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I-PWM226 Drive successful co-sell partnerships.pptx

  1. 1. Drive successful co-sell partnerships
  2. 2. Partner outcome
  3. 3. Trailblazing digital transformation – the co-sell business model
  4. 4. Microsoft or partner Microsoft or partner Microsoft or partner Microsoft and partner Partner
  5. 5. Improved experience and enhanced scale – FY20 co-sell focus
  6. 6. Creating new growth opportunities – IP co-sell expanding for FY20
  7. 7. How to drive a successful co-selling partnership
  8. 8. Q&A
  9. 9. What’s next? Session Scheduler
  10. 10. aka.ms/CEDnominate sign up here
  11. 11. Microsoft Partner Community
  12. 12. Your outcome
  13. 13. https://myinspire.microsoft.com/evaluations http://aka.ms/########

Hinweis der Redaktion

  • Every IP partner should strongly consider publishing their solution to one of Microsoft’s online solution marketplaces. In fact, publishing a solution in marketplace is the starting point for selling with Microsoft.

    Extend reach: Partners can extend their reach by generating leads and sales opportunities, entering new markets with an expanded portfolio of solutions built on the Microsoft cloud platform. And use the marketplace to upsell and cross-sell their offerings. All newly published applications will receive GTM benefits at no-cost. Partners can also access to Microsoft’s partner reseller network. ISVs who publish transactable solution listings in our marketplaces can choose to provide access to these solutions to more than 50,000 Cloud Solution Provider resellers across the globe – a ready made distribution channel to dramatically increase sales velocity!

    Expand deals: Partners can also expand deals with new and existing customers. They can address customer pain points by moving workloads to the cloud and selling integrated solutions, and gain actionable insights to track offer performance, leads generated, and how to maximize campaign activities via the Cloud Partner Portal. Additionally, Microsoft offers unique opportunities for ISVs who already have solutions listed in one of our marketplaces to extend the selling reach into the physical world.

    Accelerate wins: Partners may qualify to sell jointly with Microsoft’s Enterprise and Corporate sales teams – the largest commercial software sales force in the industry – to amplify the impact of marketplace listings; and if the solution qualifies for one of our IP co-sell incentive programs, Microsoft will pay its salesforce on the partner’s behalf.
  • Microsoft delivers millions of referrals to partners every year, helping businesses grow essential relationships within the network and with new customers too. The Microsoft Partner Network gives companies the widest range of products in the industry and program options to differentiate their business, go to market, and sell their solutions – assisting in multiple ways to help businesses start, grow, and optimize a profitable practice. Businesses have access to tools, new growth opportunities and a worldwide marketplace, providing an unparalleled opportunity to build pivotal relationships.

    With digital transformation changing the competitive landscape and customer expectations, utilizing co-sell to collectively grow business and foster long-term relationships through partner aligned products and services has never been more important.

    Through co-sell, Microsoft partners now have more ways to reach more customers by tapping into the largest customer base in the industry and leveraging our global brand, sales teams, and distribution networks to sell their own solutions and accelerate their business growth.
  • Foster easier partner/field experience:
    Modernizing tools and approach to improve scalability, compliance, and partner/seller experiences.*

    Strengthen services-based co-selling:
    Matching the right partners to key sales plays using Commercial Execution Playbook integration.

    Implement new Business Applications and Teams IP co-sell motions:
    Extending from Azure to a three-cloud model.

    Accelerate SMC co-sell success:
    Improving inside sales, process optimization, and partner/field support.

    Prioritize co-sell partner solutions:
    Adding capacity, performance, and capability elements across Services/IP.**

    Recruit, develop and activate unmanaged partners:
    Pairing with indirect providers (via SureStep), and GTM/co-sell ready (via Cloud Enablement Desk).

    Institute a single approach to co-selling:
    Merging P-Seller program into co-sell.

    1. Recruit and Build With partners to close gaps and ensure sufficient partner capacity and capability in each priority Technical Scenario. Place special focus and emphasis on recruiting and building ISV applications on Azure; ensuring strong capacity for Adoption & Change Management and MSP partners; recruiting and building Business Apps ISV solutions; and recruiting and building Teams ISV solutions.
    2. Lead an effective Solutions Governance Council process that identifies and drives alignment on the top partners in each locality for co-sell prioritized status. Ensure participation from across Microsoft local teams, and drive awareness and usage of these partners in our selling motions.
    3.Drive deep, proactive co-selling with co-sell prioritized partners based on aligning the right solution & partner with the right customer opportunity, at the right time. Invest your GTM dollars and efforts with co-sell prioritized partners to maximize the efficiency and impact of marketing spend.
    4. Actively share sales leads with co-sell prioritized partners, and review and accept qualified sales leads from all co-sell ready partners. Understand what help is needed from Microsoft in each co-selling engagement, and ensure that the partners are supported to drive to customer success in each project. Closely track your co-sell prioritized partner usage in terms of leads shared outbound, percent of attach for co-sell prioritized vs non-prioritized, and wins with co-sell prioritized partners across both Services and IP opportunities.
    5. Build and execute a solid plan against your IP Partner co-sell targets for each cloud: Azure, Business Apps, and Teams. Proactively identify a target set of opportunities in each account, share leads with the right partners, and engage to ensure wins. For each win, ensure that a Consumption Engagement is created, and that a qualified partner is engaged.
    6. Help managed partners who were part of the P-Seller program effectively transition to full integration within the co-sell program so that they can continue to participate with Microsoft in strong joint selling activities.
    7. Ensure that all teams co-sell in a compliant way, following program rules and requirements and ensuring a high level of integrity throughout the selling and deployment processes. When we do this, our company, our partners, and our customers all benefit.
  • We’re extending the successful IP co-sell program beyond Azure and into Modern Workplace. In fact, we’ve also extended IP co-sell to Dynamics 365 and Power Apps too! For more information on the FY20 programs for Dynamics 365 or Azure, please watch those videos. Right after you finish this one!

    (Quick Guide) For FY20, we will continue to offer a comprehensive approach to supporting our IP-based partner solutions through sales incentives and scorecard credit for both SaaS-based (bundled license) and customer-tenant deployed (BYOL) solutions. Our objective is to drive deeper activation of our managed accounts (Enterprise and Corporate) against the IP co-sell motion.

    •Azure IP co-sell Incentive: We are continuing to offer our sales teams the ability to earn ACR credit for successfully co-selling qualifying third-party IP solutions. This will also include ACA credit for qualifying Deal Reg wins.

    •Partner Reported ACR (formerly True ACR): We are increasing the number of solutions invited to participate in our Partner Reported ACR program, which provides Microsoft sellers the opportunity earn actual ACR consumption beyond the initial IP co-sell incentive when selling qualifying multi-geography SaaS solutions. Partners must be invited into the program and agree to provide monthly ACR reporting by customer.

    •Marketplace Transactions: co-sell deals that transact through AppSource or Azure Marketplace offer the simplest partner and seller experience. No Deal Reg is needed, and no partner deal review calls are necessary. Partners who transact in a Microsoft marketplace may also be eligible for additional benefits.

    Business Applications
    (Quick Guide) We are introducing a new Business Applications ISV program that is designed to make it easier to certify and market Dynamics-based applications, while providing enhanced support in helping our partners reach more customers via our marketplaces and via selling with our inside and field sales teams. To support this, we will offer seller compensation via Dynamics Billed Revenue credit and an IP co-sell for Business Applications metric that enables precise, quantifiable measurement of our progress in co-selling qualifying ISV solutions to our managed customers.

    (Video) For Business Applications specifically, we are now a part of the ISV Connect program when partners re-certify their solutions and publish them through Partner Center. We will be incentivizing solutions that are built for three core verticals: financing operations, customer engagement and pair apps. This investment in specific solutions is engineered to drive cloud consumption. To build pipeline against these key solutions, partners will need to select the premium option for the Business Applications ISV Connect program. Benefits include opportunity sharing for both partners and sellers.

    Modern Workplace
    (Quick Guide) We are also introducing a Teams ISV offering supported by a related Teams IP co-sell metric. The opportunity to grow Teams monthly active usage is critical to Microsoft’s FY20 success and building a robust ISV ecosystem around this platform is key! This metric will enable precise, quantifiable measurement of our progress in co-selling qualifying ISV solutions to our managed customers. Sellers will be able to earn scorecard credit for successful co-selling, when customer usage meets or exceeds prescribed thresholds.

    (Video) For Modern Workplace specifically, Teams IP co-sell leverages the IP co-sell framework to drive account penetration of top 3rd partner Teams IP SaaS solutions in order to establish and broaden the Teams footprint within our Enterprise and Corporate customer base, and drive Monthly Active Usage. Teams has always integrated with 3rd party solutions, and with customer demand for Teams-based apps surging, now these IP co-sell sales motions count for even more. When you jointly sell a Teams IP co-sell solution into a managed customer account, and drive significant usage, wins will count against the Teams IP co-sell scorecard metric and contribute against all-up Teams Monthly Active Usage (MAU) attainment. Also, all approved Teams IP co-sell solutions activated contribute to underlying Teams Active Usage SC metrics.