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Automatic Card Counter EMP1200P

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Automatic Card Counter EMP1200P

  1. 1. (86) 21 5299 9232 (86) 215299 9237 Inquiry@RSID-solutions.com www.RSID-solutions.com EMP1200P Automatic Card Counter is designed with mechanical driving mode and Digital Analysis Circuit. It is easy to use and count the cards quickly with high accuracy, even for the dirty, old, damaged cards. At present, EMP1200P has been widely used in China Speedway IC card charging project, and metro system for 10 years. Card manufacturers, Personalization or Issue Bureau like Banks, Operators.  Compact design  Conveyor: Rubber Belt Transfer Mechanism  Simplified operation panel, easy to operate Speed  20,000 cards/hour Card Thickness  0.45mm ~ 1.5mm Input/Output Capacity  80 ~ 100 cards Screen Display  LED Maximum Accumulation  Accumulation Mode: 9999 cards  Present Mode: 999 cards Working Temperature  0 ~ 40℃ Working Humidity  30% ~ 80% Power Supply  220V±20%/50Hz (American version 110V/60Hz) Dimensions  465(L) × 240(W) × 170(H)mm Net Weight  11 Kgs SPECIFICATIONS OVERVIEW PRODUCT: Desktop Card Counter MODEL: EMP1200P USERS FEATURES