analysis Budget Tracking and Forecasting Global and multi-site capabilities (only relevant to international companies) Multilingual Support (if sending communication in more than one language) Easy to schedule and execute trigger and drip campaigns Pricing Questions / Does your MA tool have: Details - cost for campaign design if needed - limitation on number of users (licences) - do you require an anual contract - costs for training new hires after onboarding process - costs for IT engineering, technical troubleshooting and support - how much more for additional contacts - available packages and what’s included - cost for start-up and training Yes / No - maximum number of contacts per package - any other ongoing costs to consider
  101. 101. 2015 1012015 All rights reserved. Module 6: business case SHOW ME THE MONEY
  102. 102. 102 Business case A good business case will explain the problem, identify possible options to address it and recommend a preferred course of action. Allow decision-makers to decide which course of action will be best for the organisation. It will also allow any changes to the scope or timescale of the project to be assessed against the original purpose. Business case is the answer to the ‘Why’ of a project
  103. 103. 2015 1032015 All rights reserved. Get over the next hudle no matter what Business case assumptions flexed to produce desired outcome Business case filed away and never looked at again Rigorous assesment of opportunity based on objective assumptions from the business Well understood and bought-into model used to set product direction on an on-going basis Business case produces credible and realistic model Commen Objective Deliverable Creative Fiction Section Outcome Ideal Assumption 1 Assumption 2 € 0,00 in Feb € 14 € 0,00 in Feb Rev
  104. 104. 104 Business case CREATE BUY IN SUPPORT BIG IMPACT OP SILO ORGANISATIONS PATIENTS MANAGE EXPECTIONS Business case in Marketing Automation Share & Build with Right People & Decision-makers Buy-in Invested Aware Informed Involved
  105. 105. 1052015 Business case Who are the stakeholders? What is your timeline? Templates or guides to follow Level of detail needed? Who can help you along the way? Available budget restrictioins Understand the process Link to business goals & objectives Baseline metrics (now situation) Identify Risk and assumptions Describe potential business benefits Explore alternatives Explore funding Gather the inputs Clearly state the value financial and non-financial Short description of changes and planes List all costs & benefits Scenario’s & alternatives Project risks & how to manage Funding Build the Case Tell the story Share & Build with Right People & Decision-makers Buy-in Invested Aware Informed Involved
  106. 106. 106 Investment vs revenue Bijdrage Tijd >
  107. 107. 1072015 Costs: system costs System: cost to license and operate the marketing automation system itself Support: payments for access to customer support and system upgrades Service: payments for services beyond user support. Cost depends on the scope of the effort Integration Implementation Training Scoring Indirect Marketing Operations: IT Operations: Sales Operations
  109. 109. 1092015 Revenue expectations HOW MUCH EFFORT TIME AND EFFORT DOES IT COST: • Create an email • Build a campaign • Find leads • Create a solution • Make a proposal • Get a signature INCREASED PRODUCTIVITY: + More qualified leads + more opportunities + larger deals + faster conversion + more revenue WHAT IS THE QUALITY: • Inbound traffic • Sales rep outbound touches • Content relevance • Buying journey match • Relationship PROCESS, TECHNOLOGY, SKILLS KWOWLEDGE, MOTIVATION EFFECTIVENESS: QUALITY, CONVERSION, REVENUE EFFICIENCY:TIME,RESOURCES
  110. 110. Revenues USABLE DATABASE 50,000 NAMES ASP: $ 50,000 ASP: $ 150,000 $ 250,000$ 180,000$ 50,000 No MAP With MAP No / weak processes MARKETING AUTOMATION: CALCULATING RETURN ON INVESTMENT Average processes $ 150,000 $ 60,000 $ 750,000 1,000 850 40 5 1 85% 5% 11% 18% Inquiries (2% response rate) Leads Inside sales qualified Opportunity Closed / won business 1,500 1,150 58 6 1,2 75% 5% 11% 20% Closed / won business 2,000 78 45 22 5 3,9% 58% 49% 23% Closed / won business Inquiries (3%, 4% response rate) Marketing qualified leads Sales accepted leads Sales Qualified leads Inquiries (3%, 4% response rate) Marketing qualified leads Sales accepted leads Sales Qualified leads
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