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International Property Consultant

Square Yards is the ‘fastest growing real estate start up’ in India, being awarded ‘Best Real Estate Marketing Company of the year’ by Accommodation Times.It deals in primary residential and commercial properties, resale and property management.

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International Property Consultant

  1. 1. www.thesquareyards.com Call: 1800-208-3344 Combining Global with Local
  2. 2. DO YOU WISH…. • Did you ever wish you had an unbiased property agent? • Did you ever wish you had a professional property sales organization with global support? • Did you ever wish your agent could turn into portfolio manager, and tell you about options across multiple destinations to help diversify your assets? • Did you wish you go to one office and sort all your property work in one place? • Did you wish you had a Client login portal to look at your portfolio holdings, like you would with stocks and funds? • Did you wish someone could help you buy, manage, rent out and exit/ book profits and guide through legal/taxation maze in India?
  3. 3. SQUARE YARDS - YOUR TRUSTWORTHY PROPERTY PORTFOLIO MANAGER  Square Yards is a global real estate portfolio management firm. We are 1st & only IPC of INDIAN origin with offices in India, Hong Kong, Singapore & Dubai and presence in USA, UK, Australia & South Africa; with an initial focus on Indian real estate, catering to Indians & NRI (Non resident Indian) diaspora  Founded by Wharton Business School, London School of Economics and IIM alumni, Square Yards follows a client focused investment approach towards real estate  Square Yards strives to offer the right-fit investments to clients based on their investment objective, risk appetite, liquidity profile and time horizon, and at the most competitive pricing  Square Yards offers end-to-end services which include finding the right property for customers, offering professional advice on issues such as tax, insurance, legal and various exit strategies  Square Yards strives on transparency, trust and building long term partnerships to ensure sustainable wealth creation.
  4. 4. ACHIEVEMENTS • Fastest growing real estate start up company in India with 5th highest market share (In just 7 months - leading market share in Dubai, Gurgaon) • Only “International Property Consultant” of Indian origin with presence outside India. • 9 Branches and counting (Hong Kong, Dubai, Singapore, Gurgaon, Mumbai, Noida, Bangalore, Pune, Ahmedabad) in 8 months with 400+ Clients, 150+ employees • Awarded Real Estate Marketing Company of the year – Accommodation Times (largest and oldest real estate awards) • Biggest International Channel Partner (For various Indian developers) • Square Yards has alumnus joining from industry leaders like Colliers, CBRE, Knight&Frank, Allcheckdeals, JLL, Re-Max, PropTiger, Investor's Clinic, Indiahomes, HDFC Realty, DHFL etc. Because of such wide diversity, Square Yards hopes to bring together strengths of every culture and create a strong talent pool and infrastructure
  5. 5. GENESIS AND THE NEED ?  Bring professionalism in an unstructured industry  None of our peers work with “client centric mindset”  Current Indian players work on developer model (work exclusively with limited developers) with a big void in providing post sales service, unbiased research, acting for clients  IPCs target selected projects & niche target audience  HNIs/Investment audience looks for portfolio management (Global offerings), on ground support (Local branch networks), CRM for portfolio maintenance & exit strategy for profit booking
  6. 6. WHY SQUARE YARDS ?  Diversified asset offerings- so bigger platter to choose from  Strong CRM and Research build out, helping clients throughout the asset ownership  Strong on ground operational support- Due to our network of global branches.  Professional advice like taxation, exit strategies, repatriation  Transparency– moving to client mindset from a developer mindset- acting on clients’ behalf  Strong market share - helps pooling of clients & word of mouth brand building
  7. 7. COMPETITION – NO ONE DOES IT ALL 9 Portal Technology Local presence International Network Square Yards Franchise Chains Re-Max Century 21 IPC’s Knight & Frank Savills Cushman & Wakefield Colliers CBRE Tech Portals 99acres Zillow Common Floor Magicbricks Housing.com Regional Players India: • Proptiger • investor’s Clinic Dubai: • Damac Singapore: • Propnex • HSR Hong Kong: • Midland • Centaline
  8. 8. HOW WE DO IT? WE RESEARCH WE SELL WE SUPPORT WE RESEARCH : Offering Configured to suit every budget WE SELL : Delivers the Best to customers WE SUPPORT : To assist people in taking the right decision
  9. 9. RESEARCH TEAM We originate quantitative property research information from multiple credible sources, partnering with you to provide strategic investment property advice, consultancy and direction regarding property. Our experts are highly sought-after by both corporate and government bodies. Our research team helps our customers to understand emerging trends and take advantage of the cyclical — and therefore, somewhat predictable — nature of real estate.
  10. 10. CRM SOLUTIONS “To Provide the clients with hassle free post sales experience and build long lasting relationships based on trust and value” With the aim to serve our clients better, a dedicated RM would be assigned to each of the clients who would: • Help manage their real estate portfolio • Update them on upcoming demands and construction status • Appraise them on new launches and trending market prices • Help them on exit strategies Our customers are the most important part of our business and we strive to work diligently towards ensuring 100% customer satisfaction.
  11. 11. WHAT OUR CLIENTS SAY… SACHIN GUPTA: Had the most wonderful, completely hassle free experience of buying a property in India as a first time NRI investor. All the credit goes to team Square Yards. Thanks for delivering what you had promised to me.. VARUN JAIN: I would highly recommend Square Yards as they are very professional, transparent and very ethical in their approach. Very happy with the way they handled my query. RAJULA ANUJ: No words can really completely capture the joyous feelings in my heart when I think of how CRM team helped me in accomplishing my task. I have tried several times but each time I am so overwhelmed with the things I want to convey that I just get so choked up. It is really incredible the way everyone at Square yard has constantly supported and helped me to complete my registration process. I want to thank you all from the bottom of my heart for all the support provided to me right from the beginning till now.
  12. 12. OUR SERVICES Square Yards offers the following services: Primary Property Advisory Commercial Leasing Resale Advisory Land Transactions Property Management Financial loans & Taxation