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Persuasion &

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Persuasion &

  1. 1. Persuasion &Attitude change Psychology 20092135 정혜원
  2. 2. People more trust theirs ownthinking than other’s idea• People enjoy buying or acting by theirs motive• People like that other people asked about theirs hope, want, and think
  3. 3. Example- Which card is good? • Bride’s liking or Parent’s liking • Importance of parent guest in Korea wedding culture • she decide by her liking• Why she asked about her wedding card? →She need to get support her determine
  4. 4. How can do that? Make them think themselves about our persuasion idea and determine By- •Tell about persuasion subject •Reflect theirs idea to persuasion thing
  5. 5. Example-1 <Philadelphia car sales office> Raise the morale of salesman Improve Bonus promotion work Fire place
  6. 6. • “Tell me what do you want?”• “What is required to you?”“Loyalty , Teamwork ,Sincerity , Honesty, and work 8hr ardently at one day.”
  7. 7. Example-2 < Discussion about unification> Approval Oppose
  8. 8. Theory-• Cognitive dissonance• Estrange with theirs own attitude (small estrange more accept) -by Hovland et al’s study
  9. 9. Conclusion- Make receiver believe that our persuasion idea is theirs
  10. 10. Thank you-