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Cloud: From Unmanned Data Center to Algorithmic Economy using Openstack

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abstracting monitoring layer for physical, virtual machines and containers.

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Cloud: From Unmanned Data Center to Algorithmic Economy using Openstack

  1. 1. Kakaocorp From unmanned Datacenter To Algorithmic Economy using Openstack Andrew Yongjoon Kong andrew.kong@kakaocorp.com LTHlab
  2. 2. KakaocorpAndrew. Yongjoon kong • Cloud Technical Advisory for Government Broad Cast Agency • Adjunct Prof. Ajou Univ • Korea Data Base Agency Acting Professor for Bigdata • Member of National Information Agency Bigdata Advisory committee • KT cloudware Tech lead(ex)! • Kakao à Daum Kakao à Kakaocorp, Cloud Computing Cell lead Supervised, Korean edition Korean Edition coming soon.
  3. 3. KakaocorpOur vision.
  4. 4. KakaocorpOur culture. Trust, Conflicts, Commitment
  5. 5. KakaocorpWhat is Cloud? From Our Side • Cloud == “Programmable Resource Management” • What is Programmable? • What is Resource? • What is Management? • NOP! • Cloud is the one of the ways of managing/deploying resources • Basically, It’s culture. • Tech. can support this culture • Our culture is “Automation”
  6. 6. KakaocorpSome Numbers 5xxx VMs is running. We revealed this already last Feb. in Openstack Community Days, Korea
  7. 7. KakaocorpSome Numbers 964 tenants 455 pull request since 2014.9 136 VMs are created/deleted per day
  8. 8. KakaocorpSome information about kakaoOpenstack openstack release from grizzly to Kilo total 3Region additional service Heat/Trove/Sahara
  9. 9. KakaocorpUnmanned Data Center Self Managed Computational Resource - Krane • No Dedicated human resource in Front Desk for getting order • 24 x 7 API is open ( try to ) • Using Openstack API is Users Job. • Maintaining Openstack Cloud is Our Job. • We do not control anything at all.
  10. 10. KakaocorpSuccess or Issue? Unit is “krane[virtual money]”. Just for fun, not actually charged. Fromonly one region.
  11. 11. KakaocorpCritical Volume vs Controlled Volume When One thing is over Critical Volume, Have to change the point of view!
  12. 12. KakaocorpCloud, We do adopt devops culture : KField
  13. 13. KakaocorpControlled volume Genesis: - Krane was based on “left over or warranty- outed resources” - Some hypervisor(not vm) has only 16G. - Interconnect was only 1G - It’s for only “dev” stage service. Exodus: - more than 128GB - 10Gbps - SSD It needs to have control The easiest way: - Making quota like everyone does.
  14. 14. KakaocorpCloud, we do have SDN, have No Openflow, No L2 network either
  15. 15. KakaocorpCloud, we do have SDN, not have Openflow, No others eth0 Compute node nova-compute neutron- linuxbridge- agent neutron-dhcp- agent Gateway linux bridge vm IP: Routing Table 1 via BGP BGP Virtual Switch block Process block Neutron-l3-agent vlan vlan Virtual Router Service Route Table 1 Management Route Table 1 Practice Frugality to Boost Creativity
  16. 16. KakaocorpWhy we want to rethink about quota The thing which doesn’t exist in kakao is: • No live migration • No H/A in computed node • No mirror in system disk • No bonding for compute node network • No extra interface for service and storage à Technically, No extra something for failure à What if server goes? software will take care of it. à We recommend user to be ready for some failure. à We do have LB ,volume and object storage for stability
  17. 17. KakaocorpCulture: Trust We do understand our developer is on harsh environment. And adding Quota to this, make developer more stressful.
  18. 18. KakaocorpCulture2: Commitment So, We want our user to have the freedom of creating resource. But, We want our user to have the responsibility of deleting unused resource too. We understand this is quite tedious job So, we decide to find unused VM instead
  19. 19. KakaocorpSimple, Difficult at the same time It looks simple, but quite difficult to define what “unusedvs low usage”resource is.
  20. 20. KakaocorpThe initial the DC scale Garbage Collection Anyway, somehow, we have to define some guide linesfor unused resources. And Should be Done in Algorithmic way. CPU Load Traffic login IO Top process Analysis Noti. Every Resource Data model
  21. 21. KakaocorpUnified Data System First of all, unified metric store/retrieve system needed to detect certain levels of computing resources. • Have to gather/retrieve unified way • Have to cover all resources from physical machine to virtual machine and network switches. • Have to interface with Configuration Managing Database • Have to interface with internal ERP
  22. 22. KakaocorpIntegratedInformation Service Bus & EIP : Code Name Crow Based on Opensource Component • Kafka • Samza • Camel • Storm • Gobblin • Yarn • HDFS • Etcd • OpenTSDB • Hbase • Tajo • Grafana
  23. 23. KakaocorpIntegratedInformation Service Bus & EIP : Code Name Crow Enterprise Integration • Topic based Data ETL • Can cover every computing resource ( Physical Server, Virtual instance, Container, Public Cloud ) • Abstracting “Data Center Information layer” • Can make deep engineering experience over every resources. Physical Servers Virtual Instances Containers External Clouds Others (switches, logs) monitoring CROW IMS (kakao CMDB API) SB Rule Engine Notificati on ETL Data Center Information abstraction layer API predicting scheduling Openstack Heat Other Service API Data Center (or Service ) Management Activity control
  24. 24. KakaocorpResult Start up with finding unused Resources – We created unified monitoring system – can replace pre-existed system monitoring system – can extract/analyze more information – End up with creating brand new resource information center We try to target 10% as a potential candidate. More than 40% of them was the real “abandoned vm” because of structural changes ( I mean not purposely left)
  25. 25. KakaocorpResult: Add another controlled volume subsystem
  26. 26. KakaocorpQ&A Q&AP.S. We’re hiring, always! http://www.kakaocorp.com/recruit