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Ozone therapy in endodontic treatment

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Ozone therapy in endodontics practice

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Ozone therapy in endodontic treatment

  1. 1. BUSQUIM SSK, FRANCO E, NOGALES C, FERREIRA MB, LAGE-MARQUES JL, PROKOPOWITSCH I UNIVERSITY OF SAO PAULO SCHOOL OF DENTISTRY Dentistry Science Postgraduate Program Area of Concentration: Endodontics sandrakuhne@usp.br INTRODUCTION OBJECTIVESubluxation is an injury to the tooth supporting structures. The aim of the study was to show theThe incidence of pulp necrosis is shown to be near 15% after potencial of ozone therapy as adjuvant to rootthis injury, so all subluxated tooth must be monitored (Celik & canal treatment in subluxated permanentCehreli, 2008). When it occurs, endodontic treatment should tooth.start as soon as possible. CASE REPORTOzone is a very reactive gas that shows strong antimicrobialproperties. The gas oxidates and destroys bacterial cells An 18-year-old girl was referred to the clinicwalls and citoplasmatic membranes (Nagayoshi et al. 2004; by her orthodontist with no complaint of pain,Cardoso et al., 2008; Huth et al., 2009). Ozone also just the presence of a large periradicularincreases the oxygen supply to all cells, enhancing cellular lesion in the maxillary central left incisor. Tenmetabolism and stimulating tissue repair. years ago she had a falling that resulted in a subluxation trauma in this tooth. METODOLOGY1st and 2nd SessionsA B3rd Session C D E RESULTS The radiographic examinations demonstrated a resolution of the periapical lesion after 40 days (C). A 3-year follow-up revealed radiographic evidence of bone healing (E). CONCLUSION The antimicromial and bioestimulation properties of ozone, proven by the literature, have a great potencial to be incorporated to endodontic therapy, even in traumatized tooth.