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Educational Uses Of Blogs and Tags

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A collection of ideas for uses of blogs in the classroom.

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Educational Uses Of Blogs and Tags

  1. 1. Educational Uses of Blogs and Tags Compiled by Diana Dell SqoolTechs, LLC
  2. 2. Complete writing assignments of all kinds in all subject areas.
  3. 3. Create an ongoing portfolio of samples of student writing.
  4. 4. Allow students to express opinions on topics being studied in class.
  5. 5. Allow students to write comments, opinions, or questions on daily news items, current events or issues of interest.
  6. 6. Allow students to discuss activities they did in class and tell what they think about them.
  7. 7. Have students write about class topics, using subject area vocabulary words.
  8. 8. Provide a way for students to showcase their best writing pieces.
  9. 9. Showcase the student created products of project-based learning.
  10. 10. Have students write reactions to thought-provoking questions, photos, or videos that you post.
  11. 11. Create an online book club.
  12. 12. Show case student art, poetry, and creative stories.
  13. 13. Create a collection of story starters.
  14. 14. Allow your class to communicate with another class somewhere else in the world.
  15. 15. Create a class newsletter, using student-written articles and student photography.
  16. 16. Appoint a weekly class scribe to write a “week in review” posting.
  17. 17. Use the blog as a reading response journal.
  18. 18. Post a statement with no supporting facts. Ask students to find facts to support or refute the opinion, using links to reliable web sites and their own persuasive explanations.
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  20. 20. This slideshow is a part of a workshop entitled “Reading, Writing, and VLEs” provided by SqoolTechs, LLC. To access the full workshop, visit http://sqooltools.com , and create a free account.