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What’s New at Spin Palace Casino

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Spin Palace Casino has been operating for more than 15 years. Established in 2001, they set the bar very high for every other online casino to provide their clients with reliable casino services and world class gaming experience.

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What’s New at Spin Palace Casino

  1. 1. What’s New at Spin Palace Casino —bestonlinecasinodownload.com—
  2. 2. Introduction Reliability in online casino gaming is one of the most important things that players are looking for. They want to make sure that the casino that they play in will have all their favorite games are available all the time, their personal information are kept secure and payouts are paid on time. Players also want to make sure that the casino they play in plays fair and is not some fly by night operation that’s there one minute and gone before they had the chance to cash out their winnings. Luckily, such online casino still exists. One of the most dependable online casinos, Spin Palace Casino has been operating for more than 15 years. Established in 2001, they set the bar very high for every other online casino to provide their clients with reliable casino services and world class gaming experience. Spin Palace Casino is licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority. To ensure online game fairness eCOGRA specialists are also constantly reviewing the games found at Spin Palace Casino. Passing these reviews meant that they can proudly carry the eCOGRA seal of approval. The seal is proof of Spin Palace Casino’s trustworthiness and reliability. To keep providing clients with world class gaming experience they partnered with Microgaming, one of the best online casino game developers in the planet. Microgaming has over a thousand games developed over its long history in online game making. They’re also famous for their many tie ups with big movie franchises and popular TV shows. You’ll be sure to find your favorite game at Spin Palace Casino with Microgaming powering their lineup of games.
  3. 3. Bonuses Download Spin Palace Casino Mobile In this article you will find the latest news about the three (3) exceptional casino services found at Spin Palace Casino:  Download  Mobile  Bonuses
  4. 4. Download There are many ways to play at Spin Palace Casino. But for optimum gaming experience its best to play by downloading the special Spin Palace Casino software. You'll also be able to take advantage of the premium features that only the downloaded software provides. Downloading the Spin Palace Casino software is very easy. Here's how: 1. Go to the Spin Palace Casino website and click on the ‘Play Now’ button. 2. Depending on your PC's settings, download of the installer file will commence. Options are available at the site in case the file does not start downloading immediately. Prior to download, your computer may ask if you are sure you want to download Spin Palace. Click on 'Save' to start download. 3. Open the downloaded installer file (Spin Palace.exe) by double clicking on it. Click on 'Run' when you see the next prompt asking you if you want to run the program on your computer. 4. Wait a few seconds for installer to load the necessary libraries from the downloaded software. Click on 'Install Casino' once the software has been fully downloaded. 5. The login page for Spin Palace Casino will appear once the installation has been completed. Enter your username and password to start playing. Note that you must have a registered account with Spin Palace Casino before you can start playing. The Spin Palace Casino software is compatible with MAC and Windows OS. It occupies very little space on your computer as well. It is guaranteed to be free of any malware or viruses.
  5. 5. Mobile Mobile devices are now capable of doing more than just making calls or sending text messages. It’s now possible to watch movies, send emails, instant messages and video message. You can now easily connect with other people from across the globe using only your mobile device. All these innovations have made people more attached to their mobile devices now more than ever. To keep up with the fast paced growth in technology Spin Palace Casino is now been made available for play using your mobile device. You can now play even while you are on the go using your Android phone, tablet, iPhone, iPad or Windows phone. Mobile app is available for download via Google Play (Android) and App Store (iOS). You may be concerned that the graphics and performance of the games will be diminished when playing on your mobile device. You need not worry about this because Spin Palace Casino is continuously working with Microgaming to ensure that this does not happen. The games will respond in the same manner as they do on your PC. You should still get the same quality of graphics and the ease of use on your mobile device. Now that you have the Spin Palace Casino mobile app on your handheld device you can now start playing some of the most famous slot games like Tomb Raider, Mega Moolah and Dragon’s Fortune. You can also play table games like blackjack and baccarat. Roulette, Bingo Bonanza and Keno are also available for play in the mobile app.
  6. 6. Bonus The bonuses offered by Spin Palace Casino are some of the best in the online casino industry. Their bonuses extend to both first time players and regular players. They have daily, weekly and monthly bonus for players to regularly play at their casino and new player bonus for first time joiners. For first time joiners here's how you can avail of their latest promo: 1. Sign-up and make an initial deposit of up to €/$250 and Spin Palace Casino will match that 100%. This means you get another €/$250 in playing credits to give you a balance of €/$ 500. 2. Make a second deposit of up to €/$ 300 and get a 25% match from Spin Palace Casino. 3. If you think it ends there, you're wrong. Make a third deposit of up to €/$ 450 and you'll get 50% match from Spin Palace Casino. Your bonuses will be credited to your account within a few moments after you have made your deposit. Terms and conditions apply for all the bonuses provided by Spin Palace Casino. For existing players you can earn Loyalty Points every time you play online. Loyalty Points can be exchanged for casino credits. This Loyalty Points program is offered in € only. This means that 1000 Loyalty Points = €10. Real time exchange rate will apply when converting to the player's currency of choice. New players also get a jumpstart the Loyalty and Rewards program offered by Spin Palace Casino. Register a new Real Casino account now and receive 500 Club Points absolutely free!
  7. 7. Additional Sources  Spin Palace Casino – http://www.bestonlinecasinodownload.com/