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What is share point

  2. CONTENTS: – 1 - C O M PA N I E S B E F O R E S H A R E P O I N T – 2 - W H AT I S S H A R E P O I N T – 1 - S I T E S – 2 - C O M U N I T E S – 3 - C O N T E N T – 4 - S E A R C H – 5 - I N S I G H T S – 6 - C O M P O S I T E S – 3 - W H Y I T I S I M P O R TA N T ? ?
  3. 1-COMPANIES BEFORE SHAREPOINT • Company work is not easy it work with hundred of documents per day these documents send to hundreds of people and it contributed in many computers even it could be just in the head of some one but manager want them in a organized view • to make decisions using them this operation take a lot of company time to organize this docs so that take from the company time and money so electronic work people think to find a solution this solution called SharePoint
  4. 2-WHAT IS SHAREPOINT • Share point is a server product it means that it is a server you control it from a distant by installing some things that make that possible to you • Share point is not a program it is a platform it has many uses it like sea you can drown in it but your need of it depends on your position in the company • Because of that Microsoft divide to 6 areas – 1 - S I T E S 2 - C O M U N I T E S – 3 - C O N T E N T 4 - S E A R C H – 5 - I N S I G H T S 6 - C O M P O S I T E S – yes
  5. 1-SITES • Share point make web sites you does not need programmer or platforms for code if you just asked it about web site it will give you a one you make a one for your self other for your team other for externals people • You can be the one who uses this sites or the one who made them • And you interact with them not just a user but a contributor also • You can edit to them or modify them.
  6. 2-COMUNITES • SharePoint help you work with other peoples • You may be in the company work in a word doc with other employee in the same time share point help you do that • If you want Wikipedia easy edit by hundreds of people or knowledge base of your company and more • It help you also share tasks ,calendars and discussion boards • And also keep track of all these changes and tell all of company what • Important news to every one.
  7. 3-CONTENT • SharePoint give you place to store all your company data and give you permission to open it any were in any device • And also offers you a save access to your data you can make the data you want watched by people you want only with other wards you are so have all control • It also systemize your data every one it put it in it place
  8. 4-SEARCH • Because SharePoint have the content it should have a way to make this content easy to find this tool is search it have a very intelligence search engine any employee can find what s/he want in minutes there is no manual searching from now on
  9. 5-INSIGHTS • SharePoint also manage your content it present it you in away make sense and also add graphical things to make it easy to understand like flowcharts, blogs and scorecards • That is not just save your time it make you take decisions much more better • Systemize your information by your self is not just very hard it will also not will be very professional like that do not forget that your job is to use your head not any thing else
  10. 6-COMPOSITES • SharePoint help you to design programs without code or code platform you can do all of that in the SharePoint itself without any help and if you know code you are more better in doing this • It give the program you need without code and in a little time if I a manager I will lose a lot if I does not use it. it really amazing platform.
  11. 3-WHY IT IS IMPORTANT?? • After all the benefits of it that I decried here in previous pages this question will be silly off Corse because companies can not do their job without these benefits but. • let me said again that SharePoint is not a program it is not a solution to one problem it is a platform that help you make hundred of solutions to hundred of problems I know that it wrap out your head but when you will be in a company you will no that it is not a one thing it is like a country you can not know all its pieces .