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Purva primus

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Strategically located in the IT Hub of Chennai the Purva Primus project is ideally suited for both Software Product and Service organizations. To Find the Premium Apartments and Luxury Flats in OMR, Chennai please visit @Puravankara.com

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Purva primus

  1. 1. Purva Primus
  2. 2. PURVA Primus OVERVIEW • Purva Primus – Strategically located in the IT Hub of Chennai . The project is ideally suited for both Software Product and Service organisations. Primus is Located just beside a lake. This project has one single tower with 2 basements + Ground + 13 floors. 6th floor of Purva Primus is now open for sale. Through this product offering, an investor can invest in a Grade-A IT/ITES office space and build an asset that can earn long term rental income with higher yields. Clients can choose to buy UDS blocks of min 350 Sq ft (without Car Parking Space) by investing ~ 28L and 1400 Sq Ft by investing ~1.13 Cr. Each UDS block of 1400 Sq Ft comes with a Car Parking..
  3. 3. Project Details • Land Area : 1.17 acres • Total Super Built up / Leasable Area : ~1.80 L sft • Total Floors : Two Basement, Ground and 13 Floors • Floor Plate ~14,000 Sft • Provision for Car Park- One for every 1400 sft • Generator Backup : 100% For more details click on the following link:- http://www.puravankara.com/projects/Purva_Primus- Overview
  4. 4. Amenities: • Amenities : • Provision for Cafeteria on ground floor • Stress buster zone on terrace • • Base price : 6543 • Warm Shell charge : 500 • Booking Amount : 3 L
  5. 5. THE GROWTH : • Chennai has emerged as one of the most stable investment destinations from a real estate perspective. The robust growth in the IT/ ITeS sector coupled with favourable government policies, excellent infrastructure and ready availability of talent pool has attracted a large number of companies in setting up global delivery centres at Chennai. Office space consumption is majorly dominated by IT/ITeS sector (56%) followed by manufacturing (20%) and BFSI (10%) sectors.
  6. 6. • The salient features of this offerings are as follows: • Undivided spaces [non-demarcated] of min 350 Sq ft (without Car Parking Space), and multiples thereof, on offer. • Clients can choose to buy UDS in multiples of 1400 Sq Ft. Each UDS of 1400 Sq Ft comes with a Car Parking space allotment. • Investors choosing to invest in such UDS need to do so with the sole purpose of earning Rental Income and not for self-occupancy and/or leasing on their own. Clients who intend to buy space with an intention of using the same for self-use CANNOT buy at Purva Primus. • Post purchase of these UDS, space can be leased out to a tenant either by Puravankara Projects Ltd. • The rentals received shall be shared proportionately with all the owners on the floor proportionately after deducting the property management fee of 10% by PPL