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Buying, Selling & Renting

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Points to remember while renting, selling and buying apartments & flats. We advice a legal search of the property if you plan to buy a property to acquire safe ownership.

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Buying, Selling & Renting

  2. 2. BUYINGSpate of lucrative offers, Right time to invest in property
  3. 3. Run a legal search of the property, this applies to those cases where a bank loan is not being availed (their lawyers will carry this step out). A lawyer will check the chain of deeds to ensure you receive a clear title. BUYING LEGAL SEARCH
  4. 4. BUYING Ask for and verify all of these to ensure the building and your apartment are constructed with all the necessary clearances and as per the approved norms 'No Objection' and Occupation certificates Encumbrance,
  5. 5. SELLINGThe real estate market has shown growth of around 18- 20% since 2014. The Market slum is slowly and steadily moving to a fair contrast for the Indian Developers.
  6. 6. SELLING The title deed should be drawn up when you have bought the property S A L E DEED
  7. 7. SELLING A mother deed is chronologically ordered document that captures all the ownership transactions right up to the first ownership. MOTHER DEED
  8. 8. SELLING Latest Property Tax paid receipt, Khata, Encumbrance, and Occupation'No Objection' certificates. CLEAR CHIT DEED
  9. 9. RENTINGOflate renting has become the prime investment for real estate investors.
  10. 10. RENTING Ensure all costs payable by you and by your landlord are clearly demarcated. Agreement upon a notice period should be mentioned and If pets are a concern, agreement should be received and mentioned. LEGAL DEED
  11. 11. So next time when you or doBUY SELL RENT not forget to follow these tips ! A NOTE
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