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Generating Interactions in Your Joomla Site


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Generating Interactions in Your Joomla Site

  1. 1. stackideas Generating Interactions with Your Joomla Site Jason Rey http://www.twitter.com/jasonkeorey
  2. 2. stackideas ME ME ME!! • Jason Rey • Malaysia • 25 y.o. • Senior developer in StackIdeas
  3. 3. stackideas What do we do?
  4. 4. stackideas Content is King! • Not just admin/owner/author’s responsibility • User contributed content
  5. 5. stackideas User Interactions • Comments • Ratings • Contact forms • Reviews • Guest book • Surveys • Polls • Testimonials
  6. 6. stackideas User visits a page • Why? • • How? • • Retrieve relevant content Search engine, shares, etc What? • View content, then?
  7. 7. stackideas User Feedback - Important! • Crowd sourcing • User voices • Encourages user to participate • User stays on your site • Decreases bounce rate
  8. 8. stackideas Comment system
  9. 9. stackideas CComment
  10. 10. stackideas JComment
  11. 11. stackideas Joo Comments
  12. 12. stackideas • Ajax • Lots of features • Elegant themes
  13. 13. stackideas Multi Component Support
  14. 14. stackideas Mobile Ready
  15. 15. stackideas Attachments
  16. 16. stackideas Preview comments Without Preview With Preview
  17. 17. stackideas SEO
  18. 18. stackideas Social Sharing • No API • No setup • One click share
  19. 19. stackideas Access Control
  20. 20. stackideas Migrators
  21. 21. stackideas Standard features • Moderation • User report • Comment likes • Spam control • Email notification
  22. 22. stackideas ดาวน์โหลด Komento ได้ที่ Komento is FREE! http://stackideas.com/komento Download now at http://stackideas.com/komento http://stackideas.com/komento http://stackideas.com/komento
  23. 23. stackideas Any Questions?

Hinweis der Redaktion

  • Content is what drives a website, and users to your website
    Blog post, video, article, products, etc, admin’s responsibility
    User contributed come through interactions
    Interactions with other user or admin
  • We surf websites everyday, we visit tons of sites.
    Why? Read, view.
    How? Search.
    What? Do you just read and forget?
    As a site admin, do you want user to come to your site, move on and forget?
    We want user to stay. User interaction is important.
  • User does not just read your content, and leave your site.
  • Free and paid version.
  • Free.
  • Free.
  • Last but not least, we have Komento, which is what our company built as we can’t find a decent commenting system to use.
    No refresh. Post comments, mini notification for new comments, event administrative action such as edit and delete comment.
    Location tagging, file attachments, RSS, Email subscribe, moderation, ACL.
    Comes with 6 different themes, and they look really stunning.
  • Komento integrates with 15 different extensions out of the box.
    Easy to extend, and there are other component developed plugin to integrate Komento.
  • Responsive.
  • Admin control file size, file limit, file types.
  • Other system only adds a comment link and counter below article.
    Komento can show a few recent comments in article listing pages.
  • Web admins care about SEO ratings.
    Komento is coded by the official Schema standards set by Google.
    Helps achieve better search result.
  • One click sharing.
  • Tight control.
    Lots of control for admin to setup the perfect user interaction.
  • Import comments from any system as long as the data is in the database.
  • As a thanks to the community for their support, we decided to provide it for free.
    For you guys who want to try Komento out, you can head over to our site and download Komento for free. Believe me, you will be impressed.