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47 let her breast satisfy thee at all times

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bible time with tea

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47 let her breast satisfy thee at all times

  1. 1. LET HER BREAST SATISFY THEE AT ALL TIMES TEXT : Prov. 5:19OUTLINEDefinitional IssuesForm attitude of marriageFunctional attitude of marriage
  2. 2. Definitional IssuesMarriage is defined as a Religious, Legal and Traditional Union between two people of the Opposite sex that have agreed of their own free will to spend the rest of their life together.A union that can only be subject to dissolution1. When one party dies,2. When adultery occurs3. When the unbelieving partner departs of his/her own free will
  3. 3. IMPLICATION OF DEF• For any union to be recognized as marriage there is an order, a process, stages that it should follow.• Hence a union based on love at first sight leading to sex is not marriage.• Of the parties free will – marriage is not a compulsion, neither a force rather it is a choice. - hence you can’t enter and object to the demands of it.• People of the opposite sex – not the same sex.• Traditional or customary union first - to receive the blessings of the fathers - honour parents and family• Legally the judiciary – documentation• Religiously – the clergy must consummate the union divinely – there must be a spiritual unification with the seal of Christianity.Hence the bible say, what God has put together let no man put asunder. Matt 19:4-6
  4. 4. INTRO : TO B&C• The observance of the ordinance and the process as well as the stages of marriage is not sufficient a guarantee for success and joy in the marriage.• Many have religiously followed the ordinance, the order, the stages but are in pain, torture, emotional stress mental agony – asylum – why Either one of the parties to the union or both love the form but not the function of the marriage.
  5. 5. B. Form attitude of marriage( they love the form)II Tim 3:1-6There will be terrible times in the last days. People will be lovers of themselves1 , lovers of money2 , boastful3 ,proud4 ,abusive5 ,disobedient6 , ungrateful7 ,without love8 ,unforgiving9 ,lovers of pleasures10 than God.Verse 5: Having a form of Godliness but deny its power/function.Verse 6: They are the kind who worm their way in to homes/heart.IMPLICATION• They are neither hot nor cold, highly unpredictable, they are pretentious demonstrating temporary convincing behaviors that are emotionally appealing, sycophant, boot licking.Eg.1. Pay surprise visit morning afternoon and evening when you least expect.2. Date you to expensive hotels – loan3. Their response to phone calls is so welcoming a voice.4. Always at your back and call – to create an impression of love a futuristic continuous support
  6. 6. Functional attitude of marriageIt constitute the pillars upon which the marriage rest.1. Acceptance of partners physical and financial position without comparisons.2. Accept unfaithfulness depreciation – Prov 5:193. Depart from parental home – Gen. 2:24 Matt. 19:4 so shall a man leave. Socially, financially, friends.4. Seek and enjoy a good sex life- I Cor 7:9 – If you can’t contain it marry, it is better to marry than to burn.- I Cor 7:5-7 – Do not deprive each other. The body belongs to both parties. So that Satan does not tempt you.5. Collective decision making,- Multiple of counseling - there is safety.- Share ideas and challenges together- Eccle 4:9 – two are better than one.6. Support in household management – Now woman are career women7. Personal Hygiene and decent dressing code.8. Joint account9. Go outing – hotel10. Submit to authority. I Cor 11:3-10 – The head of every man is Christianity I Peter 3:1-7 husband love wife submit11. Love each other. I Cor 13:1-712. Remain united with this declaration. - where you go I will go - where you stay I will stay - your people are my people - your God will be my God - where you die I shall die and be buriedRuth 1:16