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The Exciting History Of Type

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Interesting facts from the beginnings of today's typography.

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The Exciting History Of Type

  1. 1. Graphic Design A New History The first book that got me interested in history. Ever.
  2. 2. 1 2 Gutenberg’s Bible1 was set in gothic script called Textura2, an example of blackletter type.
  3. 3. Roman letters, the kind of type most all of our books are set in, emerged in Venice in the 1460s. A style of handwritten script adopted by Italian humanists during the Renaissance became to be known as Humanist Minuscule, and is the basis for roman forms through to the present day.
  4. 4. Bembo, originally designed for the 1495 book De Aetna, is the basis of Old Style fonts. Garamond followed in 1540.
  5. 5. First grid based font design was commissioned by king Louis XIV in 1692.
  6. 6. Point, the measure used to gauge font sizes, was invented by Pierre Simon Fournier in 1737.
  7. 7. Caslon, the first influential English typeface was designed in 1725 by typographer William Caslon.
  8. 8. John Baskerville first designed his namesake font in 1757, then had to devise a number of inventions to print the thin shapes accurately: new inks, glossy paper, and hot pressing were his ideas.
  9. 9. And surely more to come, when I get to the fifth page.