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Top 10 Qualities of a QA Tester

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Join Stacey Brown, President of MindLink Resources, for a webinar that will examine the top 10 qualities of a quality assurance (QA) tester. Learn how to bring out these traits in your current QA staff and how to watch for these soft skills when screening new candidates.

When localizing products, the QA step is essential in confirming the translation and making sure the product was successfully prepared for the target market. Managers trust the QA staff to catch translation and engineering errors and ensure product readiness to avoid quality issues caught by the end customer. Many managers make the mistake of assigning this critical role to a linguist who may not have the right characteristics of a good tester. When selecting QA staff, it is important to consider skills beyond just linguistic and technical. There are many “soft skills” to watch for in a candidate that will give localization managers the confidence that even small errors will be reported by their tester.

In this webinar, Stacey will discuss the top 10 qualities of a quality assurance (QA) tester, how to bring out these traits in current QA staff, and how to watch for these soft skills when screening new candidates.

About the presenter
Stacey Brown is the Talent Management Specialist and President of Mindlink Resources, LLC.. She has a passion for surrounding herself with talented people. For the past 15 years she has successfully built teams of contractors providing a variety of services at large fortune 500 companies in the Pacific Northwest. She specifically has over 12 years of experience recruiting, training and managing QA specialists. Stacey has a degree in Communications and an MBA in Technology Management.

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Top 10 Qualities of a QA Tester

  1. 1. Top 10 Qualities of a QA Tester or . . www.mindlinkresources.com
  2. 2. Overview• Audience: • This webinar is for anyone who cares about quality for translation projects• Agenda: • Solve a Mystery • Understand Qualities of a QA Tester • Encourage the Best from your Testers • Get the help you need Mindlink Resources, LLC ©2012
  3. 3. The Mystery…• The Crime… Mindlink Resources, LLC ©2012
  4. 4. The Theories• Was the QA step Skipped? • Need 5 positive experiences to undo 1 negative one. • They’ll tell 16 people about their bad experience.• We’re assuming QA was not skipped and this error was missed somehow… …but how?? Mindlink Resources, LLC ©2012
  5. 5. The Suspects Mindlink Resources, LLC ©2012
  6. 6. What does a QA tester do, anyway? How do you see the Role of a QA Tester? 100% 88% 100% 63%The QA Tester reviews The QA Tester reviews The QA Tester reviews The QA Tester should the translation and the localized product the localized product think of themselves asmakes sure there are and makes sure the and makes sure the the end user and shareno grammar mistakes product works as product is culturally their experience. or inconsistencies. expected appropriate for the target audience. Mindlink Resources, LLC ©2012
  7. 7. So, Why do Testers Miss Bugs?Listed in Order of Tester’s Experience:1. The QA tester didnt have the skills required by the project2. The QA tester didnt have good instructions from the lead3. The QA tester felt rushed because of a tight deadline4. The QA tester was not trained adequately for the assignment5. The QA tester spent too much time learning tools Mindlink Resources, LLC ©2012
  8. 8. The Clues• Skills shortages• Lack of training resources• Limited QA Lead Time/Availability• Tight Deadlines• Diminishing budgets• Enormous amount of tools to learn! =MISSED BUG REPORTS Mindlink Resources, LLC ©2012
  9. 9. What about these tools?• TMS=Translation Management Systems • Several options available (for example): • SDL, Projetex, Across Language Server, Cloudwords, GlobalLink, GlobalSight, i plus, iTrac TMS, Ontram , Plunet BusinessManager, Sajan, Transifex, Wordbee, World Server • Twenty percent of medium-to-large LSPs offer a house brand of translation management (Common Sense Advisory) • Many testers work for multiple customers, each using potentially a different TMS. • Best practice—try to be tool independent! Mindlink Resources, LLC ©2012
  10. 10. Mystery Solved?• There is usually not one reason a product is released with an embarrassing bug. . .• But there are ways to help avoid this happening again! Mindlink Resources, LLC ©2012
  11. 11. Understand the Qualities of a QA TesterListed in Order of Tester’s Experience:1. Understanding localization process2. Detail-oriented3. Native-level language skills4. Able to learn technology5. Good Communication6. Good Team player7. Flexible8. Curious9. Good Sense of Humor10.Empathetic Mindlink Resources, LLC ©2012
  12. 12. Understand More Qualities of Good Testers?• Other qualities listed on survey: • “Willing to take feedback from engineers/client/lead” • “Always ensuring that the quality standards are not compromised.” • “Familiarity with the culture of the target audience” • “Some translating skills and experience” • “Computer and internet navigation skills (testers usually are not given time to learn basic skills when a project is to be done)” • “Technical skills necessary to complete the specific project (eg. knowing how to use an iTunes before testing an iTunes software)” • “Sense of professionalism - going above and beyond. If any errors are found, even if they are out of scope, they should be included in the report.” Mindlink Resources, LLC ©2012
  13. 13. Encourage these Qualities in your Test Team• “Make the project ready on time, answer the questions fast , give good instructions for the scope of testing”• “Provide clear instructions on the scope of the testing, provide training on any special tools or programs used in testing, and be available to answer questions or address issues as they arise.”• “Help me to develop a solid understanding of the projects goals, and how the various elements will fit together for a successful outcome.”• “Provide enough time to work on the project. (e.g. "spend up to 5 hrs and stop" would result in partially perfect, partially not-reviewed end- product, which, after all, is seen as a bad product)”• “Provide enough background information to maintain consistency in translation, tone of the voice, style used by the client.” Mindlink Resources, LLC ©2012
  14. 14. Support The Testers• Do your pre-work • Run Psuedo Localization • Perform Code Reviews • Use Single World-Ready Binary (microsoft.com) • Localization teams are less likely to find localizability problems in multiple language versions that may require multiple fixes and branches of source code. (UniCode) • The localization process becomes mostly a UI translation. Thus the localized product testing becomes less technical and more of a grammar and spell-checking job• Right-skill the task Mindlink Resources, LLC ©2012
  15. 15. Get Help• Using 3rd party for QA: • You know you’re using the right-skilled person • You know you are using the best QA methodology • You can consolidate the tools • You are showing your customers you care about quality Mindlink Resources, LLC ©2012
  16. 16. In Summary• Your goal is to not miss bugs!• Do this by knowing your testers• Make the right assignments to the right people• Providing support to them• Find your Watson… Mindlink Resources, LLC ©2012
  17. 17. Grace is learning Portuguese• You may think you have quality—but what counts is what the end user sees… Mindlink Resources, LLC ©2012
  18. 18. Stacey Brownsbrown@mindlinkresources.comSkype: staceyj.brownLinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/staceyjbrownFacebook:https://www.facebook.com/mindlinkresourceswww.mindlinkresources.com Mindlink Resources, LLC ©2012