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Does our understanding of intelligence lack

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“What is the Opposite of I.I.T.?” Chetan Bhagat asks to Alia Bhatt and she responded to it “U.U. Coffee”

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Does our understanding of intelligence lack

  1. 1. Does Our Understanding of Intelligence Lack ‘INTELLIGENCE’? “What is the Opposite of I.I.T.?” Chetan Bhagat asks to Alia Bhatt and she responded to it “U.U. Coffee” You can find various such memes poking fun at some people, this time Alia is the target. However, this question is in itself astounding. Can any intelligent person support the logic of the question which is asking the opposite of the abbreviation of an institute’s name? There is no meaning of an abbreviation, then how come we can ask about its opposite? Such ill conceived questions can be only dealt with sarcastic dig. However, the main point is not a particular question. Alia Bhatt is branded as a person with poor I.Q. just because she couldn’t answer aptly when asked quizzes of general knowledge on a popular talk show. Our traditional education system judges the intelligence level by the ability of a student to memorize the concepts and reproduce it during the exams on paper. Original thinking is never rewarded in a school because most of the time it conflicts with the thoughts of the evaluator. So, there is no surprise that in a culture of the rote learning education system the intelligence is indicated by your ability to remember and know the trivia. It is actually our inability not to recognize the shallowness of such school of thought. In case of Alia Bhatt, we can see that her performance was highly applauded in her movies and has proved her potential in the eyes of critics. It is a pleasant surprise that a modern clan of actors hardly has any appreciable talent and Alia is one among that exception. There is no doubt that Alia has distinguished herself in her chosen line of work. However, we are still judging her intelligence, according to the framework of our talent. Just do the
  2. 2. introspection of yourself from the view of Alia Bhatt, she will say, “Oh, you are so stupid because you don’t have killer looks and can’t act if your life is dependent on it.” As per this view, even Albert Einstein would fail because he couldn’t act and not he was a supermodel. So, here we need to admonish ourselves for interrogating her IQ and judging it by the lack of GK. There is a flaw in our own inclination, where we tend to judge a person by the aptitude in an irrelevant field rather than in the field chosen by that person. Visit here: http://www.speakarea.com/facts-and-founds-10