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Xebec Biogas 2010 Presentation

  1. Biogas USA 2010
  2. Natural and Renewable Gas Focus Leading manufacturer of natural and renewable gas systems for infrastructure development Natural and renewable gas as transportation fuel Create partnerships with gas utilities, municipalities and the food & waste industries to increase our footprint in the transportation sector Global presence, with headquarters in Montreal, Canada Listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX: XBC) 2 Who we are Market Focus Strategy
  3. Renewable and Natural Gas Value Chain 3
  4. 4 Biogas upgrading plants Hydrogen purifiers for hydrogen recovery Distributed small scale natural gas liquefaction Natural gas dryers for NGV refueling stations  Rapidly growing market  High recovery, high purity, low energy plants  Key Customers: SEMPRA, Montauk Energy, Halla Engineering, Terasen Gas  Growing market  Cost leadership through Chinese manufacturing  Key Customers: Clean Energy, Petrochina, Sinopec, Shell  Evolving market segment  Market-leading performance for small- capacity hydrogen plants  Key Customers: HydroChem, Air Liquide, Linde, Nuvera  Early-stage business opportunity  Compact size  Easy and low-cost to install  Low operating costs  Key Customers: Solensa Business Segments
  5.  High methane recovery: 96 – 98 %  Competitive power usage: 0.17 – 0.23 kWh/m3  No Heat requirement  One-step Water/C02 removal  Reliable Rotary Valves  High availability of PSA: 99.5%  Easy and Fast Installation  Dry Process Purification Process, i.e.:  No process water /no process water treatment  No waste water/no waste water treatment  No chemicals  No corrosive gas atmosphere  Co-adsorption of CFC’s , VOC’s  Integrated drying/dew point < - 40c  Partial removal of N2 and O2 - increase in calorific value - no addition of N2 or O2  Removal of silicon-compounds as well as higher carbohydrates and halogenated carbohydrates – meet California’s Rule 30  Better overall efficiency  Independent of ambient temperature  No bacterial contamination Benefits of Xebec’s High BTU Gas Plants
  6. 6 Technology and IP Assets Pure Innovation™  World-class research and development facility in Vancouver, Canada  15 years of dedicated development in gas purification & separation  Ability to simulate, develop and test gas separation technologies in line with market and customer requirements  130 patents or applications in 39 patent families worldwide  Ongoing development work on next generation biogas upgrading technology  Contract Engineering Services for key purification and separation technologies & projects Xebec unit installed at ExxonMobil refinery in 2007 Xebec Technology Center
  7. Natural Gas: The Transportation Fuel Opportunity
  8. 8 Ramping Oil Prices Energy Security Climate Change Greenhouse Gas Reductions Governments’ Commitment to Renewable Energy Technology Advancement 0 10,000,000 20,000,000 30,000,000 40,000,000 50,000,000 60,000,000 70,000,000 Numberofnaturalgasvehicles Year Natural Gas Vehicles (NGV) to grow 600% by 2020 worldwide Actual to date Projected © NGV Global Natural Gas as a Transportation Fuel
  9. 9  Asia has been growing at 50%  The EU has seen growth in the NGV market space and is planning for accelerated growth in Germany, Italy, Sweden, Austria, Switzerland, Spain and others  The U.S. and Canada are in the process of introducing favorable legislation, which will lead to significant future growth in the NGV sector  Latin America is continuing to grow its NGV fleets  Africa is seeing good growth Global Growth for Natural Gas as a Transportation Fuel Global NGV Growth by Region 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% Asia Europe N.A. L.A. Africa Average % NGV growth 2000 to present by region © NGV Global
  10. Growing Support for NGV in North America U.S. Energy Bill (S 3663) DOE Clean Cities Program 10  Senate Bill : $3.8 billion for vehicle purchase rebates (90% of incremental costs for heavy-duty vehicles)  $500 million proposed for fuelling infrastructure  $2 billion for the manufacturing loan program  U.S. $300 million in funding for 25 projects  Aims to deploy over 9,000 alternative fuel vehicles and 542 refuelling stations  Funding for approximately 2,300 CNG vehicles and 500 LNG trucks was awarded Multiple pro NGV measures including: NGV Fuelling Station
  11. Heavy Duty Trucks Key to US NGV Market Heavy Duty Trucks Account for 4% of the Vehicles but Consume 23% of the Fuel 11 40% 4% (9.9 million) 54% 2% Light Trucks Heavy Trucks Passenger Cars Motorcycles 35% 23% 41% 1% Light Trucks Heavy Trucks Passenger Cars Motorcycles Percentage of vehicle types on the road Percentage of fuel consumed by each type of vehicle Small segment of the transportation sector – Large environmental impact and Buses and Buses © Energy Vision
  12. Renewable Gas: An Ultra Clean TransportationFuel
  13. 13 Fuels will be blended with renewables at an accelerated rate for industry compliance. This will drive demand for the biogas upgrading solutions that Xebec provides. RenewableGas RenewableFuel CRG/LRG NaturalGas Alternative Fuel CNG/LNG In the field of NGV, upgraded biogas, or renewable gas, is the blending agent of choice Renewable Fuel Standard II – Biogas identified as ―advanced biofuel‖  European Union - 5% share of renewables in transport fuel by 2015 and a 10% target by 2020  California - 1 January 2011: Effective date of the carbon intensity reference values for the Low- Carbon Fuel Standards (LCFS) determined in 2009 by the California Air Resources Board (CARB).  2030 Target year set by the U.S. Department of Energy to displace 30 % of gasoline demand (2004 levels) in the United States with renewables. Renewable Gas in Transportation Segment
  14. 14 U.S. DOE estimates 25% of all diesel fuel could be replaced by renewablegas Impact of Blending on GHG Emissions Source: DENA – German Energy Agency
  15. Value of Biomethane Wholesale price 8.3¢/kWh versus MPR feed-in tariff at 2.3¢/kWh 2020 gas futures market price versus proposed production tax credit of $4.27/MMBtu s.306 & h.r. 1158 CNG market value if diesel is $2.70 per gallon $8.49 ~$6.30 $20.67 $10.81 $10.57 Electricity Pipeline CNG Value of Biomethane Products per MMBtu
  16. Value of Biomethane — forecast for 2020 $0 $20 $40 $60 $80 $100 $120 2005 2010 2015 2020 Fuel prices expected to climb through 2020 Electricity & gas prices to remain flat through 2020 Source: “Annual Energy Outlook 2010”, Energy Information Agency $8.49 ~$6.30 $20.67 $10.81 $10.57 Electricity Pipeline CNG Value of Biomethane Products per MMBtu
  17. $20.67 $10.81 $10.57 $31.83 Electricity Pipeline CNG Value of Biomethane Products per MMBtu 2010 2020+54% Value of Biomethane — forecast for 2020 $0 $20 $40 $60 $80 $100 $120 2005 2010 2015 2020 Fuel prices expected to climb through 2020 Electricity & gas prices to remain flat through 2020 Source: “Annual Energy Outlook 2010”, Energy Information Agency
  18. The Renewable Gas Opportunity 18 Rapidly growing market for biogas upgrading, as utilities make room for it in their portfolio of renewables  Strong global demand, with Asia leading the way  Attractive government incentives are being prepared Going forward, as the NGV market picks up speed, we expect demand for renewable gas to increase significantly as a result of blending requirements and economics Long-term macro trend that supports our business in the renewable gas segment  Superior environmental benefits  Strong economic profile  Government incentives, including renewable fuel standards and other legislative measures Strong global demand for solutions that Xebec provides
  19. Project Location Biogas Source End-Use 2006 - 2009 Scenic View Dairy MI, US Digester Pipeline Rumpke Landfill OH, US Landfill Pipeline Widnau Switzerland Digester Pipeline Lavigny Farm Switzerland Digester Pipeline UNH NH, US Landfill Turbine SKS Austria Digester CNG Swiss Farmer Switzerland Digester Pipeline STEP Switzerland Digester Pipeline Hilarides Dairy CA, US Digester CNG Daesung Seoul, Korea Landfill CNG/LNG SKS Austria Digester CNG 2010 - YTD Sempra Energy CA, US Waste Water Pipeline Halla Engineering Seoul, Korea Digester CNG SKS Austria MSW Pipeline SKS Austria MSW Pipeline SKS Austria Waste Water CNG Verdemobil France MSW CNG WELtec China Agricultural Digester CNG Huimiing China Landfill CNG Terasen Gas Canada Landfill Pipeline PT Indo Raya Indonesia Chemical Plant Pipeline Renewable Gas Installations Extensive experience in the biogas segment gained through multiple, successful international projects 19 From 2006 to 2009 only about 30% of Xebec’s upgrading projects were for renewable gas to transportation fuel In 2010 about 60% of Xebec’s upgrading projects will be for renewable gas to transportation fuel
  20. Case Studies
  21. 21 Location: Southern California, US Developer: Gas Utility Biogas Feed: Waste Water Plant Raw Biogas: 58% CH4 ~360 Nm3/h End-use: Test/Pipeline Pipeline Operator: Southern California Gas Order date: 2010 Case Study – Waste Water Treatment Plant
  22. 22 Location: Seoul, South Korea Developer: Halla Environmental Biogas Feed: Food Waste Digester Raw Biogas: 60% CH4 ~650 Nm3/h End-use: CNG for Refuse Trucks Order date: 2010 Case Study – Mixed Waste-to-CNG
  23. 23 Location: British Columbia, Canada Developer: Terasen Gas Biogas Feed: Landfill at Salmon Arm Raw Biogas: 58% CH4 ~700 Nm3/h End-use: Household Heating and Cooking for ~300 Homes Customer: Terasen Gas Inc. Order date: 2010 Case Study – Landfill Gas to Heating & Cooking
  24. Conclusions  Strong macro trends support renewable gas in transportation (GHG reduction, increased use of renewables in transport and energy)  Strong economics for renewable gas in transportation (most money for the gas)  Increased demand forecast for renewable gas in transportation (as NGVs increase)  Increased interest from Gas Utilities in renewable gas (Green Gas – renewable content)  Increased interest from Gas Utilities & exploration companies in NGV vehicles and refuelling infrastructure (as NGV population increases)  Reduced cost forecast for upgrading technology (equipment is getting cheaper and more reliable) 24 Compact integrated Xebec upgrading skid Source: “Annual Energy Outlook 2010” Energy Information Agency IMPORTANT Make the right investment decision today when comparing electricity to upgrading projects
  25. Thank you Kurt Sorschak President & CEO 450.979.8700