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Communicating "Global Talent" for Team Members

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Events Team - Transition
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Communicating "Global Talent" for Team Members

  1. 1. Hellooo amazimg Promoters! Good Afternoon!
  2. 2. Who am I? Sotiris, 20 LCVP COMM
  3. 3. Building relationships with people leads to better long-term cooperation! Dey Dos
  4. 4. A few things about me!  I’m totally random!! (please get used to it)  I’m (almost) never stressed  I’m generally very confident  Sometimes I can be really stubborn  Sometimes (or a lot of times) I might seem angry but do NOT get scared!  I can’t hold a grudge!   I love Marketing, Tennis, Technology, designing stuff  I use more English words than Greek ones! xD  Rumors (Other people) say: I have many ideas, I’m very creative, I’m sometimes rude
  5. 5. A few things about me! 07.03.2013 04-07.04.2013 21.10.2013
  6. 6. A few things about me! 16.11.2013
  7. 7. A few things about me! 08.03.2014
  8. 8. What about you?
  9. 9. What is a brand?
  10. 10. Brand is not simply a logo
  11. 11. Brand is not only a slogan or a vision
  12. 12. Brand is not only a product or a service
  13. 13. What is actually a brand?
  14. 14. A brand is the feeling that somebody associates with a specific product, service or organization.
  15. 15. What’s the Coca Cola of cigarettes? The Marlboro of vodka? The Absolut of sport shoes? The Nike of coffee shops? The Starbucks of small city cars? The Smart of beer? The Heineken of computers? The Apple of Youth Leadership Development?
  16. 16. The Brand Experience is a simple way to understand how our target audiences experience AIESEC.
  17. 17. Youth Driven (energy, passion, emotion, leading, youth) Impactful (a kind of experience our stakeholders have when they interact with AIESEC and the positive impact that it can have on them or the society) Experience ( individual experience of our stakeholders, leadership opportunities, international exchange, global learning environment)
  18. 18. as a brand!
  19. 19. OGX GIP Market research
  20. 20. 66,20% 33,80% Do you know AIESEC? Yes No
  21. 21. 15,80% 71,20% 17,60% 20,70% 15% 16,20% 0,00% 10,00% 20,00% 30,00% 40,00% 50,00% 60,00% 70,00% 80,00% For what do you know AIESEC about?
  22. 22. Our Why: Peace and Fulfillment of Humankind’s potential  Bring change in Greece Our How: “We enable young people to develop themselves into the kind of Leaders that bring change.” Our What:
  23. 23. An experience that can jump start your career A professional experience abroad An experience that makes your CV awesome An experience that develops your leadership characteristics
  25. 25. Communicating Global Talent  Materials  Info Days/Hours  Booth  Classrooms  Announcements  Social media posts  Events  University services  There’s room for more
  26. 26. Social Media Events University ServicesStrategically Communicating Global Talent
  27. 27. Communicating Global Talent
  28. 28. Say your own story-experience through simple, understandable and practical ways
  29. 29. is about people, and people have stories to share! Remember…
  30. 30. People who are looking for a leadership experience! People who like taking advantage of new opportunities! People who want to learn how to work in teams!
  31. 31. Do not try to show interesting or special Listen to the other people
  32. 32. 6+1 Steps of effective Promotion!
  33. 33. ListenBefore you talk  What is the Perception about Global Talent?  What about our competitors?  What is the differentiator? 1
  34. 34. HAVE A GOAL You need to know where you want to go! What are you trying to reach? That’s the only way to achieve it! 2
  35. 35. KNOW The Target  Who is our audience?  Define personas  Acquire the needs (Do I cover some needs?) 3
  36. 36. DefineThe CHANNELs  What is the most effective way to reach the people we want?  Where can I find them? 4
  37. 37. “You need to fish where the fish are” KeithWeed, CMO, Unilever
  38. 38. FIND The RIGHT MESSAGE  How are we going to attract the people we want?  What is the most effective way to reach them? 5
  39. 39. Create ATTRACTIVE CONTENT 6
  40. 40. 6 Keep It Short Simple Sweet Sexy Useful Relevant
  41. 41. 6
  42. 42. 6 It’s all about Relevance 60% of young graduates are prepared to leave Greece for a new job. 82% state that it is important for them to find a job that fits with their academic studies 53% of them consider internships as a highly effective tool to get employed.
  43. 43. You can’t jump anymore
  44. 44. Evaluate Everything +1 Strategy without evaluation is just a road to failure!
  45. 45. Do you know what this is?
  46. 46. Push past “good”. Good feels good. It’s cozy. But good doesn’t do anything interesting. Jaime Robinson, Executive Director, Pereira & O’Dell
  47. 47. Traditional 3-step Mental Model of Marketing
  48. 48. New Mental Model of Marketing
  49. 49. Push & Pull
  50. 50. Y o u C A N become In this team Most Creative People
  51. 51. Absorb everything around you and live with your eyes wide open. Everything is relevant to you at one point. Justin Cooke, CEO, Innovate7 Pieces of advice! 1.
  52. 52. Be curious. And slightly paranoid! (What opportunity am I missing?) Rebecca Van Dyck, Head of Consumer Marketing, Facebook Pieces of advice! 2.
  53. 53. Challenge yourself out of your comfort zone! That’s where the magic happens! Pieces of advice! 3.