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відкритий урок з англійської мови Добрій О.Б.

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план конспект (Admin)

  1. 1. План-конспект уроку з англійської мови № 29 Викладач: Добрій Ольга Богданівна група - № 302 Тема: Стосунки в сім’ї (FamilyRelationships). Підтема: Дружна сім’я – запорука взаєморозуміння й благополуччя в родині. (Friendly relationships are the source of understanding and wealth of the family) Мета: 1. Навчальна – повторити лексичний та граматичний матеріал, вправляти учнів в аудіюванні, читанні та розмовному мовленні; практикувати знайомі слова у нових реченнях та фразах; вчити перекладу слів виходячи зі змісту тексту (вгадувати); 2. Розвивальна розвивати логічне мислення, навички розмовної мови, стимулювати учнів до висловлювання власних думок; 3. Виховна – виховувати повагу та любов до батьків, а також шанобливе та бережливе ставлення до поняття «сім’я» в цілому. Тип уроку: Урок застосування знань та вмінь Обладнання та матеріали: Карп’юк О.Д Англійська мова: Підручник для 11 класу загальноосвітніх навчальних закладів. Рівень стандарту. Зошити, роздатковий матеріал, завдання на картках, презентація на мультимедія, відеосюжет.
  2. 2. Хід уроку (Procedure) І. Організаційний момент (Introduction). 1) Teacher: Good morning, students! Students: Good morning, teacher! T: I’m glad to see you. I hope you’re fine, aren’t you? S: Yes, we are. 2) T: Who is on duty today? S: I am on duty today. T: Who is absent today? S: …… is absent today. / All are present. 3) T: What date is it today? S: Today is Tuesday, the thirteenth of December. T: I want you to open your copy-books and write down today’s date and Classwork. ІІ. Мотивація (Brainstorming). 1) T: As you know we continue to learn the topic “Family Relationships”. Let’s revise the words you have learnt at our last lessons. I want you to draw a basket in your copy-books(just on a half of a page). Well, now I give you 2 minutes to fill the basket with words. Please start! – Let’s check . (Studentsname1 word step by step and cross out the named words. The best result is some words left.) (Students’ answers.)
  3. 3.  T: Now make up your own sentences with the words you have written in your baskets. Work in pairs. Do it together, one of you will read your sentences. Be original! (Students’ answers.) 2) T: Well, I invite 4 students to the blackboard. I’ll give you puzzles and you must make them up. 3) T: While they are working you will answer my question: What does the word «family» mean to you? (Students’ answers.) 4) T: Let us see what the boys have written for us. Look, these are proverbs. Please, read, explain them in English and find Ukrainian equivalent on this desk: (Students’ answers.)  Like father, like son. – Яка гребля,такий й млин,який батько,такийй син.  To tell tales out of school. – Виносити сміття з хати.  The rotten appleinjures its neighbours. – Паршивавівця все стадопсує.  A tree is known by its fruit. – Яблуко від яблуні недалеко падає
  4. 4. ІІІ. Основна частина (MainPart). 1) T: Well done. And now we have to check up your home task. What was it? S: It was – Role-play game “You should…” T: Is anybody a volunteer? (Students’ answers.)  T: Have you got any questions to your classmates?  Do your parents trust you?  Are your parents violent?  Do your parents keep their promises?  Can they rely on you? (Students’ answers.) T: Thank you! You did a good job! 2) T: Look at the screen, please. The subtopic of our today’s lesson is “Friendly relationships are the source of understanding and wealth of the family”.
  5. 5. The Bible says “Honor your father and your mother: that the days may be long upon the land which the Lord your God gives you”. “Шануй свого батька і матір свою, щоб продовжилисьднітвої на землі, які Господь, Бог твій, дає тобі”. Святе письмо. I’d like to take these words as the motto of our lesson. What do you think of it? Do you agree? (Students’ answers.) T: Thank you! Now, I want you to write down today’s subtopic and the epigraph. We’ll be back to it at the end of our lesson. 3) Listening and speaking  Pre-listening activity : T: And now we shall speak about types of relationships in the families. There are no similar families at all, they all are different. But all of us (you, me, your parents) want to have a good family, that means to have good relationships between each
  6. 6. other. And now we shall watch a short film. But before watching look at the blackboard! Here you can see some new words from the film.  quality time – якісний час  to spend time – проводити час  cancel – відмінити  to run out of time – вичерпатичас  selfish – егоїстичний  prior commitment – попередня домовленість  to make time – викроїти час  to come by – забігти  together – разом  to insist – наполягати T: So, now you are ready to watch. The title of the film is “Now or never”. Please look at the screen! And then we’ll try to discuss it.  (Відеосюжет)  Post-listening activity: T: Did you understand what this film was about? What is the message of the film? (Students’ answers.) T: And one more question: “Did these mothers and daughters have good relationships?” (Students’ answers.)
  7. 7.  T: Yes, you are right, It's the old Karma rule:”What goes around, comes back around.” (Що посієш - те пожнеш.) But there are different relationships in the families. I want to get information about your family relationships. Let’s look at the screen and answer the questions honestly. Questions:  Do you talk back to your parents?  Are you often grounded?  Do you always obey your parents?  Can you rely on your parents?
  8. 8. T: And the last point I want to know about you is: What are the problems in your family to argue about? S1: schooland marks. S2: staying out late. S3: pocketmoney. S4: listening to music too loudly. S5: clothes, friends. S6: watching TV and playing computer games. 4) Writing  T: And now we’ll be doing another interesting task “Make up a word”. You should put the letters into the correct order to make a word. Then you will have some Family words. a) strenpa (parents); b) tnua (aunt); c) erstsi (sister); d) oterhrb (brother); e) rehtom (mother); f) cenie (niece); g) terhgdua (daughter); h) nuecl (uncle); i) gntgarfehra (grandfather); j) scunoi(cousin); k) ons (son); l) fiew (wife); m) dsbahun (husband); n) famiyl (family).
  9. 9.  T: The next task is to match family members to their definition. 1. brother-in-law – sister-in -law 2. uncle – aunt 3. cousin 4. husband – wife (spouse) 5. stepfather – Stepmother 6. nephew – niece 7. father-in-law – mother-in-law 8. grandfather – grandmother a) your parent’s brother and sister b) father and mother of the person you marry c) the man you marry; the woman you marry d) your uncle and aunt’s child e) the brother and sister of the personyou marry f) your parents’ parents g) if your mother or father remarries you have a … h) your brother and sister’s children The answers: 1-e; 2-a;3-d; 4-c; 5-g; 6-h;7-b; 8-f. 5) Reading  T: I’ll give you a couple of minutes to read the story “The bundle of sticks.” While reading you have to revise grammar. Find and underline 10 different words in the Past Simple. After reading we’ll do some more tasks.
  10. 10. The bundle of sticks Once an old man, who thought he would not live long, called his sons. “Bring me a bundle of sticks,” he said. The young men did so. The father tied the sticks together and gave the bundleto his youngest son. “Can you break this bundle of sticks?’ he asked. The boy tried to do so. “No, Father. I can’t”, he said. “Then give the bundle to your brothers. Perhaps one of them can do it”. The brothers all tried, but with the same result. Then the old man untied the bundle and gave one stick to each son and said;“Can you break one stick?” “Ofcourse”, said the young men and each broke his stick. “You see,” said the father, “If you live in friendship, you will be stronger. Union is strength”. T: Is anybody ready? S: The words in the past simple are: thought, called, said, did, tied, gave, asked, tried, untied and broke T: Whatis the message of the story? (Students’answers.)
  11. 11. (Students’ answers.)  T: In the next task you have to say if the statements are true or false. 1. This story is about an old lady and her family. (false) 2. An old man asked his sonto bring him a bundle of cornflowers. (false) 3. The young men haven’t listened to their father. (false) 4. The oldest son broke the bundle of sticks. (false) 5. The old man untied the bundle and gave one stick to each son. (true) 6. The moral of the story is “Unity is Strength!” (true) 6) T: Remember, students: Honor your father and your mother just because they love you. The greatest gift your parents have ever given to you is the gift of love.
  12. 12. І V. Закріплення вивченого. Підсумок (Summing-up). 1) T: Students, answer the question please. What have you learned today? (Students’ answers.) 2) T: Now, look at the screen and please check all new words you have written into your vocabularies!  to obey, to blame, a generation, to be grounded, a spouse, to honor, quality time, to run out of time, selfish, prior commitment, to insist, generous, to keep promises, a bundle, to bring up, 3) T: Finally have a look at the page 88 in your books and read statements which you should remember for your whole life: If there is right in the soul, There is beauty in the person. If there is beauty in the person, There will be harmony in the home. If there is harmony in the home, There will be order in the nation. If there is order in the nation,
  13. 13. There will be peace in the world. 4) Assessment. V. Домашнє завдання (Home Assignment).  T: Write a short essay on the topic “The Ideal Family”. Describe what kind of family it should be in your opinion. You have to write nearly 10-12 sentences. Our lesson is over. Thank you very much. See you later.