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Card Function Test Machine RD-SAAT01

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Card Function Test Machine RD-SAAT01

  1. 1. (86) 21 5299 9232 (86) 21 5299 9237 Inquiry@RSID-solutions.com www.RSID-solutions.com This system is integrated with contact/contactless & Frequency Detection, Electro-mechanics and Computer Software. It is a full automatic card function inspection system developed for the standard dual-interface card function detection, especially for Banking Card. According to the Technology, it’s composed of 9 different function modules. These functions work in one machine to test the electrical property, RF reader and the resonance frequency of the smart card coil in High Security, Stability, Accuracy and Convenience.  Card Loader Section Cards are pulled one by one from the card loader to the conveyor belt. Different from the traditional way, we use two cylinders to work together which ensure the cards are transported to the milling station fast, stably and accurately.  Card Transportation Section This process is to move the card to the next section. This moving part is running on dual-belt delivery which can keep faster, more accurate and stable.  Anti-overlap Detection This process is to ensure that the device conveys card in one piece each time. This section uses a sensor which it will send out a signal and the sensor monitors whether two cards pass at one time.  Card Bending This section is for card bending function test which includes 4 groups of laser checking instead of manual manner in the past and greatly improves production in speed and accuracy.  Contactless Detection This section is for contactless test which uses electro-magnetic induction to keep in touch with RF reader and make antenna inside not affected.  Contact Detection This section is to test electrical property of embedded cards with imported electric board. Three directions of positioning and amendment make it convenient to adjust.  Frequency Detection Portable spectrum analyzer is used in this section to detect the resonance frequency of the smart card coil through the digital intermediate Frequency Technology to ensure the good card frequency signal in the standard range PRODUCT: Dual-interface Card Inspection Machine MODEL: RD-SAAT01 STRUCTURE & FEATURES OVERVIEW
  2. 2. (86) 21 5299 9232 (86) 21 5299 9237 Inquiry@RSID-solutions.com www.RSID-solutions.com  Defective Card Collection This section is to detect and collect defective products to different locations in order to distinguishingly use them.  Good Card Collector This section is to automatically collect all tested cards by the use of mechanical and pneumatic cylinder to keep cards go into collector in order. The card loader ensures cards go more stable and it will automatically alarm when card collector is full.  Easy Operation and Maintenance All system controlled by PLC and operated by touch screen. All operation parameters can be set on the screen. The capacity of parameters storage is huge, so it’s easy for repeat order and Production Management.  Durable 7x24 Industrial Concept 10 years’ experience and numerous references will bring you the proven system and reliable services. The machine is suitable for the 7x24 Mass Production.  Modular Design & Flexible Tailor-made Service The innovative Modular Design and advanced warning settings makes the simple structure and operation process. If the malfunction occurs, in general the touch screen will display the corresponding fault location, fault information and popup alarm images. According to the different information, operator can refer to the relevant solution methods. MODEL RD-SAAT01 Dimensions  L2170mm×W810mm×H1850mm Net Weight  630 kgs Power  AC220V, 50Hz Rated Power  1.8 KW Air Consumption  150 L/min Control Type  PLC+ servomotor system Operator  1 person Production Speed  7000 pcs/h Banking Card, Dual-interface CardsAVAILABLE CARDS SPECIFICATIONS TARGET CUSTOMERS Banking Card, Dual-interface Card Manufacturers.