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Ignite Portland 8: DeeAnn Sole presents "Travels with Our Cats"

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"Travels with Our Cats: A Lazy Person's Guide to Taking the Trip of a Lifetime"

Enjoy a tour through my crazy plan to pack my husband, our two cats, and all the necessities of life into one Toyota Prius for a multi-month driving trip around the United States.

We had discussed extended vacations before, but there were always questions. Could we afford it? What about our jobs? Don't we need somewhere to live? Where would we keep our stuff? What about the cats? And, really, aren't we too lazy for this sort of thing?

Our 2008 move to Portland provided a perfect opportunity for travel. Many of our questions (jobs, house, stuff) became moot. With a little planning, I was sure we could compensate for the rest.

This is the story of how we drove 16,800 miles, visited 25 destinations, and spent 153 days on the road with our cats--all while sleeping in proper beds and never getting up before 8:30 AM.* We did it, and so can you!

* (Except for the two days when we saw a Space Shuttle launch and visited Red Rock Canyon at sunrise, respectively, and those were both totally worth it.)

MORE INFO: http://malum-iter.com/RoadTripCatsMMVIII/


DeeAnn likes to make lists and dream up crazy plans. If something sounds like a fun and interesting project, she wants to figure out how to do it.

Past projects include putting on several marathon road-trip puzzle hunts, founding a consulting business, running the training department in a medical device company, managing an international database overhaul project, and writing two novels.

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Ignite Portland 8: DeeAnn Sole presents "Travels with Our Cats"

  1. 1. TRAVELS WITH OUR CATS A Lazy Person’s Guide to the Trip of a Lifetime by DeeAnn Sole
  2. 2. • About cats: • Territorial • A bit OCD • Attached to their stuff (Re-enactment: not a veterinarian)
  3. 3. Not shown: • • • • Carrier Car Carrier Favorite Cat litter Water bottles from home
  4. 4. And We’re Off!
  5. 5. But wait! Aren’t we too lazy for this? • The Rules are born: • Drive day no longer than a work day (~8 hours) • The next day is a lazy day • Stay at least four nights in each place • But one-nighters are okay to break up long drives • Hotels must have a microwave and refrigerator • Stick to the budget • All of the above is subject to change
  6. 6. The Rules Change • No more Motel 6 • No short stopovers • Increase the budget • Kitchen, please!
  7. 7. The Route Changes
  8. 8. Did We Learn Anything?
  9. 9. Days on the Road: 153 Locales Visited: 25 Miles Driven: 16,833 Average fuel efficiency: 45 mpg Average weekly budget: $1,640 Early Mornings: 3 http://malum-iter.com