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Embedding & Bonding Machine RD-EBM2000

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Embedding & Bonding Machine RD-EBM2000

  1. 1. (86) 21 5299 9232 (86) 21 5299 9237 Inquiry@RSID-solutions.com www.RSID-solutions.com Contactless card Industry has been one of the quickest developing markets in this field and has general trend in the future years. Here is an outstanding Automatic in one Machine, which is used in process of sheet inlay production for final contactless card. The main function is to embed the copper antenna onto PVC layer, then bond the copper antenna with the chip together automatically. By the ultrasonic heads embedding simultaneously (At most 8 heads) and double station working, this machine can do embedding and bonding process at the same time and avoid waiting for each other to improve working efficiency. The capacity is up to 2,500pcs inlays/hour. Now this machine has been widely used in Generation ID card and Residence card manufacturing process.  Easy operation and maintenance  Advanced ultrasonic wire embedding technology  Precise position locating controlled by servo system  Automatic system running and adjust the ultrasonic parameter Dimension L1600×W1150×H1750 mm Net Weight About 1500kgs Throughput 40-60 sheets/h Power Supply AC 220V 50/60Hz Compress Air 6 kg/cm2 Control Method Four Axis Positioning + IPC Control Operator One Person PRODUCT: Embedding & Bonding Machine MODEL: RD-EBM2000 OVERVIEW SPECIFICATIONS MAIN FEATURES