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8 important questions to ask yourself before buying a home

Are you considering jumping into the realestate market and buying a house this year? Be sure to ask yourself these 8 questions before you start looking.

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8 important questions to ask yourself before buying a home

  1. 1. -. ~ SQUARE I YARDS 8 important questions to ask yourself before buying a house
  2. 2. 1 . SQUARE Start figuring out your financial readiness by evaluating your i 9‘ | VARD5 present household budget. Knowing exactly how much you will l spend every month, will give you a better idea about whether i you can afford to become a homeowner. l . i _. _, 0-’ i 2+
  3. 3. . , l. » 5 Once you have a clear idea about your finances, you ll need ‘ ‘Cl y3‘$‘§§, to think about the home you'd like to buy. Your needs now and in the future will change over time. Keeping these in mind try buying a house that meets most of your needs for the next 5 to 10 years. Is the house right for you now and in the future?
  4. 4. ij . SQUARE , _ _ _ . ‘~' YARDS . Property prices are appreciating slowly. If you are buying . property as an investment with a loan. assess whether its price 0 ' '— I ’ will appreciate at a rate higher than what you are paying. , “J. ‘.3 at “ . _-.3/7 V 2 Will the property value rise faster “ . ( , '. than what you are going to pay?
  5. 5. it . SQUARE , _ , , , _ , « | YARDS Your relationship with your realtor is Just like any other ~ financial relationship. it's important that you find a reliable * ‘ one who won't cheat you on yourjourney! ,1.»-' «sin av: :: :: Are you working with the right realtor? w~
  6. 6. L SQUARE I YARDS If your home loan EMI is too big. it will throw other goals. like retirement planning off track. And you might have to liquidate t existing investments to raise money for the down payment. Will a big EMI forte you to postpone other major goals’
  7. 7. _ li . SQUARE Even if the home looks great, previous damage (like a fire that , i' YARDS . caused structural issues) might not be immediately apparent if it's * hidden behind walls. Therefore, it's important to ask the seller up- front of any issues they‘re aware of so you can double-check on { them during the inspection. 773?: 3 5| r: '. I _'~ ‘net ' '- 1 ‘:1 es. i£. ‘ Are there any previous or current issues with the home?
  8. 8. I: . SQUARE Delays can be debilitating for the buyers in terms of tax -"I YARDS i benefits on home loans! Always buy from builders who have i a good reputation and are likely to deliver within the promised deadline. is _j__1_ f Will the project be delivered " U ‘i ~ ~ ~- i ~~ on time? 7
  9. 9. Check with the city to see what is planned for the surrounding area. Are there any proposed plans to build commercialized areas near the property that could increase traffic? Or maybe there's a new school in the works, which could actually add vduetothehome. / a / - 0 1114" ‘ r. Are there any changes planned for the surrounding area? ‘. . souAR5 l‘ YARDS .
  10. 10. wvvw. squareyards. com If / SquareYards }. B @Square_yards / TheSquareYards CALL: 1800 208 3344 E: info@squareyards. com SOUARE YARDS