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My Resume

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My Resume

  1. 1. CURRICULUM VITAE GAURAV GUPTA E-mail: gaurav1031@gmail.com Mobile: +91-9350270801 OBJECTIVE To frame a carrier that allows me to be compatible in any competitive environment and also boosts up my capacities, knowledge and energy to their positive full and a drive for self improvement with sincerity, dedication and smart work. EXPERIENCE I have 1 Year experience in Eli Research as team leader (Data Research Analyst) . Below are my KRAs • Helping the company in pre-sales efforts by generating database of prospects to be called up. • Generating quality databases so that email campaign can be fruitful. • Good knowledge of using database sources like LinkedIn, Hoovers and Manta. • Managing a team of 10 and making them efficient and productive for the job. • Providing MIS reports to Managers on timely basis as and when required. • Focusing on quality rather than quantity to maximize results. • Quality checking of Team Database. PROFESSIONAL QUALIFICATION B.E (E.C.E) at Maharshi Dayanand University, Rohtak. University Year of Passing Performance MDU 2009 65 % MDU 2010 60 % MDU 2011 61 % MDU 2012 68 % AGGRIGATE 2012 63.52 % EDUCATIONAL QUALIFICATION Board Stream Year of passing Performance HBSE Non-Med 2008 63.46 % HBSE Science 2006 62.54 % TECHNICAL SKILLS • Basic computer knowledge • Operating System Windows
  2. 2. • Computer Hardware as further as Computer Networking • Complete MCTS and MCTIP ACADEMIC PROJECTS • Global System Mobile (G.S.M) • Digital Home Security System • Microcontroller (AT89C2051)-Based Automatic Flush System TRAINING Successfully completed my internship training in B.S.N.L (20 June to 30 July 2011) on G.S.M project HOBBIES & SKILLS • Reading Computer Networking Books & Net Surfing • Never surrender before anyone • Punctual, dedicated & consistent towards my work • My skill is my performance on my work AREA OF INTEREST • Wireless Mobile Communication • Computer Networking • Telecom & Digital Electronics Full Name: Gaurav Gupta Branch: Electronics and Communication Date of Birth: 31-oct-1989 Nationality: Indian Marital Status: Single Sex: Male Permanent Address: 34/4 Sayed wara old Faridabad, Faridabad-121002 Languages English, Hindi The above information is true to the best of my knowledge. Gaurav Gupta