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Simple cloud computing for office workers

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Some of the office workers needed to understand what cloud computing is - often cloud has a lot of marketing but its hard to understand what it is in practical terms. I have also added a few slides on Softlayer and IBM passport advantage software.

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Simple cloud computing for office workers

  1. 1. Cloud Computing Simple overview including Softlayer Chris Sparshott
  2. 2. • Your laptop is a computer, CPU, RAM • You can run more applications on a stack of laptops than you can a single laptop • A Blade center is a stack of laptops managed as one single computer or “Server”
  3. 3. On the bare Metal – laptop “Running on the tin” Hardware Operating System Applications • Microsoft Excel • Windows 7 • Laptop
  4. 4. On the Bare Metal – Blade Center Hardware Operating System Applications • Microsoft Excel • Windows 7 • Blade Centre
  5. 5. Utilisation of hardware • Imagine that each of these individual servers is being used at 20% of its maximum capacity. • Therefore,80% of the server is not being used • E.g. CPU, memory, storage under utilised
  6. 6. Virtualised – spread the load Hardware Virtualisation Operating System Application
  7. 7. Virtualisation • With Virtualisation you can run more applications on less hardware • It also helps with fail-over should one of your blade servers have a fault
  8. 8. Many types of software environments Hardware Virtualisation Operating System Application
  9. 9. Imagine a room with 1000 blade centres = a Data centre Hardware Virtualisation Operating System Application
  10. 10. Private Cloud e.g. Your employees only
  11. 11. Public Cloud e.g. anyone from any organisations sharing the hardware to run their applications
  12. 12. Hybrid client a data centre Cloud deployment of software on infrastructure in a data centre Gateway between the clients on premise software and the Cloud based software
  13. 13. Imagine 10+ rooms containing 10,000 blade servers spread around the globe
  14. 14. You will know some of these customers IBM purchased this company - DBaaS
  15. 15. IBM Passport Advantage software and Softlayer Hardware Virtualisation Operating System Application = PA software • Passport Advantage software
  16. 16. Meets IBM software • Software Master agreement • http://www-01.ibm.com/software/lotus/passportadvantage/licensing_for_SoftLayer.html • Licensing requirements • The bring your own software and license (BYOSL) option allows IBM customers, who have accepted the terms of the IBM SoftLayer Standard Master Service Agreement to bring and upload Eligible IBM software Programs to the IBM SoftLayer infrastructure, provided the customer complies with the Program use requirements and has sufficient quantities of PA software license entitlements (Entitlements). • Only the IBM Software listed as "eligible" in the "Table of Eligible BYOSL Software Programs" section below may be uploaded to the IBM SoftLayer infrastructure. • When a customer uses Entitlements for a Program under this BYOSL option in cloud-provisioned Instance, those Entitlements are dedicated to that Instance and Customer may not use such Entitlements outside the IBM SoftLayer infrastructure at the same time. • Question – are we adding this agreement into our ELA contracts?
  17. 17. Thank you Questions?