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Creativity In Advertising

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Creativity In Advertising

  2. 2. CREATIVITY We all start at the same spot: a blank space--and with a common goal: to fill that space. But the path we choose from there is completely individual, as individual, in fact, as the mind itself. What occupies that distance between nothing and something is the mysterious science we call creativity.
  3. 3. WHY CREATIVITY IN ADVERTISEMENT Attracting customers   Breaking clutter  Differentiation  Recognition and recall  Persuasion
  4. 4. VARIOUS CREATIVE APPEALS USED Fear   Sex  Humor  Emotional appeal  Ethnic appeal  Celebrity
  5. 5. Sachin Tendulkar jogs A kid sees Sachin and his The kid follows Sachin into a along a road eyes light up. stadium... ...where he joins Sachin in The kid enthusiastically His session over, Sachin a rigorous fitness regimen. helps Sachin at the nets. takes a pack of Boost out of his training kit. Both Sachin and the kid proclaims Sachin walks over to the tired kid quot;Boost is the secret of our energy.quot; and offers him some Boost.
  6. 6. Losing interest in his Soon he is joined by an It's playtime and a boy own tiny car, our older boy who occupies young driver stares brings a bigger car with himself by driving his longingly at his him.. toy car around.. neighbor's car.. He can't hold on to his MVO: quot;Well, it's only MVO: quot;Indica V2, temptation human to more car per for long, and at the first want more..quot; car..quot; opportunity, grabs the car and runs…
  7. 7. MARKETING CREATIVITY AND ADVERTISING Based on there key customer insights   Intended brand benefits  Have high entrainment  Demonstrating itself
  8. 8. Walking into the Cadbury factory, he takes a look at their complete manufacturing process Finally giving his personal assurance and approval
  9. 9. CREATIVITY IN ADVERTISING AND PURE CREATIVITY Creativity in advertising involves disciplined  thinking and requires the creative person to think differently within specific constraints.  In the case of the pure artists, creativity is a free flowing process where the artist can express whatever he feels, free of constraints.
  10. 10. CREATIVITY V/S STRATEGY Creativity are important from another  perspective, as well, they help raise the agency profile( awards, recognition). Good creative speaks for itself and need no  explanation.
  11. 11. HOW TO IMPROVE CREATIVITY Seeing things different   Generating multiple things  Breaking the rules  Thinking and linking  A high level of awareness  Knowing how you think  Playing ‘ what ifs’ and  Trying something on for size