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Content Marketing World 2016 in images

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These images tweeted from #CMWorld2016 caught our attention.

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Content Marketing World 2016 in images

  1. 1. PRESENTS #CMWorld 2016 Images that caught out attention @ Twitter
  2. 2. Dechay Eaton Watts@dechay Look at this welcome signage throughout the airport. Nice touch! #cmworld2016
  3. 3. @CMIContent 13h13 hours ago Our sponsors are hard at work, getting ready for the #CMWorld attendees!
  4. 4. ClearVoice @ClearVoice 9h9 hours ago It's beginning to look a lot like #cmworld2016. #CMWorld
  5. 5. Islandgirl_246 @LatoyaBurnham 8h8 hours ago Great first day at #cmworld2016 in Cleveland. Caribbean crew looking forward to the next three days.
  6. 6. @JoePulizzi tells #CMWorld audience: "Either fully commit to content marketing or just go buy ads." Joe Pulizzi @JoePulizzi Sep 6 Day one shoes. Let's do this. #CMWorld
  7. 7. jcraigwaller @jcraigwaller 8h8 hours ago #cmworld #CMWorld2016 @JoePulizzi @SHINEStrategyVT opening moves
  8. 8. Andy Crestodina @crestodina 13h13 hours ago Full house for the #seo masterclass at #CMWorld!
  9. 9. CMO.com @CMO_com Sep 8 Tim Washer, at #CMWorld on storytelling: “Analysis is good, but don’t let it kill a good idea.”
  10. 10. Jay Acunzo @jayacunzo Sep 7 Love this! Create your "mastermind" group. Hold a monthly call w/ peers. Discuss this... #CMWorld
  11. 11. Marriner Marketing @MarrinerMktg Sep 8Maryland, USA "Consumers don't want to be marketed to, they want to be told a story." @Foodable @CMIContent #cmworld2016 #CMWorld
  12. 12. eMarketing Learning @cathyemlc Sep 8 @randfish Good content requires sound SEO to deliver measurable results @Werkbot @jmccullor @andymartin #cmworld2016
  13. 13. Paul Gustafson @psgustafson 9h9 hours agoCleveland, OH Just registered for #cmworld2016 and got a bag of... #content
  14. 14. Jeff Buddle@JeffBuddle As good as gettin' down at #cmworld2016 w/@madisonlogic
  15. 15. Cathy McPhillips @cmcphillips Sep 7 Hey @Skyword - you throw an amazing party! Thanks for kicking off #CMWorld with a bang!
  16. 16. Ann HandleyVerified account@MarketingProfs I had a fantastic time at #CMWorld. Sad to leave Cleveland! Thank you @JoePulizzi @CMIContent! See you next time.
  17. 17. #EngageUnfoolishly with #ContentMarketing