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Mechanical compactor storage systems

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ompactor provides a solution to your storage needs and increase storage efficiency with a systematic filing and retrieval of storage materials. Mechanical Mobile Storage System comprises of movable bays resting on rails, the bays are solidly constructed to withstand heavy-duty usage and handling. These Mechanical Mobile Storage System are known for their compliance with the international quality standards and features like durability, high load bearing capacity, corrosion resistance. Mechanical Mobile Storage System can be tailor made as per the space available.

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Mechanical compactor storage systems

  1. 1. Mechanical Compactor Storage Systems • We space planners manufactured high quality mechanical compactor storage systems with fully utilizes height, width and depth allowing you to maximize storage in the space within less floor area. It is smooth, noiseless, easy to maintain, completely safe to use and highly flexible meeting varied storage requirements. Our range is inexpensive and available in various specifications to fulfill different requirements of clients. • We offers latest easy- glide technology for a smooth operation for years which is secure , cost effective and neatly storage for any kind of item / components. These compactor storage systems are provided with wheels making them mobile and highly efficient which clad with powder coated steel sheets with decorative laminates. The shelving panels are stove baked or enamel painted. These compactors are high in demand due to easy installation and cost effectiveness. • It has widely used for engineering industries, textile industries, pharma and food industries, commercial offices, banks & financial institutions. It’s a completely tailor-made system which is designed for today’s modern offices for storage of Records, Box Files, Flat Files, Archives, Books, etc.
  2. 2. • Features: 1. Longer lasting. 2. Manual operation as well as mechanically assisted mobile 3. Optimum storage capacity through compaction 4. Spacious and secure 5. Individual push button steering lock with each rack 6. Shelves anchored on clips making for a flexible arrangement. 7. Available In both manual & mechanical system. 8. Rails are made of 28mm dia MS round bar. 9. Heavy duty grade 1 Iron casted wheels with anti-rust zinc/nickle coating. 10. Drive system designed for mechanical advantage to minimize “torque” required for movement. 11. Our mechanical wheel type mobile storage unit is designed by using different gear to move the cabinet by gently turning the hand wheel. 12. The design is to minimize power to move a huge object smoothly and quieter. 13. User friendly PU steering wheel handle. 14. Specially designed track and wheel arrangement for smooth and easy operation. 15. Rubber beading can be provided to protect contents from dust and moisture at additional cost. 16. Anti-tilting mechanism provided for safety on single faced mobile unit. 17. Special Index pocket provided on each day to know the contents of each rack. 18. Provision of manual locking of Individual units when in use, ensures safety. 19. Centralized locking arrangement is provided on the last movable unit and gets lock when all the units are brought together.
  3. 3. • SPACE PLANNERS 112, Orbit Industrial Estate, Off Chincholi Road, Mind Space, Malad (W), Mumbai - 400 064 Feel free to contact us on the following numbers: Tel: 022-400 333 85/86 Fax: 022-400 333 87 You can also email us for further queries on: info@spaceplanners.co pawan.s@spaceplanners.co dhruv@spaceplanners.co • Website - http://spaceplanners.co/