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7.2 Present Perfect vs Past Simple.pptx

  2. Answer the questions: ◦ What devices or goods have you recently bought? Are you satisfied with them? ◦ Which countries have you been to? Which is your favourite? ◦ Which countries have you never been to but would love to go to? Why? ◦ Which interesting films have you recently watched? Why would you recommend them?
  3. Present Perfect Form: + S + have/has + V3/ed -S + haven’t/hasn’t + V3/ed ? Have/has + S + V3/ed I/we/you/they + have He/she/it + has
  4. Use Present Perfect for:  Lifetime experience;  A completed past action that happened at unspecified moment in the past;  Short past actions that have a result in the present;  With words for, since, ever, never, always, recently, already, yet, just, before, so far…
  5. Pay attention!
  6. Past Simple Form: ◦+ S + Ved/2 ◦-S + didn’t + V0 ◦? Did + S + V0?
  7. Use Past Simple for:  A completed past action that happened at specified moment in the past;  Things that can’t be repeated or changed;  With words yesterday, the day before yesterday, last …(Monday), (a year)… ago, in …(1991), when…
  8. Compare: 1.Ed Prior won his first gold medal in 1992. 2.Ed Prior has won a lot of medals. In which sentence is the time mentioned? When did the action happen? In which sentence is the time not mentioned? Is Ed Prior still alive?