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Gaming britain (web version)

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Gaming britain (web version)

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Gaming britain (web version)

  1. 1. Case Study Case Study Case Study Front Cover This study from the IAB Games Council, conducted by Kantar Media highlights that playing video games is an engrained and mainstream activity in the UK, presenting a highly engaged, varied and appealing audience for advertisers. Gaming Britain The Challenge • Create engagement with Nike’s core target audience of ‘Football Obsessed Teens’, • Reinforce Nike’s commitment to football, • Position as leaders in innovation • Raise awareness of existing products and new launches. The Execution different in-game bonuses corresponding to the real-world attributes of the boots. We gave Nike a visible presence throughout all content which revolves around life on the pitch. By using Nike products in video, users engage with the brand every time they play. We back up product placement by making the Nike boot range available in the virtual store. Having the right kit is a fundamental part of the game and we ensure that the association between success on the pitch and Nike products is clear. As the users progress, more boots unlock. Each has different attributes correlating to speed, accuracy or curl, which affect in-game performance. We mirror promotional activity by unveiling new virtual boots the day that the real versions are released in store. By working with Nike to understand the assets they had, we scripted a story that was additive to the core narrative. This keeps the Nike branding front of mind at different stages of the game, without being overbearing for the user. Obtaining a Nike sponsorship deal, visiting the Nike academy and bumping into Nike talent such as Theo Walcott and Aaron Lennon are some examples. The Results We forecast over 4m users will engage with Nike during their 12-month partnership. So far, users have bought over 300’000 pairs of Nike boots and spent over 800 days in front of Nike branding. The idea: Integrate Nike into the I AM PLAYR world seamlessly by creating a number of storylines, use Nike branded products in all football related scenes and sell virtual products, with different boots giving We R Interactive and Nike raise awareness of products and Nike’s commitment to football Testimonials “As a brand we are constantly looking for new ways to credibly connect with young footballers. But fundamentally that needs to be a connection on their terms, not ours. I AM PLAYR represents not only the future of gaming, but also one of the potential futures of brand communication. For Nike it’s a natural brand partnership that we just couldn’t miss being a part of.” Simon Owen, Brand Communications Manager, Nike SupersonicAds and ODEON launch ODEON Event Organiser app through F-Commerce The Challenge ODEON launched their F-Commerce app ‘Event Organiser’ in December 2011, aligning cinema with Facebook functionality to create a truly social experience online. The challenge was to increase awareness of the app through the use of social games. SupersonicAds is a global Facebook Games partner and has partnerships with over 500 of the largest and most popular social games. The Campaign ODEON’s social team worked with 20th Century Fox on a mechanic whereby Facebook fans would be exclusively rewarded to book two or more tickets for Prometheus using the Event Organiser, and by doing so they would be entered into a draw for the chance of winning one of five new generation iPads. The Execution SupersonicAds targeted players of sci-fi and action games with a standout flash demo and it’s user initiated/rewarded (users were rewarded with virtual currency for watching the ad) video unit. The competition was integrated into the ad giving players an added chance to win an iPad by simply booking tickets for the film. The Results SupersonicAds delivered an average Click Through Rate of 12.73% organic clicks (non rewarded) delivered post video view. This demonstrates social games are an effective channel for delivering engagement and that performance branding video product (Brand Connect from SupersonicAds) can harness that engagement and produces tangible business benefits. Post activity ODEON saw a 10x increase in app installs for Event Organiser as well as a significant increase in revenue through F-Commerce. “SupersonicAds delivered a better click through rate than initially anticipated and proved that Facebook gamers can be converted to install rich applications through to purchase when targeted and incentivised” Alex Packham, Social Media Executive, ODEON. Case Study The Challenge To create a high impact campaign that would target the gaming audience and position Nokia Lumia as the handset for gamers, and unlock new content, promoting their new Microsoft Windows handsets. The Execution Nokia targeted gamers through visually impactful branding on the IGN homepage, Tech channel, and Microsoft channel. Nokia also sponsored IGN’s biggest new gaming tent pole feature of 2011 – Top 100 Gaming Moments. Nokia had full share-of-voice over the five day feature that celebrated the Top 100 Gaming Moments of all time, from Galaga to Zelda, Pac-Man to Gears of War, FIFA to Street Fighter. These are the moments that stick in your head years after you first experienced them, the very best that videogames have to offer. From cinematic emotional sucker-punches like Aerith’s death in Final Fantasy 7 to gaming milestones like those first steps into Hyrule Field in Zelda: Ocarina of Time to competitive triumphs like that first Battlefield win, these are the experiences that define gaming and fuelled conversation and controversy among our audience. This video rich, bespoke feature was fully Nokia branded and delivered millions of page views alongside extremely deep engagement with over 11 minutes spent on the feature on average. The Results This video rich bespoke feature was fully Nokia branded, and delivered a huge number of page views and extremely deep engagement. IGN and Nokia promote Nokia Lumia SupersonicAds and Coty launch Tom Daley advergame on Facebook The Challenge To drive real awareness for the Adidas Bodycare brand and our association with Tom Daley. The Execution SupersonicAds created a simple but addictive Diving mini- game. Users launched a SupersonicAds Brandconnect unit in Facebook’s leading games and were presented with the game. Those who opted in and interacted were thanked afterwards with free game content for the Facebook game they were playing. The Results The engagement was seeded across Facebook top titles and 70% of users who initiated the advert went on to complete the game. Over the course of the campaign SupersonicAds generated 75’000 game plays and 10.7% of users then clicked through to The adidas Body Care website (www.adidas.com/bodycare). “As well as delivering high quality interactive content to an engaged audience on Facebook, those exposed were guaranteed a great advertising experience thanks to the free game content afterwards, helping drive purchase consideration and brand favourability.” Sarah Davies, Marketing Manager, Coty Beauty UK. The IAB Games Steering Group is the UK’s only committee of leading experts dedicated to educating brands and agencies about the benefits of advertising in and around games media and it’s role in the media mix, proving its effectiveness and showing that every demographic play games! Initiatives include educational handbooks, research including games adspend and audience segmentation and events. Its members comprise of leading media owners and networks. This research from the IAB, in conjunction with research agency, Kantar Media, dispels common misconceptions about the Games audience by highlighting the true size of this market. We spoke to 3000 adults and 1000 children about the role of gaming in the UK. Segmentation: Seven different categories of gamers were identified in the research through an advanced behavioural segmentation analysis. This lets you see the types of game player, who they are and the platforms they play on. Internet Advertising Bureau 14 Macklin Street London WC2B 5NF Tel: +44(0)20 7050 6969 info@iabuk.net www.iabuk.net Meet the IAB Games Council For the full research visit www.iabuk.net/gamingbritain. For further information on this research project email research@iabuk.net. For further information on the IAB Games Council email steve@iabuk.net.
  2. 2. gaming elite 14% networkers7% new gen players 12% pcopportunists11% casualplayers16% individualists 21% interactors19% 41% 49% 11 27 30 43% 19% 47% 34% 24% 46% 29% 36% 56% 8 57% 34% 9 35% 14 50% 53% 47% 59% 41% 53% 47% 54% 52% 48% 46% 44% 51% 49% 56% 61% 57% 58%65% 41% 59% 62% 38% 35% 43% 42% 39% 47 53 % of all players Disproving the stereotypeDisproving the stereotype2 male | femalegender social grade age abc1 | c2de 16-24 | 25-44 | 45-65 of Networkers spend over half their time on social network games of Casual Players play for 30 mins or less of Interactors play with people online they don’t know on consoles 59% 77% 79% 59% 77% 79%